One Room Challenge Week 6: Finish Line

I can’t believe I am typing this. Welcome to the final week of the One Room Challenge Alas. Just as a refresh, the One Room Challenge is a six week challenge created by Linda Weinstein that gives participants a supportive and collaborative forum to transform a space. This is my first time participating and the space that we selected was our home’s master bathroom which we currently use as a guest bathroom.

Catch up on past weeks progress:

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Before we get into transformation photos, here’s a reminder of what the space looked like before. It’s gone through a few iterations with the final one being with this stately Harrison mirror but it’s also had this gold Project 62 mirror as well.

And now for what this gal looks like now

Brass Faucet and handles / Recessed Vanity Pulls/ Veranda Wallpaper/ Circle Brass Mirror/ Vintage Brass Towel Hook/ Vintage Rug / Vanity/ Blue Vanity Color/ Vanity light/ T-shirt Matchbooks / Preserved Boxwood / Elizabeth Mayville Knot Art

Toilet / Gatco Glass Shelves / Pottery Barn Toilet Paper Holder / Vintage Life Vest / Shadow Box/ Merisea Lui Room Spray / Vintage Sailor / Mudpie Matches / Glass Canister

Subway Tile/ Penny Tiles / Shower Head / Shower Head Holder/ Custom Shower Bottles/ White Hex Floor Tile

We had three major concerns when starting on this room 1. The darkness of the original bathroom because it’s a space with no windows 2. The weight of the room since the original vanity was large and dark with no breaks. 3. And the ugly bath fitter shower which just would not quit.

We originally started with white walls in mind to address the darkness and during week five I almost had a melted down when I realized exactly how stark this room would be, until the Veranda wallpaper from Serena and Lily came to the rescue. It’s perfect. A little coastal, a little whimsical and draws your eye right up, which is great for this little room that could use all of the square footage it can take. It still feels as light and bright and airy as the all white walls and is a huge improvement over the before.

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see my joyful melt down over the cuteness that is this light. I love a bumblebee from my very core and this subtle light brings just another slight touch of whimsy to the space. When paired with the hex floor, it’s perfectly on theme for our home without being kitschy or niche. If I’m honest though, I will probably pull it down if we ever move.

Problem two we needed to address was the weight of the vanity. This stock purchase from Lowes was on the money and then we brought in a light color for it, Melodious by Sherwin Williams. The color is a direct color match from the little vase with the flowers on the glass shelf. In fact, the entire room is shaped around that vase and the top knot print. Top Knot, or Marigold as I’ve affectionately dubbed her, has lived in multiple spots in our home just waiting for the day when this room would come to fruition. Together those pieces shaped the color palette and the mood in the space.

Our third major woe was the shower, and to an extent the floor. The shower was way too tight for the average adult and didn’t feel lux in what is actually the master bathroom in our house though we use it as a guest bath. So we upped the wow factor with this irregular subway tile and the custom penny tile niches. Because the shower stall is so tight, I took a page from Shavonda Garner’s last one room challenge and made sure to include an extra niche at the bottom so you can shave your legs since there’s nowhere to sit in here. The obvious wow factor in here comes from the shower floor. As a life long Outkast Stan, this felt like the perfect opportunity to bring a little more of our personality into this home. You have no lived until you’ve showered in a shower with the lyrics to “so fresh and so clean clean” on the floor while singing it. What an experience. We are patiently waiting for the door to this shower to arrive and it should be here any day now. Until then we are using an unpictured shower curtain.

I could not be more pleased with how this little space turned out. More than any of the other rooms in our home, this space feels so special and complete. I’ve caught myself a number of times walking through the kitchen (where this room is off of) and stopping in just to have a little look around. From the number “18” which is our anniversary, to the little black sailor which hubby collects, to the “Private” sign which is our kitschy souvenir from Maine, to the towel that was gifted to me by Charleston Weekender after a long debate over the merit of Turkish towels (she won by the way), this room is very much a reflection of our lives and our home and I am so happy with it.

Thanks for putting up with me during this trying time,

XO Prepford Wife

One Room Challenge Week 4: More Plumbing, More Problems


Hello friends, welcome welcome to week 4 of the One Room Challenge at Frustration Station this is your captain Victoria reporting for Duty.

As a recap, we are redoing our master bath which we actually use as a guest bathroom in our house.

