New Stuff in Our Living Room

Our home is coming along. If anyone saw our home they would assume I’m the only one who lives here since it looks like me; very Kate Spade meets J. Crew meets Anthropologie meets world’s dopest thrift store ever. But friends who know my husband well can spot his intertwined aesthetic from a mile away. He is single handledly responsible for all of the big pieces that have come into our home since I would never spend the amount of money he spends on nice things.

As we buy and return (and buy again) here are the things that have made the cut in our home lately. For the most part, it’s all found it’s home in our living room. We just want to get the downstairs of our home complete at this point. Also, it turns out that I really really like animals. I promise I’ll stop after this room.

Living Room

Serena and Lilly Awning Stripe Pillows | Pottery Barn Teen Snow Cat Fur Throw| Paper Mache Springbok Bust| Paper Mache Rhino Bust| Multiple Kate Spade lamps (Homegoods)| World Market Blush Kendall Sofa| World Market Camel Print| World Market Giraffe PrintWorld Market Giraffe Print| Target Woven Tassel Lumbar Pillow| Target Striped Throw Blanket| Kate Spade Dotted Pillow (Marshalls)

Affordable Pink Sofas Under $1000

We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pink sofa. Ideally, a velvety blush sofa fit for a small space but not a loveseat would be ideal. Anthropologie has a few worth drooling over but I don’t want to pay more than $1000 and figure someone else may not want to as well. So here are nine pink sofas options for less than $1000.

FullSizeRender (37)Novogratz Brittany Sofa $219.99

FullSizeRender (36)

Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sleeper Sofa $299

FullSizeRender (35)

Salley Tuxedo Sofa $979.99

FullSizeRender (40)

Pottery Barn Kids Pale Pink Luella Settee $519

FullSizeRender (39)

Pottery Barn Kids Bright Pink Luella Settee $454

FullSizeRender (38)

World Market Marian Loveseat $349.99

FullSizeRender (41)

Sofus Mid-century Modern Sofa $665.99

FullSizeRender (42)


Goodale Mid-century Modern Sofa $750.99


World Market’s Blush Kendall Sofa $699.99


Depuy Apartment Loveseat $559.99

Final Cut: Where Anthropologie Goes to Die

My husband and I are in hot pursuit of a pink couch for our living room. Think: less flamingo more decadent boudoir. Whatever, its a look. Either way, sofas of this kind usually run upward of $3000 and no matter how much I try to convince myself that that’s a reasonable price for a sofa, it just ain’t happening. Even though Anthropologie has the most beautiful and lux dusty rose blush sofa I have ever seen.

FullSizeRender (28)

We were also in the market for one of Anthro’s floral rug; it’s the deconstucted bouquet for all you die hard fans. I saw it when they originally started selling it for a mean $1,598, a price which my little heart can not bare to spend. Between the price and the cost of shipping, just no.

FullSizeRender (21)

Queue racing thoughts of wanted J. Crew items and how I’d scour the Earth looking for them only to find them at J. Crew warehouse sales (see here and here). I started wondering, could it be that Anthropologie might have a warehouse sale of their own?! The answer is infinitely and unequivocally yes! And even better than a warehouse sale it’s a permanent brick and mortar store within a few hours drive of my house. Insert quick day trip.

The store is located in Augusta, GA at

Final Cut
3137 Washington Rd
Augusta, GA 30907

According to articles I saw while stalking the internet, see (1 |2| 3|4) they use to have a different location but moved. It’s relatively easy to find it’s right off of Exit 199 in Augusta off of Washington rd. It’s very simple to find with GPS, I’m not sure I can say the same for those of us still using Mapquest in these 2000s.

They carry things from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, BHLDN and Free People. Much of it is new with tags however some of the clothing items may be damaged so its important to inspect for holes, snags and tears. But for the price of the goodies, it’s totally worth it if you a fan of a lot of their higher end items especially the furniture.

A lot of of the reviews of the store on both Facebook and Yelp complain about the prices; many people comparing them to the price of Goodwill furniture. It is incredibly important in this case to keep in mind the type of store this is and is not. It is not a thrift store, these are name brand high end items and an Anthropologie sofa for $300 is truly the Lord’s work.

I didn’t end up at Final Cut to blog or shop for clothes, so I didn’t exactly do in-depth review. But most of the clothes in the store are thrown into boxes. You are more than welcome to look through them but there are also a few clothes hung. go through those first if you’re there for clothing since they are so accessible. You can try on in store unlike a few of the past J. Crew sales but keep in mind the dressing room is communal and closes a half an hour before the store does (6:30 instead of 7:00 pm) so make sure to allocated enough time if you are someone who tries on. Keep in mind that when you purchase that at the register, they will cut out any and all of the name brand takes so resellers beware.

