Belle Sleeves and Stripes



DressCamel Pendant Necklace| Sunnies| Shoes| Purse (old asos, similar, monogrammed!)






There’s no such a thing as a stripe I don’t like but today even more so than ever. I wore this dress for J. Crew’s fictitious, yet undeniably real, holiday #nationalstripeday. I passed on the bell sleeve trend before because I couldn’t quite seem to find one that worked for me. But I saw this dress and instantly freaked, which was a good thing because it’s sold out twice since I first purchased.

A lot of the time, the length on these dresses airs on the side of “cutie at the beach” which means they’re hard to transition to the office. Add to fact that I need an extra inch or so to accommodate my hips and rear and a lot of these dresses are just way too short. This dress though is the perfect length. It was the ultimate first try for me for bell sleeves and like I always do I couldn’t resist going full throttle into the trend. I now own five of these pieces. Oh well, Kanye shrug what can you do? Anyway, where are you on the bell sleeve trend?

XO Prepford Wife




Denim on Denim and the Clogs


VestShirt| Pants | Clogs| Canvas

I love all things denim. Nothing screams the weekend to me quite like it. And nothing screams Sunday quite like denim on denim. Double denim always leaves me feeling like the sleek off duty blogger mommy in Trader Joes’. Which brings me to this outfit.




The moment I saw these shoes I knew they called for double denim. The entire outfit is truly framed around them. Earlier this year, I blogged about #shoppingnotstyling where I planned to buy nothing until June. Well I totally caved and bought these shoes. I fell in love with them last year at Madewell and my husband hates them so I left empty handed. I went into the store the other day just to window shop the new collection and these little friends were a smooth $49.99 with an extra 50% off. Husband be gone. I could not resist. And most importantly I didn’t want to. The reason we stopped shopping was to make sure that we only purchased things we loved and I looooooved these shoes from the bottom of my grinch little heart.


This outfit also needed the prerequisite canvas bag because we were honestly headed to the grocery store (I am eating newly purchased Very Berry Cheerios as we speak) and we don’t use the plastic grocery story bags if we can help it. #savethetrees


Anyway, these shoes make me so happy and I am so glad I broke my shopping fast for them. What item are you lusting over that you know you probably shouldn’t buy?

A Weekend with Bae


Sweater| Scarf | Vest |Biker Jeans |Boots

I was out of town all last week and so I was thrilled to spend the weekend with my husband. We spent time with some of our nearest and dearest and just poked around one of our favorite small gems in North Carolina, the town of Old Salem.


I got the opportunity to dig out some gems from my wardrobe. At one time, I had this sweater listed for sale on Ebay and took it down on a whim. Now I can’t believe I ever considered selling such an easy staple piece. It’s so warm and cozy and the long sleeve always makes me feel extra-specially bundled.



This puffer vest has been seen literally everywhere which doesn’t stop me from getting great joy from it. It’s been sitting in the back of my closet for the better part of this fall/winter but in the interest of #stylingnotbuying, it’s making a come back. This scarf is one of my absolute favorites but I couldn’t figure out exactly how to wear it. I decided that this outfit needed some texture though and figured it out.


It was just a great weekend to bundle up and head outside. It was nice to get away if only for a little bit with the stress of what is going on in America and the world at large. I can not imagine a world where hatred spreads like wild fire and I just want to hold tight to my teddy bear of a first generation American. Here’s to love trumping hate.

XO Prepforddsc_9933





Minnie Mouse: A Bonafide Style Icon


I’m not wild about Disney World or Disney products in general but Minnie Mouse has always been my main lady. Something about a  girl whose signature look is a black turtleneck, a polka dot skirt and a pair of yellow pumps just speaks to me. Pair that with that little pill box hat and she has always been speaking loud to me.


Trench (Similar, similar) | Dress | Shoes sold out | Purse (similar)

So when I opened up a Christmas gift today to find this little mini mouse purse, I could not be more thrilled especially since I was already wearing this outfit. dsc_0359

This little purse is hands down one of my favorite Christmas gifts and it pairs so well with this trench coat and the corresponding dress beneath. This dress is one of my favorites. It looks like a really well made skirt and shirt set. I am constantly running late for work and this dress helps me to look professional quickly. There are so many ways that it can be styled so it never looks like I’m wearing the same thing twice.


I paired it with this trench because they are the exact same color. If I’m going to mix this many prints, I try and make sure they are identical in coloring. That means no white and black stripes when my dress is cream and black.


