Pumpkin Pickin’ and Stuff


This past weekend, husband and I adventured to The Lazy 5 Ranch. It’s a bit like the North Carolinian version of a safari where you sit in your car and drive about, all the while feeding the animals. They also have a fall festival this time of year. There is nothing I love more than the combination of exotic animals and a fall festival.



The animals were so sweet and curious. Because cars are driving through all the time, they walk right up to them! When you enter the park, you can pay for feed buckets and if they see a bucket in your car, they know you have snacks. My kind of animals.



These animals are my wildest dreams come true. In addition to the animals we had to go to the fall festival. Anything that requires the word festival is right up my alley. We somehow scored a really quiet time during the day so aside from us, there were only a few school groups there.


These field boots have been dying to come out to play for fall and this day only felt totally appropriate for their arrival.



Fall is my favorite season ever and you have no clue how sad it makes me to not be getting enough of it due to North Carolina and just, you know, global warming. Either way, this day called for fall colored clothing and pumpkin picking. I know every blogger is pumpkin picking but duh! It’s fall.


In the interest of full disclosure, I am totes eating one of those Cowtail candies in this last picture. Growing up, whenever my mom and I did fall activities, this was our candy of choice for some reason. Shout out to small traditions.


What fall activities are you going to get in to?

XO Prepford Wife

Shirt | Vest (Plus, Similar)  | Jeans | Boots (Sold outsimilar) | Bag (Similar, Has a bow)

PS. Bonus with hubby


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