Monday Means Struggle

With the holidays fast approaching, I have kind of been out of my usual routine on Sundays. And it shows. I couldn’t seem to motivate myself out of bed this morning. I was sluggish, sleepy and unprepared.


Factor in this really gray weather and I couldn’t seem to get myself together this morning. Either way, the show must go on. In the coming weeks, I am going to do a much better job of getting myself up and prepared on Sundays so that I can do a better job of hitting the ground running for the work week. That means running all my errands early on Sundays and hopping in the bed on time so that I can be up bright and early for the work week. Especially in the new year.


In the mean time, I’ll just keep wearing some of my favorite outfits to brighten up a gray day. This is one of my favorites and sometimes I have to ask myself if it’s a little inappropriate to wear mirrored shoes in an office environment. But you only live once (#yolo) and I think Drake and Michael Jackson would both approve of what I’m trying to do here for the metallic shoe movement.


This skirt was one of my favorites from last season. I loved the print so much I purchased the skirt, dress, scarf and pants in it. *sheepish face*. But I love it paired with any pattern. I just make sure to keep it in the same color family to not make the look unbearable for work. Paired with this water proof navy trench to cover this look up for more conservative environments, I was (eventually) off to the races this morning.


Shirt (thrifted, similar, similar)| Skirt (sold out, similar, similar)| Trench (sold out, similar, similar, similar!, plus size!)| Tights| Shoes (sold out, Similar, Great deal)| Umbrella

XO Prepfordwife




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