I went for these little yellow bow shoes because they are my absolute favorite. I saw them on a blogger circa 2012 and knew I had to have them. I tracked them down on poshmark about a year ago and haven’t looked back. dsc_0387

To tie it all together, I changed my watch face to Minnie. After all, she’s why I purchased the series two instead of the series one (I mean besides that little old waterproof thing and the gpsing).


Whose your favorite style icon that may or may not be human?

XO Prepford


Monday Means Struggle

With the holidays fast approaching, I have kind of been out of my usual routine on Sundays. And it shows. I couldn’t seem to motivate myself out of bed this morning. I was sluggish, sleepy and unprepared.


Factor in this really gray weather and I couldn’t seem to get myself together this morning. Either way, the show must go on. In the coming weeks, I am going to do a much better job of getting myself up and prepared on Sundays so that I can do a better job of hitting the ground running for the work week. That means running all my errands early on Sundays and hopping in the bed on time so that I can be up bright and early for the work week. Especially in the new year.


In the mean time, I’ll just keep wearing some of my favorite outfits to brighten up a gray day. This is one of my favorites and sometimes I have to ask myself if it’s a little inappropriate to wear mirrored shoes in an office environment. But you only live once (#yolo) and I think Drake and Michael Jackson would both approve of what I’m trying to do here for the metallic shoe movement.


This skirt was one of my favorites from last season. I loved the print so much I purchased the skirt, dress, scarf and pants in it. *sheepish face*. But I love it paired with any pattern. I just make sure to keep it in the same color family to not make the look unbearable for work. Paired with this water proof navy trench to cover this look up for more conservative environments, I was (eventually) off to the races this morning.


Shirt (thrifted, similar, similar)| Skirt (sold out, similar, similar)| Trench (sold out, similar, similar, similar!, plus size!)| Tights| Shoes (sold out, Similar, Great deal)| Umbrella

XO Prepfordwife




Work to Weekend Look


It has been a looooong week here in the US and I have pretty much just been praying for Friday to come to get a break from constant contact with people. Friday’s tend to mean a slightly more casual look. This outfit feels work friendly right? Just kidding. I swapped out the baseball cap and loose hair for two thick dutch braids and the Nikes for ballet flats to make this outfit office appropriate.


You know I can’t resist a stripe and a pair of Nikes but this sweater is my favorite of the stripes. It’s the perfect weight for our current weather. Paired with my favorite outlined boy fit button down, it was good to go from office to weekend.



This Ebbet’s hat belongs to my husband and it’s my new favorite thing. This brand always has enough hat room for my big hair on the weekends.


What are some of your favorite work to weekend pieces?

XO Prepfordwife

PS. Outtakes with Hubby (Prepford Husband?)



Sunday No Fun-Days

Have you ever gotten the question in  a job interview, “If you were an animal, what animal wiould you be?” I am always the duck. I am calm and relaxed (and might I add, adorable) on the outside but paddling and working hard below the surface. I am an intense planner. I make ten thoughts and plans for every one move I make. Getting ready to face the week is no exception.

In order to avoid a case of the Mondays for my 9 to 5, I’ve gotten in the habit of a Sunday routine. It’s a series of tasks that have to be completed on Sunday (or Saturday depending on what our weekend plans look like) to ensure that I’m off to the races at the start of the week.

FullSizeRender (18)

Shirt| Jeans| Tote| Nikes

1. Laundry.  It may not always be folded and put away because we air dry a great deal of our more expensive pieces to avoid wear and tear, but having the laundry done at lest guarantees that on Thursday I’m not tearing the house apart looking for clean pants.

2. Set out clothes. I set out the clothes for the week and try to steam all of the ones that are too wrinkly to be civilized. Usually during the week, I wake up and decide I don’t love one of the outfits I chose, so on that day, I just end up pulling a comfy dress, a cardigan and a pair of sandals.

3. Grocery shopping. Let’s be really real here. We don’t do much eating at home. It’s just my husband and I and I do more eating at work than I would ever do in the house. However, every Sunday, we stock up on the foods that we do eat at home. Usually when we go to the grocery store, we hit the perimeter for the must haves. We stock up on eggs, almond milk and dairy milk, fruit, cheese and veggies. Every thing else we more than likely already have at home or will eat out.

4. Errands In keeping with number three, we always do the little errands on Sunday. Whether we need a new rug, dog food or dish detergent, all of this gets done on the weekends.

