Present Presents


I’m not a very good person to Christmas shop for. I have relativity expensive taste or I want items that can’t be found in a store like “Grail items”. Combine that with the fact that I always have items in my cart that I am considering pulling the trigger on, and I’m just a flat out pain in the rear to buy for.

Here are a few things that I have in my online shopping cart or *cough cough* on the way in the mail for me. Most of these would be amazing gifts for the preppy lady in your life.


J. Crew Gayle Sweater is a sweater I fell in love with instantly. Unfortunately so did ever other blogger. Luckily they restocked my size yesterday AND it went to the sale section for $59.99 with an extra 40% AND free shipping. I heard it as a sign from God. The cherubs were practically singing in my ears. CLICK, ADD TO CART. Glad that I did because they were all sold out this morning.

External Hard drive An awesome gift for the blogger in your life or just anyone who saves a ton of pictures or information. I’ve seen the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie fails to back up just one too many times for me to not heed the warning. An external hard drive guarantees that all of your files are safe and that you don’t slow your computer way down with them.

Apple watch band While I love the red double tour band that I currently have and it’s totally appropriate for this time of year, I can’t wear it forever. The brown leather would be much more forgiving for everyday wear. Plus it’s unisex so it’s not just a good fit for me and the women in your life, it also makes for an awesome gift for the men in your life. As usual when it comes to anything that can be customized, I’m #teametsy. Etsy is a great way to buy direct and give to a small business. The amount of love that has gone into the purchases I’ve gotten on etsy is next to none.

“What would Cookie do?”  I’ve seen a number of iterations of this timeless classic mug but very few include notable black women. This shop features really cute ones with Cookie, Mary Jane and Olivia Pope. I’ve waffled back and forth on if I will purchase one of these or if I’m going to wait and see what other characters she’s going to add to the shop. I am patiently waiting for a Joan Clayton or Clair Huxtable mug. *squeals at the very thought*

Hunter Boots I have a red pair but I have been highly considering a matte green pair. They’re highly functional and one sale everywhere. Dare I pull the trigger on these?

Kate Spade Magnolia Bakery Purse This purse was way to expensive for me to justify the purchase but when it went to the Kate Spade Surprise Sale for $94, I quickly added it to my cart. Sadly it sold out while I was trying to check out. Since then I have seen a number of listings for an inflated rate and  am considering just buying them. This purse would be so cute for special occasions and as something to brighten a little black dress. All of Kate Spade’s statement purses are adorable but it’s always the ones that involve cake that leave me reeling.

HN Illustrations She makes the most beautiful prints, many of which are multi-racial. I can rarely find preppy prints with my skin tone so hers are always a win for me. And at $12 each, they are a great and pretty inexpensive gift. The one I selected is my favorite because she reminds me of the Black version of Hermione Granger that have been floating around the Harry Potter fandom.

What’s on your list to buy for yourself this holiday season?

XOXO Prepford Wife

PS Not featured gifts to myself include a few items from the Maison Jules collection from Macy’s that are on their way as we speak. What can I say, I like the gifts I buy myself the best.

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