13 Days of Halloween

Maybe it’s because my parents raised me religious and I’m rebellious or because October 19th is my husband and I’s dating anniversary but for whatever reason, I have a strong attachment to Halloween and the general season. Today kicks off Freeform’s (once ABC Family) 13 Nights of Halloween schedule. I am so very excited for it.

Unlike college though, I don’t have time to sit in my dorm room and consumed hours upon hours of festive movies. Instead, husband and I relegate each night to a different Halloween movie. We tend to focus heavily on classic family favorites and suspense instead of the more brutal horror movies. After all, during our adult years, we are more likely to fall asleep to them than stay awake with our teeth chattering in fear. We still love Freeform’s but if you’re looking for a reduced schedule of some favorites to indulge in night after night, then look no further.


Honorable mentions goes to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Matilda and Are you Afraid of the Dark. I am sure all of those will be on some sort of rotation throughout the coming days. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll notice this list is missing some serious classics by way of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movies. We try to be the type to stick to their beliefs and the behaviors of both warrant removal from our lists so that explains the void for me.

What are some of your Halloween Favorites? Will you be tuning in to Freeform?

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