Another Day, Another Rain Boot


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For Christmas I only requested rain gear for days such as today. I will happily pair my rain gear even with work clothes. Such is the fate of this happy little pair of purple rain boots.


I think there is a way to be dressed professionally even when wearing rubber wellies. I start with a professional and darn near stern base. Queue layered tweed. Tweed skirt, tweed jacket and a dark blouse with a high and conservative neck like this black jewel studded collared shirt from vintage J. Crew. Make sure to wear leggings to leave very little skin exposed and to avoid a chill.


I caution against this outfit if your workplace is formal or if you meet with different external conservative parties but otherwise, go for it. It’s perfect for a casual, and yet rainy, Friday. I use to wear these boots all the time when I worked in sales. My customers would get a kick out of a full suit, a striped tshirt, and a pair of Hunter boots. While it was stylish and cute, it was also just practical since I would be hoping in and out of the car all day in pouring rain. As with the red pair of boots from my last post, these boots have a wider calf. They’re the purple adjustable back boots to allow me more space to wear pants if I want to.


So what about you? Are you into work clothes meets casual?

Breton Stripes, Please

I’m head over heels in love with this Breton striped tee from J. Crew. It’s long sleeve which is perfect because I am always chilly and it refuses to stop raining here. The red and blue are just the right color to be fun and the white is (for once) not opaque.

I have been dressing it up and wearing it under the Super 120s suit from J. Crew with pumps but also dressing it down by swapping out the pants for easy white shorts and jeans.



The same day I wore this outfit it poured which showed just how versatile the shirt can be. I quickly swapped out the blazer and Birkenstocks for the trusty dusty Penfield and Hunter boots.




It was also a really cute 4th of July shirt because comes in short sleeves for you folks that don’t want to sweat to death.  I could not love this shirt any more than  I do. What’s the one piece in your closet that you just can’t live without?

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Photo Floral Finish

The basket weave dresses from J. Crew never fails me. I have four dresses in this cut in various colors. Since I live in a sunnier state, I can wear this dress pretty much through any season. I always size up so that I can layer not just over them, but under them.


I knew the moment I saw the photo floral print, I had to have it in multiple pieces. I’m obsessed because it goes with everything!



This is my favorite way to wear this dress. A trick to layering while print mixing is to choose every pattern in the same color. The blue stripe from the shirt is repeated in the blue floral and the blue stripes in my shoes.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

I got an amazing discount on these shoes which came without the ribbon. I simply looked up the original and found a similar (but let’s face it, more grandiose) version of the ribbon. these shoes are on a steep sale with an extra 30% off.


What do you love to layer?

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Polka Dots and Rainy Day Shots

We had a wedding to attend this weekend and I finally got to wear this adorable polka dot shirt dress from Talbots.


I’ve been eye balling a few things from Talbots lately as they have really been making an effort to design to a younger clientele. I knew the first moment I saw this dress that I had to have it and for 30% off this weekend for their friends and family sale paired with a teacher’s discount, I didn’t feel so bad pulling the trigger.


It runs pretty true to size but like any dress that I wear it gaps a bit at the chest. It’s also a bit sheer because of its light weight but not overly so. It could use a lining though. All of that can be overlooked however because pockets!


It makes for the perfect wedding guest dress for a more casual wedding. It’s also a great wear to work dress as the length is office appropriate and while it flares, it doesn’t flounce. If I’m being really honest though I’m mostly going to wear it with a white converses and a denim jacket.


Sigh. I’m in love. I almost want to buy another one in case something bad happens to this one down the road. I get clumsy with pens and such.


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Welcome Back PrepFord Wife!

I am so excited to announce that PrepFord Wife is back (and hopefully better than ever). I have had this blog for years and have been inconsistent, at best, with post. My life is stable and calm now and I am ready to give this a shot. I will try and post at least once a week. I have a ton of ideas and am thrilled to cultivate this little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy!

It was a rainy day today which I was thrilled about since I just purchased these Huntress boots. They were on sale this past weekend and I needed to have them. The trench is from J. Crew Factory and it’s a great price for a staple and is currently 40% off. Keep in mind, the lining is a jersey knit which tends to stick to almost any fabric beneath it.

I love these tights with the gold studs in the back. They add a bit of interests to the back of what appears to be a boring outfit. This is my outfit of the day and I look forward to sharing even more.

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