Catch up on my weekly progress here:

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We’re still alive here but just barely. This week saw a ton of progress but also quite a few set backs. I painted the bathroom white which has been our plan all along since it would brighten this sad, windowless, little space, which was one of the key problems we neeeeeded to solve. While I was painting the walls, I removed the old light fixture to put in the light fixture of my dreams as seen in Week 3’s post. It was as cute as I thought it would bee (did you see that pun?). I deserve the joy that only this fixture could give me.


After installing it which was easy breezy beautiful cover light, the plumbers came which was the moment I was waiting for. They came at the end of last week to get the rough ins prepped so that this week all they had to do was the actual install. They were scheduled to install three fixtures and all three hit some sort of road block. Listing in order of complexity:

  1. Sink- The sink is installed. But in order to get it in, we had to cut the base boards to make room for the legs. No biggie and actually pretty easy for us to handle. Note the saw on the toilet. I cut right behind the legs. Also isn’t the vanity color cute? It’s Melodius by Valspar. It’s a very faint blue but I eyeballed and color matched it to this little vase which I am shaping the entire rooms color palette around.


2. Shower head- This was a wildly complex installation. It was incredible difficult for even our plumber who has been doing this for years but the part that holds the shower head to the wall also holds the sprayer. Look how high that is! I would have to be Shaq just to reach the sprayer. What we landed on was that once it was drilled into the wall -and you know it was drilled into the wall before we noticed- that we would just get an additional arm to park the sprayer on. So it’s in the mail as we speak, rushed delivered courtesy of our good friend Amazon Prime.


3. Toilet- Oh boy, oh boy, the toilet. I purchased the Lexington toilet from American Standard that I have affectionately referred to as Square Potty for the last two weeks. It’s gorgeous and everything I didn’t even know I wanted in a toilet because let’s be real, who’s really thinking about a toilet until they have to buy one? Too bad the rough in on Square Potty is 12″ and our bathroom’s rough in is a 10″. No problem. Back to the store we go only to realize, they have no Square Potties with the 10″rough in. We scoured Lowes, Home Depot and the internet and no square potties. I am next level bitter but purchased the next best thing from Wayfair scheduled to arrive on Friday which is perfect timing to get it in before the end of week.


So Previous Potty still stands where Square Potty should be. Oddly enough, this is not the worst of our problems. The plumbers are paid so they will make sure the job gets done right.

Right now, the biggest problem is that I’ve painted the walls white and it feels STARK in here. It feels icy and cold and I worry that the lack of a backdrop will make the bathroom feel too empty especially since the accessories I’ve planned are glass and brass. No real color in sight. Back to the drawing board we go.

I’ve been toggling between three papers and I am head over heels in looove with this gorgeous horizontal stripe from Farrow and Ball, the closet stripe paper but I can’t justify the cost.


I am weighing the option for two other papers that would give the room the same feel but aren’t quite the expense.


Acadia Stripe Wallpaper


Anthropologie Winter Cranes in Duck Egg

So any moment now, I will pick a paper (or not). With more styling I could be okay leaving this space like this but I need to make a decision soon otherwise this little room won’t be complete by the end of the challenge. I am leaning heavily towards wallpaper.

Also, as the icing on the proverbial cake. I just realized the “C” in the true feature of my shower design, is not perfect. There is a small part of the curved that is messed up.


I am considering taking a little screw driver to it to fix it or having Tile Guy come back to rectify the issue. Either way, this should not have been grouted and I find it painful that we made it this far without it being right. Sigh. All in all, I’m just ready for the finish line. Tune in next week for How I Fix These Problems with your host, PrepFord Wife.


PrepFord Wife

One Room Challenge Week 3: Tile, Camera, Action


Hello friends and a very happy One Room Challenge Week 3 to you! I come baring updates. I am equal parts joy and dismay which I hear is pretty common for the ORC at this point. 

As a recap, we are updating our master bath which we actually use as our guest bathroom.

Catch up on my weekly progress here:

Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5

Yes start with the not so hot things that have happened. I am still without shower head. I didn’t manage to snag one at the Restoration Hardware Outlet. But alas, the shower head I was originally in love with came back in stock! Woo hoo! I instantly added it to the cart and it’s well on its way. It’s amazing how even though I strategically planned for the things that I wanted in this space, I still ended up waiting for the shower head to come in. Since we have to wait for it to arrive to close up the last wall, we are working backwards in this space. We cleared the entire room and laid the floor and it is a wowee wowee change. I am so happy with the new floor even without grout. 

