One Room Challenge Week 4: More Plumbing, More Problems


Hello friends, welcome welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge at Frustration Station this is your captain Victoria reporting for Duty.

As a recap, we are redoing our master bath which we actually use as a guest bathroom in our house.

Catch up on my weekly progress here:

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We’re still alive here but just barely. This week saw a ton of progress but also quite a few set backs. I painted the bathroom white which has been our plan all along since it would brighten this sad, windowless, little space, which was one of the key problems we neeeeeded to solve. While I was painting the walls, I removed the old light fixture to put in the light fixture of my dreams as seen in Week 3’s post. It was as cute as I thought it would bee (did you see that pun?). I deserve the joy that only this fixture could give me.


After installing it which was easy breezy beautiful cover light, the plumbers came which was the moment I was waiting for. They came at the end of last week to get the rough ins prepped so that this week all they had to do was the actual install. They were scheduled to install three fixtures and all three hit some sort of road block. Listing in order of complexity:

  1. Sink- The sink is installed. But in order to get it in, we had to cut the base boards to make room for the legs. No biggie and actually pretty easy for us to handle. Note the saw on the toilet. I cut right behind the legs. Also isn’t the vanity color cute? It’s Melodius by Valspar. It’s a very faint blue but I eyeballed and color matched it to this little vase which I am shaping the entire rooms color palette around.


2. Shower head- This was a wildly complex installation. It was incredible difficult for even our plumber who has been doing this for years but the part that holds the shower head to the wall also holds the sprayer. Look how high that is! I would have to be Shaq just to reach the sprayer. What we landed on was that once it was drilled into the wall -and you know it was drilled into the wall before we noticed- that we would just get an additional arm to park the sprayer on. So it’s in the mail as we speak, rushed delivered courtesy of our good friend Amazon Prime.


3. Toilet- Oh boy, oh boy, the toilet. I purchased the Lexington toilet from American Standard that I have affectionately referred to as Square Potty for the last two weeks. It’s gorgeous and everything I didn’t even know I wanted in a toilet because let’s be real, who’s really thinking about a toilet until they have to buy one? Too bad the rough in on Square Potty is 12″ and our bathroom’s rough in is a 10″. No problem. Back to the store we go only to realize, they have no Square Potties with the 10″rough in. We scoured Lowes, Home Depot and the internet and no square potties. I am next level bitter but purchased the next best thing from Wayfair scheduled to arrive on Friday which is perfect timing to get it in before the end of week.


So Previous Potty still stands where Square Potty should be. Oddly enough, this is not the worst of our problems. The plumbers are paid so they will make sure the job gets done right.

Right now, the biggest problem is that I’ve painted the walls white and it feels STARK in here. It feels icy and cold and I worry that the lack of a backdrop will make the bathroom feel too empty especially since the accessories I’ve planned are glass and brass. No real color in sight. Back to the drawing board we go.

I’ve been toggling between three papers and I am head over heels in looove with this gorgeous horizontal stripe from Farrow and Ball, the closet stripe paper but I can’t justify the cost.


I am weighing the option for two other papers that would give the room the same feel but aren’t quite the expense.


Acadia Stripe Wallpaper


Anthropologie Winter Cranes in Duck Egg

So any moment now, I will pick a paper (or not). With more styling I could be okay leaving this space like this but I need to make a decision soon otherwise this little room won’t be complete by the end of the challenge. I am leaning heavily towards wallpaper.

Also, as the icing on the proverbial cake. I just realized the “C” in the true feature of my shower design, is not perfect. There is a small part of the curved that is messed up.


I am considering taking a little screw driver to it to fix it or having Tile Guy come back to rectify the issue. Either way, this should not have been grouted and I find it painful that we made it this far without it being right. Sigh. All in all, I’m just ready for the finish line. Tune in next week for How I Fix These Problems with your host, PrepFord Wife.


PrepFord Wife

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