A Weekend with Bae


Sweater| Scarf | Vest |Biker Jeans |Boots

I was out of town all last week and so I was thrilled to spend the weekend with my husband. We spent time with some of our nearest and dearest and just poked around one of our favorite small gems in North Carolina, the town of Old Salem.


I got the opportunity to dig out some gems from my wardrobe. At one time, I had this sweater listed for sale on Ebay and took it down on a whim. Now I can’t believe I ever considered selling such an easy staple piece. It’s so warm and cozy and the long sleeve always makes me feel extra-specially bundled.



This puffer vest has been seen literally everywhere which doesn’t stop me from getting great joy from it. It’s been sitting in the back of my closet for the better part of this fall/winter but in the interest of #stylingnotbuying, it’s making a come back. This scarf is one of my absolute favorites but I couldn’t figure out exactly how to wear it. I decided that this outfit needed some texture though and figured it out.


It was just a great weekend to bundle up and head outside. It was nice to get away if only for a little bit with the stress of what is going on in America and the world at large. I can not imagine a world where hatred spreads like wild fire and I just want to hold tight to my teddy bear of a first generation American. Here’s to love trumping hate.

XO Prepforddsc_9933





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