152A811B-F39E-4FEF-BAA3-933B3670CA303D179B13-00B6-4BD5-8835-8AC535D339BB7309CD3D-E4C7-43E4-AF6D-6C2448020E6335C51881-BC8F-4885-AC9B-5F0CA88A9A76After finishing up the floor of the bathroom, I rebounded back to the floor of the shower. I love Tile Guy but I knew exactly how I wanted this done so I did the letter myself. In last weeks post, I set up the tiles by laying the blue pennies that would be used for the wording on top of the white pennies so that I could spell out “fresh & clean”. I marked out the sharpie underneath the blue and laid them in the bed of the shower CAREFULLY. Then I pulled out the marked white pennies and replaced them with the blue penny. 13AE81C2-3BBE-4CD5-8359-37E51C834FFF5631E6E8-A925-48F9-8213-E3EEFFD481F29484DF1B-F896-43CA-B837-35477015FC23AAA6E3DF-FD4A-480D-A722-552771873297430701DE-C1D6-4044-870F-6791E0FF1FBCFinished up the shower floors and Tile Guy mastic-ed all of the little pennies down and placed a board on them so that the plumbers could get in to set up the shower and the vanity since we have the measurements for the shower head now.  YaAAaAAaY! (Feel free to picture me shouting that). 


After the plumbers left, I couldn’t resist sneaking a look at my prized floor in all her glory and it’s a good thing I did because she had a little error. Look at the “S” in fresh. Something got shifted between the time I laid the first image and when Tile Guy mastic-ed them down. Lucky it was still pretty damp and I shifted it easily to make it right. 

D5B90CB1-9D22-4009-84F5-2B2C3677EA02The niches also got done this week. Cue more shouts of glee. I’m already so happy with the way these guys are coming out. I went with penny tiles in the niches to tie them in with the floors. 


Also two last unpictured changes but definitely the highlight of this week. I finished painting the vanity a soft powder blue which left me speechless. It’s really not a wow color for anyone except me but it’s exactly the color I had in my mind and to see it come to life is incredible. Hubby thinks the color is too light but I’m praying that the glaring sun has been washing the color out and that in the actual space it will feel cool and subtle. 

And last but not least, I found the vanity light of my dreams. Honestly, I already had one on the way that I liked and felt happy with but then I saw this one from Anthropologie and knew it was The One. It’s the fastest I’ve ever checked out for an item. I can’t wait until it get here.


Tune for next week of Victoria Loses Her Mind in the Bathroom,

XO PrepFord Wife


One Room Challenge Week 2: Demo Time and Floor Design


Hi there! Back at ya with the One Room Challenge. As a recap, we are updating our master bath which we actually use as our guest bathroom.

Catch up on my weekly progress here:

Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3 / Week 4 / Week 5

Now that you’re up to speed, week 2 is all about the shower stall. We’ve talked in week 1 about how much we haaaate this shower stall and so it was naturally the first thing to go.

Demo Woes First

We demoed the shower first down to the studs. It only felt appropriate to start with the shower since it’s what sent us to renovating in the first place. We pulled out the fitter and by we, I do mean our awesome tile guy.  I promised myself that I was going to do less DIY this year and spend more time focusing on work and the rest of my life. This comes with it’s own problems especially for a control freak. Tile Guy didn’t cut off the water and nicked a pipe. Insert me trying not to morph into the Incredible Hulk. Luckily, Marcus manages most of the work with anyone who comes into the house so it was smoothly dealt with and repaired.


I knew I wanted shower niches. Not only are they trending but they are just down right practical. This shower stall is so tight and I learned my lesson about having anything like a shelf protruding into the space like the bath fitter previously did. So with the niches we are working inward. There was a stud directly in the center of the wall which kept us from going straight down the middle with the niches. After realizing the stud was in the middle, I quickly sketched what it would look like with the niches on the right before realizing that putting them to the right of the stud would conflict with the shower head.

Before I forget, the little niche on the bottom is a gem that I spotted on SGardnerstyle from Shavonda Gardner who built a niche in her shower stall in order to be able to shave your legs which is just genius. Mind Blown. This space is way too tight to build a ledge for shaving so I knew that whenever we redid the shower, I would make sure to include that little feature.

And now for more of the ugly. Insert Tile Guy nicking the electrical while cutting the niches into the backer board. Slaps forehead in exasperation. If you look closely to where the light is shining in one of the below photos, you can see the nick in my little shaving niche.



Once the War of the Nicks was over with. We could start tiling which went off without a hitch on the back wall. We left the right wall open since we had an idea of what sort of shower head we wanted but it was out of stock so we are back to the drawing board on the shower head situation. Until then, the tile will commence on the other two walls and the right wall will be left open until we decide what to do.