5. Food. Also in keeping with number 3, I prep smoothies for the first two days of the week; any longer and they don’t hold. I also pick a subset of lunches to make. I don’t need to pack lunch for every day, just the days I need it.

6. Clean. Clean with a capital CLEAN. Like the universe our house tends to move towards disorder. By Friday night, it’s a wreck or at least what we think of as a wreck, just count the pairs of Nikes left in our entrée way and the dishes left in the sink. The weekend is the time where we get all of that in order to start anew.

7. Spa. Anything that has to do with hygiene gets pushed to the weekend. I give myself an awesome deep condition (with steam or heat), choose a style and make sure my nails are done.

PS. This is totally my weekend outfit. Striped shirt, favorite jeans, Nikes, rinse and repeat. Most weekends, I sub out the tote for a cute canvas bag for grocery shopping.




Welcome Back PrepFord Wife!

I am so excited to announce that PrepFord Wife is back (and hopefully better than ever). I have had this blog for years and have been inconsistent, at best, with post. My life is stable and calm now and I am ready to give this a shot. I will try and post at least once a week. I have a ton of ideas and am thrilled to cultivate this little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy!

It was a rainy day today which I was thrilled about since I just purchased these Huntress boots. They were on sale this past weekend and I needed to have them. The trench is from J. Crew Factory and it’s a great price for a staple and is currently 40% off. Keep in mind, the lining is a jersey knit which tends to stick to almost any fabric beneath it.

I love these tights with the gold studs in the back. They add a bit of interests to the back of what appears to be a boring outfit. This is my outfit of the day and I look forward to sharing even more.

Trench| Dress (similar)| Necklace| Tights| Boots| Umbrella

Date Night(s) Outfits

I have been super lazy with these post so this is a two-fer. Here are my outfits from Friday and Saturday and a run down of the prices. Because I have integrated my thrifts into my regular wardrobes, from now on I will try to give a run down of the entire outfit price if I can find the receipts. I will bold the pieces from my thrift store weekend though.
Friday’s Outfit
Thrifted Leopard Cardigan $2.98
Waverly J.Crew Pants (not thrifted but from J. Crew Outlet) $7.36
Merona Mali Tassel Flats (Target) $9.99
Pearl earrings and bracelets (Gifted) $0
Sunglasses $1.06 (Gotta love the dollar store glasses for days where I’m scared to lose my Ray Bans)
 Engagement Ring from Hubby Priceless
The fiance and I went out to dinner for our fourth anniversary (YAY!) and this is what I wore. He told me to “think fall” which made it difficult to pick and outfit since it was a) 70 degrees b) I had no clue where we were going and c) I had to go directly from work to play. But this is what I settled on. These pants are my favorite. They are from J. Crew and they go with every single shirt I own including this leopard sweater. The outfit was warm in the cold air of the restaurant and cool in the blazing sun. I had a fantastic time.
Saturday’s Outfit
Thrifted J. Crew Green Button Down $2.98
Ralph Lauren Jeans (Ebay) $5.22
Duckhead Oxfords $2.00 + shipping (Ebay)
“Buzz Lightyear” Gshock (Hubby’s Christmas present from me two years ago)
J. Crew Belt $8 (J. Crew Outlet)- Expensive for me but it was a wardrobe essential
This jeans go with EVERYTHING! I could go from work to a football game to church in these which is essentially what I did. This weekend was Campbell’s homecoming so I wore them to sit in the football stands with my Campbell Tshirt then I changed into this button down for movie night with awesome friends of ours.
As for Sunday’s outfit, there isn’t one because I rocked sweatpants and a Campbell tee with thick fuzzy socks today. Tomorrow though I’m back at it.

Day 2: Blazer + Dress= Suit

It’s only day two and I already forgot that I was suppose to keep track of these outfits. Tomorrow, I will be more vigilant on the pictures before I’m all wrinkled from a long day. This dress is not a thrift buy. It’s actually from the department store Belk. I watched it from the time that it was $94.00 and I scored it for $9.98. I wore it today because under a blazer, it looks like a suit set. The blazer itself needs to be taken to a tailor when I get a chance. the sleeves are a bit long. The shoes are my waterproof rain J. Crew flats, I got these little gems for summer so they are not apart of my weekend grand total.

Black Standard Blazer $3.75
Tianna B. Dress $9.98
Outfit total= $13.73