Like I said, I didn’t go to blog but I did take a few videos for instastories so I here are screen shots of those videos. I”ll include the actual video at a later date.

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)unnamed (5)unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed

FullSizeRender (29)FullSizeRender (30)FullSizeRender (31)

Guess what else I found in this Mountain of Monstrosities?!



We saw three pink sofa options and all of them were lovely but had some draw backs that we weren’t willing to live with. The one not featured here is the Linen Willoughby which is listed on the site as having a “generous recline”. When they say generous, they mean it! My 5’4” frame was left with my feet swaying in the breeze like a child and there is no way someone elderly can sit on this chair and just spring back up when they are ready. So we passed on a sofa but found a ton of other items that we needed including a rug.


So here’s what husband and I came away with from the store, a price list of what we paid for it, the original cost, if there was damage,  and if it was something that we were actually in search of per our list of must buys for the house.

Dorette Pendant Lamp- $298 $70 Needed for our upstairs hallway. The shade is coming apart a bit on the upper left but for that price, I own a glue gun.


Sphere Study Floor Lamp Ensemble $998 $50 Didn’t come with a shade but I found one for $20 at Target and I had to fix the part where the bulb connect.

Forbury Dishware- Bowl $20 $5 Small Plate $22 $6 Large Plate $22 $7 Teapot $68 $20 I purchased a full set of these. The only problem is that there is only one of the first plate and three of the other print. I’m not entirely bothered by that yet. I couldn’t pass on the full set.


URBAN OUTFITTERS Marte Rattan Side Table $198 $60 Perfect condition.

FullSizeRender (49)

Donna Morgan Margaux Shirt Dress $98 $15 Perfect condition


Max Wanger Waikiki #5 Beach Print 44 x 44 $385 $40 The picture itself was in perfect condition but the frame was cracked but for the price, no complaints.

Constance Curtain Rod $128 $30 $88 $20 and rings I went there with these on the list of things to buy. I hate curtain rods and I think most of them are ugly. So when I saw these online, I knew I needed them if they were available. I snagged two for the living room (one long, one short) and then one for our bedroom.

FullSizeRender (23)


Faryl Robin x Free People Atwood Vegan Pumps $128 $25 Perfect condition


New York Giants Beanie $24.95 $5 My SIL has this so I bought it so she and my husband could match in the winter.

Patagonia Duffel Bag $98 $10 Perfect Condition

Towel Ring $28 $5 Gold towel rings seem to be hard to find and this was on my list so I picked it up asap.

Jenny Krauss Ombre Pink Pillow Case $84 $10 This pillow case must have been older because it took me hours to find the listing. It’s in perfect condition though and will look great on my desk chair.

Decorative Hook



And my  pièce de résistance the rug we went with in mind.

The Purple Garden Rug $1598 $480

FullSizeRender (48)


They actually had the exact rug that I was interested in, in exactly the size I needed it for $980 which is a steal compared to the site but upon closer inspection the color was way too dark for our living room. This rug was analogous to that with brighter, lighter, friendlier colors that would meld beautifully with our current colors for a fraction of the price. This 9 x 12 rug was a grand total of $480 which was half of the cost of the deconstructed bouquet rug. I was so excited and the guys in the picture did such a beautiful job that a rug that huge fit right into the back of my little SUV without much problem. They had a great method of pulling rugs off the high stacks and did so without a single complaint even though this girl and I both wanted to see rugs on the bottom of the stacks. People in the reviews on their social media commented about the terrible service which was obviously not a problem we had.  (**Disclaimer: we are literally the nicest people in the world to service staff and literally bring out the best in them. I say this not to brag on us but because I am positive that someone else may have actually had a different experience)

Anyway, in total we spent about $917 which is down from $4587.95. I consider this a saving because I literally had the deconstructed floral rug in my cart online and with shipping it would have cost me a grand total of $985 which means I won. The store was absolutely great and worth the drive to Georgia and they’ve also recently announced that they are opening a new store in Marlboro, NJ which makes perfect sense since their headquartered in Philadelphia.

Keep an eye on their social media. A lot of the times, they do additional sales and they will announce them on there especially instagram where they post a sampling of merchandise.

Instagram | Facebook | YelpTwitter

Bonus: Because the warehouse was in Georgia, I got to see my bestfriend in the entire world since we were seven. Can you believe we’ve been friends twenty years?! It didn’t happen if there isn’t a photo so here you go.







Mini Makeover for Under $150

Our guest room bathroom is the first room to be “done” in our house. Honestly, it’s the master bathroom. It opens off our kitchen so we opted to forgo the master and use it as the guest bathroom and the powder room for our first floor. When we first moved in, the room looked like this. 