And Now the Part I Actually Care About

In the mean time, we are going to work on the floor which is the feature in the shower. I loved Outkast growing up and I do mean LOVED. So much so that I had an Outkast screen name on AIM. (Judge ya mama, don’t judge me.) So it only felt appropriate when doing this renovation that I pull in the lyrics “so fresh and so clean, clean”. I initially leaned on the idea of doing “Clean” exactly where you first put your foot down in the shower. Tile Guy laid the pattern out on the floor in our living room which gave me the chance to practice. I popped the mesh sheet of pastel blue penny tiles that we bought and began trying them out by laying them over the grid of white penny tiles. Because of the diagonal pattern, the words were spelling in a way that wasn’t, how you say, clean. I realized that if I rotated the pattern a few degrees, I could get the straight lines I was after. Having it laid out also helped me to realize that I wanted more letters! ‘Fresh & Clean’ read so much nicer than ‘Clean’ alone.




I put the sheets of penny tile in the shower and began trying again with the blues on top of the whites. I tried a few different iterations of the ampersand sign with the center around the drain and settled on one that I liked. I then used a sharpie to mark all of the white pennies under the blue pennies. I plan to pop out all of the white pennies and replace them with the blues.






And Now For More Woes

I desperately want a vintage looking brass shower head but can not seem to find one anywhere for the life of me under $2000. I have looked all over God’s green earth and have decided to try hunting for one in the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Asheville, NC. It’s a decent distance away from us but worth the trip if they actually have any of the fixtures that I need. In the mean time, I will purchase a faucet that looks similar to the one on the mood board. If I find a shower head and matching faucet at RH, then I’ll just return the other one, no problem.


We were only going to demo the shower this week but while Tile Guy is in here, he volunteered to pull out the vanity and toilet so that he would have more room to work which is great for us. So we are off to the races.



Hopefully, our adventure to RH goes well and I’ll have an awesome update for you around the shower head. Cross your fingers and see you next week.

XO Prepford Wife

One Room Challenge Week 1: Plan of Attack


A happy happy Thursday to you all! I am so excited to share that I’ve decided to participate as a guest in this fall’s One Room Challenge. The One Room Challenge is a biannual forum -April and October- for participants to have a fun and supportive way to share their room transformations over a six week period. This is my first time participating in the ORC and though I have some hesitation about that crunch timing, we have a room that must be done.

The room we are tackling is our downstairs bathroom. This bathroom is off of our kitchen and our guest room which is actually the house’s true master though we don’t use it that way (we took over our entire second floor as our set of masters). What that means is that we have a bit of a challenge on our hands; how to pack all the style of a tradition powder room, because it’s off our kitchen, but also how to maintain some of the formality that people come to expect from a master bath.


Humor me here with these before photos. I had no idea I would ever need them for a blog post. But we’ve done mild work to this bathroom since moving in, just to make it livable but it still had some serious issues.

The major problem is that this room is at the center of our house and has no natural light at all. Hence the hazy yellow glow in all of the photos. We thought about how we could add light but we can’t add a window or skylight (center of the house and all). And we can’t add a door with frosted glass (it’s off the kitchen and nakedness and a kitchen doesn’t much mesh).  It also has the problem of a very small footprint. But this like I said, this bathroom is at the center of our home and the layout in our house is very efficient; there’s no where we can steal square footage from.


Another problem is that we hate the vinyl floors. It’s the bane of our existence. We have it in the kitchen though, I painted over it, and knew it just couldn’t stay if we were going to do this room over.

But the most pressing problem and the one that set us off down the renovation bath is the shower stall.  It’s waaaaay too tight, not just for a master but for any full grown adult to enjoy a shower. Oh you can take one, but you surely won’t enjoy it thanks to that bath fitter which eats into the shower area by at least three inches on each side. 



Here are some inspiration photos:


I recognize that these images have very little in common with each other except the bright, light and airy aspect of all of them but that is truly the goal.

So here’s where we’re going:

ORC plan 2


  • Open up the shower space by removing the bath fitter
  • Create illusion of light by keeping the room white
  • All brass everythaaaang for the fixtures to warm up the icy white
  • A little something special that involves my favorite Outkast lyric of all time
  • Use open vanity to not weigh down the tight area

So that’s what I’ve got folks. I am crossing my fingers that this turns out well. I have been waiting quite some time to do this bathroom and I really want to get it right. Stop by next week for an update and to see if we are on track so far and what pitfalls we inevitably have.


XO PrepFord Wife