Snacks on Snacks on Snacks


Dress| Shoes |Purse | Sunglasses (old, similar)


Today the weather was unusually warm so I decided to bust out my favorite outfit which happens to include quite a few snacks.


I purchased this dress a few years ago as a bridesmaids dress for a friends wedding. It was an eBay find and I loved it. After all these years, I’m surprised it fit but since it was 70 something degrees I took it out and about for a spin. I love it because the fit is so classic. It screams Audrey Hepburn but isn’t took stuck in the past. It’s a dress that is timeless and if the quality holds up, it’s the kind of dress that I will more than likely save for my future progeny.


Version 2

This cake purse was a present from my in-laws who obviously love me very much. I’ve had my eye on it for years and didn’t have the guts to buy a purse that’s this expensive and not utilitarian. It’s worth every penny though because not a single person looks and it and doesn’t coo. It’s kind of like a puppy in that way.


These shoes are the cutest, aren’t they. They were suggested by an instagrammer and 4 clicks and four minutes later and these little beauties were mine. All in all, when the weathers nice and my outfit includes food, you can count on a good day.


What item of clothing do you reach for during false summer?

XO Prepford Wife

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