Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up fast. With it only being a week away, it means a lot of hunting for last minute gifts and hoping your gift isn’t placed with the macaroni creations of yester year. Here are some great and easy gifts for the fathers in your life. Half of these have my husband’s approval so if your father doesn’t like them, we’ll just shift the blame now won’t we? Either way, a very happy early father’s day to all the dads out there.

Fathers Day'.jpg

  1. Chillsner $15.95
  2. Woodsman beard oil $20
  3. Shoe care kit $25 & 25% off right now
  4. Tie Bar $29.50
  5. Hydroflask bottle $39.50
  6. Ralph Lauren Monogram Oxford $98.00
  7. D.S. & Durga for J. Crew Homestead Cologne $98
  8. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kit $120
  9. Apple tv $149
  10. Penfield Gibson Rain Jacket $165
  11. Daniel Wellington Classic Watch $199
  12. HERO4 GoPro $499.99

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