You’re obviously getting the most real before ever because I didn’t even clean up after dropping the stuff into the room. While the bathroom was completely liveable (minus the heinous amounts of unpacking needed) it wasn’t our style. It’s also not very functional as it stands. It has a really teeny and impractical shower which is literally the size of a packing bin. So this room has a bigger reno down the road for it. In the mean time, we gave it a little facelift for right around $125.

FullSizeRender (20)

Wall paint: Free. This color was already in our collection of colors from our old home

Mirror $47.99 + 5% Redcard= $45.60

Vanity Paint: $2.50 I go into the hardware store with an open heart and an open mind. Sure I have a particular color on the brain but then I just go for whichever shade is the closest on the Oops Rack. As long as it has the finish I want, I risk it and take it as a sign from the universe it’s meant to be. It was either this almost black semi-gloss or a beautiful lilac color I was in love with. I made sure that when I painted, I went all the way down to the vent and painted the baseboard to give it one continuous feel.


Brass Handles: $2.40 x 2= $4.80 Amazon for the win. I bought a set of five of these bars since I used them in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen as well. They are a little light weight but visually appealing. We didn’t invest too heavily because we didn’t know if we would like them. But I’m a fan. Super high impact for so little money.

Vanity Light: $54.97 There are definitely better deals to be had on this little guy. After buying it, I realized I had one saved on my Amazon “New Home” list for $39.99. There’s also one on Houzz for $49.99. Forehead slaps.

Trashcan: Free. A piece from our old home that we found in a thrift store for $3. However Target online sells these two (1, 2) similar cuties.


Shelves: Free. There were actually a ton of shelves left in the house when we moved in. We were deciding if we wanted to keep or let go but since the bathroom has so little storage we decided to make use of them. However they can be found at ikea for $10 for the brackets and the shelves.

Towels: Free. Well free adjacent. I actually used a Target Redcard perk to get both Bath Sheets. They are absolutely huge and beautiful quality.

Shelf décor: Free. Again sort of free but they are found items from our old homes décor. The little elephant is 50 cent thrift store find. The brass tin with the toilet paper is actually the container from a cheese basket from our realtor so actually free. The little cheese plate with the wash clothes is a $1 thrift store find and the little pot if a 50 cent find from ikea. I’m still juggling on what to put in that little flower pot that will live in this relatively dark space.


Shower Curtain: $18 The shower is still a doozy but for now we will cover this incredibly cramped space with a shower Curtain. I actually bought this same shower curtain for our upstairs bathroom and liked it so much I bought it for downstairs as well for the sake of continuity. That little wood slat is from our old home as well.

So there it is folks, just a quick run down of what we did to our bathroom. Perspective and addition of natural light aside, it really is a much more liveable, loveable little space. For a grand total of $125.87, our bathroom got am entire facelift. Obviously if you don’t have on hand all of the little goodies we had before, it will run you a bit more. We may end up making some small changes in the future like changing the faucet and possibly making toilet before we go for the big all white reno. However, for right now, I am placated enough to move to the next room.

Thank you for following along

XO Prepfordwife

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Buying a Home


Take a course 

If you are buying for the first time, especially if you know very little about purchasing a home, definitely take a course even if it’s just online. My parents didn’t exactly instill financial literacy into us. I knew the basics (how to write checks, how much to put into savings, don’t max out credit cards) but I didn’t know the fine tune details of buying a house.  The initial mortgage we were going to get required us to take a course all about the home buying process and the information in it was incredibly useful. In the end, we ended up not needing it but at $75 total and I gotta say it was some of the best money we spent during this process. If you have the time and money to wiggle this course into your day, I definitely recommend it.

 Know your limits

We were prequalified for a mortgage and I mentally decided that I only wanted to pay three-fourths of what we were prequalified for. I wasn’t concerned about what houses in our market cost or what we were allowed to spend according to the bank, I had a dollar amount in mind for what I wanted our mortgage to be and anything above that was a no go for me. I knew even a few thousand dollars would add more to our mortgage than I was comfortable with. Even if we could afford to pay it, I didn’t want even that very slim financial burden. Agree to an amount and make every effort to stick to it.

Be very sure about your must haves

We had the housing check list of nonnegotiables. Three beds, two baths, fenced yard, lay out that makes sense, natural light, LOCATION. Everything else was negotiable because we were willing to make changes. Did we prefer hardwoods? Absolutely. Was it a deal breaker if the house didn’t already have them? Nope. Make sure that the nonnegotiables on your list are accounted for especially things that can’t be changed.  We could fence a yard but couldn’t change the direction our home faces towards the sun. We could change a bathroom vanity but not our neighborhood.

