"The Criticals"

     On the sitcom “My Wife and Kids”, an American sitcom of an African-American family growing up in Hartford, CT, the family of five takes a vacation to Hawaii to celebrate the honeymoon of Michael and Jay Kyle. Michael, who does not believe in heavy packing, refused to bring anything but “the criticals”, a small bag of items that would get him through the vacation. Which got me to thinking about what my criticals are.

Almost everyday, like clockwork, I have to run back into the house because I forgot something critical but I have gotten myself into the habit of just leaving them in my “Colombia Bag”, which is a satchel that one of my professors picked up for me in Colombia.

It’s pretty fly and tends to go with almost every outfit. (Thanks Dr. G and Baby G) It has all of the necessities in it so I can just grab it and go regardless of outfit or location of event. If it’s the event is too dressy, I can just leave it in the car and still be prepared for anything.

These are The Ten-ish Criticals in my life. 
1. Denim Jacket– If I’m not wearing it, it’s in the car. Most definitely a critical!
2. Mytouch 3G– Complete with Black Coach Case, To-Go Bible and Sudoku
3. Gold Studs– Even if I’m not wearing them they are in the bag.
4. Rayban ClubMasters- CRITICAL!
5. The Cup– Which never has coffee in it. Always some kind of fruit drink and it seems to be bottomless.
6. Audrey Hepburn Planner and Dreamsicle Notebook– If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen.
7. Red Pen, Mechanical Pencil, Black Ink Pen with Post it Flags– DUH plus post its
8. Blistex Chapensticken
9. Vera Bradley Sittin in a Tree Wristlet– Contains ID, Debit, Change, Coupons (Always a necessity)
 10. The Grand Poobah of Emergency Bags– IPod, Camera, Bobby Pins, Safety Pins, Feminine Products, Nail Polish, Bandages, Ibuprofen, Smelling Salts (Dont Ask), Gauze (Don’t Ask), Permanent Marker, Hand santitizer, Shout Wipes, Tissues, SD Card, Back up Blistex and Gold Earrings, Mini Scissors and Usually a Sewing Kit and Granola Bar. Everyone should own one of these in-case-I-get-stuck-on-an-island bags. =]

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