Breton Stripes, Please

I’m head over heels in love with this Breton striped tee from J. Crew. It’s long sleeve which is perfect because I am always chilly and it refuses to stop raining here. The red and blue are just the right color to be fun and the white is (for once) not opaque.

I have been dressing it up and wearing it under the Super 120s suit from J. Crew with pumps but also dressing it down by swapping out the pants for easy white shorts and jeans.



The same day I wore this outfit it poured which showed just how versatile the shirt can be. I quickly swapped out the blazer and Birkenstocks for the trusty dusty Penfield and Hunter boots.




It was also a really cute 4th of July shirt because comes in short sleeves for you folks that don’t want to sweat to death.  I could not love this shirt any more than  I do. What’s the one piece in your closet that you just can’t live without?

Tee (Short, Long similar )| Blazer| Jeans Similar| Hunter Boots| Gibson Jacket |Birkenstocks

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