"Today’s gonna be a scorcher!"

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s gonna be a scorcher so bring your parasols out”- Generic meteorologists for the eastern seaboard.

So I adore living in North Carolina so much so that I said to heck with the city of brotherly love and made this my unofficial home. I love it that much here. As such I try to accept it for it’s low points (lack of civilization) as well as its high points (cheaper cost of living).

And more recently, the high points of the weather! The temperature tomorrow is suppose to be a high of 100 degrees Fahrenheit around four pm. Four in the evening and it’s going to be 100?! God stopped paying attention to the thermostat and as such it’s going to be devil’s-drawers hot out.

To combat said heat, I am trying to convince the fiance/grouch muffin, that we need to go back to our roots, also known as, the outdoor pool at Keith Hills Country Club. (If you know us personally, you know we met there third day of freshman year in undergrad).

The thing is, I don’t have a suit! So in my haste to make my way to the pool, I needed to look for a tastefully crafted and “inexpensive” alternative to the raunchy, brightly colored string bikinis of the Pacsun wearing seventeen year olds who frequent these locations. I tend to lean towards one pieces as well as halters. They flatter my curvy figure.


aaaaaaand last but most certainly not least. My dream swim suit! May have to “invest”.

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