Minnie Mouse: A Bonafide Style Icon


I’m not wild about Disney World or Disney products in general but Minnie Mouse has always been my main lady. Something about a  girl whose signature look is a black turtleneck, a polka dot skirt and a pair of yellow pumps just speaks to me. Pair that with that little pill box hat and she has always been speaking loud to me.


Trench (Similar, similar) | Dress | Shoes sold out | Purse (similar)

So when I opened up a Christmas gift today to find this little mini mouse purse, I could not be more thrilled especially since I was already wearing this outfit. dsc_0359

This little purse is hands down one of my favorite Christmas gifts and it pairs so well with this trench coat and the corresponding dress beneath. This dress is one of my favorites. It looks like a really well made skirt and shirt set. I am constantly running late for work and this dress helps me to look professional quickly. There are so many ways that it can be styled so it never looks like I’m wearing the same thing twice.


I paired it with this trench because they are the exact same color. If I’m going to mix this many prints, I try and make sure they are identical in coloring. That means no white and black stripes when my dress is cream and black.


I went for these little yellow bow shoes because they are my absolute favorite. I saw them on a blogger circa 2012 and knew I had to have them. I tracked them down on poshmark about a year ago and haven’t looked back. dsc_0387

To tie it all together, I changed my watch face to Minnie. After all, she’s why I purchased the series two instead of the series one (I mean besides that little old waterproof thing and the gpsing).


Whose your favorite style icon that may or may not be human?

XO Prepford


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