Grand Master Pack

Sometimes during holiday season I internally refer to myself and Grand Master Pack (which is clearly a play on Grand Master Flex). Unlike a lot of people, I get a serious kick out of packing. I have moved around a lot what with college and going back and forth from NC to PA, so I have had to unique experience of having to pack only small amounts of stuff at a time. I have to say that out of all the packing I do, holiday season packing is my favorite for 3 reasons 1) It’s a personal challenge to only pack what I need for 3 weeks 2) I fly home so I can have a maximum of 50lbs of stuff including toiletries 3) I have to have enough room for my stuff plus these HUGE Christmas gifts that I have to bring home for both my family and Marcus’ as well.

This year, my personal challenge for packing is to only bring home a carry on’s worth of stuff and I have done it effortlessly for some reasons. Here is all that I intend to bring with me and is really all that you need. This is the easiest way to pack only what is crucial for a trip home.

Start with the basics and the bulkiest.

1) Shoes: Chocolate mocassins, black low top chuck taylors, black ankle boot heels.
2) Under garments: Week’s worth of underwear inside of chucks, bras inside of mocassins, sandwich bag of jewelry inside of heels plus bobby pins and hair ties/bands.

These are really the only shoes necessary for me. Everything I own goes with one of these. I can make a dress casual with chucks and jeans dressy with the ankle boots. Once your shoes are packed you can start on outfits. Because it’s home, there are plenty of clothes there so you don’t need to bring every thing.

1) Bottoms: Dark wash bootcut & dark wash straight leg jeans, navy wide leg trousers, 2 pair of gray sweats. I don’t need much more. I usually take home a bunch of pants and only wear a few.


*Fold in along crotch crease and roll length of pants. Place on top of filled shoes forming one layer. 

2)Tops: 4 tees for sleeping/gym (2 long sleeved), 3 tanks (neutral, navy, purple), boyfriend navy cardigan, striped breton cardigan, Ralph Lauren oxford shirt and rugby shirt (both long sleeved)
*Fold tshirts like they do at the Gap or Express. Make sure to place on top of rolled jeans to maximize space.


3) Outer wear: Thick pull over hoodie and zip up hoodie, North Face Denali fleece


*Lay on top of the previously folded shirts. I’ll wear my peacoat onto the plane for multiple reasons. It maximizes space in my bags. it’s tasteful for all occasions, and I have no clue what the weather will be like in Philly. 

4) Extras: Little black dress, sheer black tights, cotton scarf, suede tan belt and jewelry that I can’t live without.

Helpful hints: 
  • Know what you wear and use on a regular basis. There is no point in bringing home stuff that you do not need. I know that I view navy blue the way that most people view black. It is my standard go to color so why would I bring home anything black when I know I prefer blue?
  • Be sure to snag the last minute things that you do not necessarily wear but are crucial. Tooth brush, camera, usb stick, phone, ipod, retainer, etc.
  • Double and triple check for your wallet! Every time I travel (literally every single time) I forget my wallet which includes money, id, cash, and plane confirmation number. SO CRITICAL!
  • Carefully pack a toiletries bag. If you know you have doubles of shampoo/conditioner, lotion and perfume at home, why bother bringing them?

As of tonight I officially have a suitcase chock full of gifts, a well packed carry on, plus bookbag.

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