One Room Challenge Week 5: Home Stretch

Hey friend hey. Welcome back to week 5 of One Room Challenge, where I am a day late but not a dollar short (at least not today). WordPress has a new set up and really I have been just too tired to fight it. I am a grand millennial at this point and too old to adapt to new technology.

Nevertheless, I persisted. As a recap, we are updating our master bathroom which we use as a guest bath.

Last week was a bevy of problems. This week is nothing but good things as we cruise into the home stretch with only the kind of luck that I deserve after all of the ripping and running I have had to do just to get this little bathroom going. I called Tile Guy and by I called, I mean Marcus called, and he came out and fixed that little tile in the C that needed changing with zero hassle. So needless to say I was thrilled.

But that was a little problem. My big problem; what to do about the starkness of the space was also solved and rapidly. I fell in love with a striped bamboo wallpaper from Serena and Lily, Veranda, that was conveniently on sale and added four rolls to my cart. The color is absolutely glorious in this soft grey blue that feels coastal and at the same time distinctly like the slightly whimsical vibe that we are giving off in here. The four rolls arrived quickly and one of the fastest installers in all of Raleigh came over and put it in for me. If you are ever in need of wallpapering, Katherine of Paper Kat is incredible and soooo fast and professional. She came over and got this little bathroom done in less than half a day.

I would show you some afters but the least I can do is show some restraint and save something for the reveal. But just know, the paper makes such a big difference to the space. It elongates the height of the ceiling and adds all this visual interest that I didn’t even know I needed when I first began this project. The one thing left would be to add a shower door which we are waiting patiently to arrive. We shall see if we meet our final deadline, huh? Count down is on. In the meantime, here’s me post work, fixing the last of the little problems. I installed a holder for the shower sprayer which was originally mounted near the shower head. It made it impossible to pull down if you were short.

I am so close to finish in here it’s disturbing. I can’t wait to show you guys the space all fully styled and in it’s full glory. See you next week for a hopefully completed space.

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