Happy Anniversary!

While I’ve had this blog for years, I have only been officially the PrepFord Wife for two years down to the day. My husband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary.


FRP_ (23).jpg

To say that I am absolutely in awe is somehow still an understatement. I never thought in a million years that I would be in a healthy, functional, married partnership. It’s not that I was flat out opposed to marriage, I just never placed much stock in meeting “the one” and settling down. I met my husband our third day of undergrad and in spite of my -what can only be called- surly disposition and less than favorable views on the finer details of marriage, he saw me and knew almost right away that he wanted to marry me. Ask him to retell the tale of us meeting; boy, oh boy could eighteen year old me pack a verbal punch.



Eight years late (just wow) I live in happily wedded bliss with my best friend. If there is something good that happens, I can’t wait to tell him. If something bad happens, he’s the shoulder I snot all over cry on. He allows me to be myself while also encouraging me to be better than yesterdays version of me. He keeps an eye out for items I’m stalking online to go on sale and gets personally affronted when someone outbids me on eBay. My husband makes me laugh, big gut wrenching, tear spurring laughs. He doesn’t mind that I drool in my sleep and even goes as far as to think I look pretty when I wake up.


These last two years have been some of the most anxiety filled, guilt ridden stressful years of my life and I can only imagine how much worst they could have been without my husband by my side. So here’s to the man who after two years still makes me giddy to be Mrs. Ford and here’s to many many more years together.


XoXo Prepford Wife

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