One Room Challenge Week 6: Finish Line

I can’t believe I am typing this. Welcome to the final week of the One Room Challenge Alas. Just as a refresh, the One Room Challenge is a six week challenge created by Linda Weinstein that gives participants a supportive and collaborative forum to transform a space. This is my first time participating and the space that we selected was our home’s master bathroom which we currently use as a guest bathroom.

Catch up on past weeks progress:

Week 1 / Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4/ Week 5

Before we get into transformation photos, here’s a reminder of what the space looked like before. It’s gone through a few iterations with the final one being with this stately Harrison mirror but it’s also had this gold Project 62 mirror as well.

And now for what this gal looks like now

Brass Faucet and handles / Recessed Vanity Pulls/ Veranda Wallpaper/ Circle Brass Mirror/ Vintage Brass Towel Hook/ Vintage Rug / Vanity/ Blue Vanity Color/ Vanity light/ T-shirt Matchbooks / Preserved Boxwood / Elizabeth Mayville Knot Art

Toilet / Gatco Glass Shelves / Pottery Barn Toilet Paper Holder / Vintage Life Vest / Shadow Box/ Merisea Lui Room Spray / Vintage Sailor / Mudpie Matches / Glass Canister

Subway Tile/ Penny Tiles / Shower Head / Shower Head Holder/ Custom Shower Bottles/ White Hex Floor Tile

We had three major concerns when starting on this room 1. The darkness of the original bathroom because it’s a space with no windows 2. The weight of the room since the original vanity was large and dark with no breaks. 3. And the ugly bath fitter shower which just would not quit.

We originally started with white walls in mind to address the darkness and during week five I almost had a melted down when I realized exactly how stark this room would be, until the Veranda wallpaper from Serena and Lily came to the rescue. It’s perfect. A little coastal, a little whimsical and draws your eye right up, which is great for this little room that could use all of the square footage it can take. It still feels as light and bright and airy as the all white walls and is a huge improvement over the before.

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see my joyful melt down over the cuteness that is this light. I love a bumblebee from my very core and this subtle light brings just another slight touch of whimsy to the space. When paired with the hex floor, it’s perfectly on theme for our home without being kitschy or niche. If I’m honest though, I will probably pull it down if we ever move.

Problem two we needed to address was the weight of the vanity. This stock purchase from Lowes was on the money and then we brought in a light color for it, Melodious by Sherwin Williams. The color is a direct color match from the little vase with the flowers on the glass shelf. In fact, the entire room is shaped around that vase and the top knot print. Top Knot, or Marigold as I’ve affectionately dubbed her, has lived in multiple spots in our home just waiting for the day when this room would come to fruition. Together those pieces shaped the color palette and the mood in the space.

Our third major woe was the shower, and to an extent the floor. The shower was way too tight for the average adult and didn’t feel lux in what is actually the master bathroom in our house though we use it as a guest bath. So we upped the wow factor with this irregular subway tile and the custom penny tile niches. Because the shower stall is so tight, I took a page from Shavonda Garner’s last one room challenge and made sure to include an extra niche at the bottom so you can shave your legs since there’s nowhere to sit in here. The obvious wow factor in here comes from the shower floor. As a life long Outkast Stan, this felt like the perfect opportunity to bring a little more of our personality into this home. You have no lived until you’ve showered in a shower with the lyrics to “so fresh and so clean clean” on the floor while singing it. What an experience. We are patiently waiting for the door to this shower to arrive and it should be here any day now. Until then we are using an unpictured shower curtain.

I could not be more pleased with how this little space turned out. More than any of the other rooms in our home, this space feels so special and complete. I’ve caught myself a number of times walking through the kitchen (where this room is off of) and stopping in just to have a little look around. From the number “18” which is our anniversary, to the little black sailor which hubby collects, to the “Private” sign which is our kitschy souvenir from Maine, to the towel that was gifted to me by Charleston Weekender after a long debate over the merit of Turkish towels (she won by the way), this room is very much a reflection of our lives and our home and I am so happy with it.

Thanks for putting up with me during this trying time,

XO Prepford Wife

10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 6: Finish Line

  1. Teri says:

    Oh my gosh! It is so amazing! I feel like this space was made for me- down to the 18- which is both my birthday and my wedding anniversary. 😍


  2. Carla says:

    Wow — WHAT a transformation! This is gorgeous in every way with amazing attention to detail with just the right amount of whimsy. Fantastic job!


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