The Pineapple Skirt



I looked for this pineapple skirt for literally years. It debuted from J. Crew for the first time in 2012 and then again the next summer. At the time I was too much a college student to rationalize the $89 price tag for a skirt. Fast forward four years and I was still loving on that skirt and willing to pay the price.


Of course once I was ready to pay, I could find the skirt no where. I’ve talked/bemoaned about it several times on the blog and completely blanked on updating you guys. I finally found it.


As luck would have it, I didn’t find it at a J. Crew warehouse sale like I thought I would. I found it on eBay and not once but twice. I’m now the proud owner of two of these little skirts. Sometimes grail dreams do happen and just in time for summer! Happy Friday to you all  I hope your dreams, big and small, come true this weekend

XO Prepford Wife

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