My husband and I adore our little town, would do almost anything to stay in it. Only thing is, it’s expensive. We could have gotten double the house for half as much money if we would have just caved and moved twenty more minutes. But we loved where we live and it was important for us to stay here. For us, location was the ultimate must have.

Calm down and don’t get attached

I am someone who has had the same heavy midcentury modern credenza for years because I think of it as a friend. I recycle because I think plastic has feelings and I give clothes to friends instead of selling them because I want them to have a good home. Moral of the story, I’m sentimental but buying a home is not the time to be that way.  When you are looking at houses try to maintain emotional detachment. At no time in the buying process did I think of the house as “my home where I’ll one day make Thanksgiving dinner and raise children and let our dogs roam the yard”. It’s a dangerous practice. Either you end up paying too much money for a house because you HAVE to have it or you cry bitter tears when you lose “the one” in a bidding war.

Be aggressive, Be be aggressive

This is actually a crock of horse S*** coming from me. I find it hard to be assertive, let alone aggressive. But it’s totally necessary to figure out the art of negotiation. We ended up using a buyer’s agent (a real estate agent who works for the buyer alone) to find homes, visit homes and inevitably do a lot of the negotiating. Our realtor was awesome. He was warm and charming and fun and funny but when it was time to do business, he handled it. The home that we ended up choosing needed a new HVAC, roof and hot water heater and our realtor got them all for us in spite of the competitive market. It’s incredibly important to be assertive and work in your best interest when buying.

Get the Warranty!!!

Once you do actually buy a home, get the home warranty! I swear to you there are so many things that can go wrong in the home that don’t show up on the inspection. Even if your inspector is an ace, he’s only in the home and inspecting for a few hours at the very most. A lot of the things that they missed can be caught by a home warranty. It’s only $500ish dollars which can seem like a nuisance after shelling out however many thousands of dollars for inspections, closing cost and initial moving cost but I promise you the warranty is worth it. It covers a multitude of sins including the appliances in your home. Such a small amount can cover so much peace of mind for your first year in a new home. We will probably even keep it once this first year is over.

Just Keep Swimming

Last but not least, don’t get buyers fatigue and just cave. Several times over, we saw home where I thought “this is good enough, lets just buy it.” But that is really no way to spend for one of the biggest investments of your lives. Really wait until you feel like the getting is good and then go for it.

I think there are other really useful sites out there on the interwebs that will guide you through buying a home but all of these things were things that no one taught us and I wish they had. What are some things you wished you’d know or feel is was really left out of all the guides when you purchased?

XO Prepford Wife



Popcorn is Only Good When It’s Edible: A Guide to Popcorn Ceiling Removal

We’ve all had it and ignored it. Because who really wants to spend days of their lives and thousands of dollars trying to remove sparkly gritty popcorn ceilings. But you’ve looked up and you’ve seen them collecting dusty and wondered to yourself if you should just spend the weekend and do them. The answer is most definitely yes. First and foremost popcorn ceilings are gross. Maybe not now but if you own dogs like we do inevitably, even the highest cathedral ceiling collects dust like its its primary mission in the world. The  popcorn ceilings make even the highest room look shorter and absorbs light like a black hole.


We purchased our new home which had very dated popcorn ceiling with the idea that as soon as we moved in, the ceiling gotsta go. So before we unpacked a single solitary thing besides underwear and a toothbrush, we went to work on the ceilings. We removed the popcorn from the major areas including entryway, living room and the bedrooms. We left it alone -for now- in the hallway, kitchen and bathrooms. Even I can admit that the popcorn hides a multitude of sins and these are the areas that the dogs don’t go in and also experience a high degree of moisture so we didn’t want to expose the drywall in these rooms if we don’t have to.

Husband and I are all about cutting a corner when we can. Which would explain why we tried about four methods of removing the popcorn ceilings before we did it “the right way”.

We tried doing the shop vac scraper technique seen here. We quickly scrapped that idea because it was a straight up Pinterest fail. The sheer amount of ceiling falling could never make it into the vac and it made for a very slow process because the vac just wasn’t long enough. Add the fact that it was a one person gig since we only had one shop vac and we realized 50 sq ft into a room that it was a total waste of our time.

Next we tried the spray pump method recommended here. The spray pump just wet the ceiling and bounced off without any account for if it was actually saturating the popcorn or not. Add that to the fact that we were doing this at night where we couldn’t see if the popcorn actually saturated and Im 5’4″ and we didn’t have a ladder (face palm at trying to do this on top of a vintage piece of now very chalky furniture) and it was just a hot mess. So here’s what we actually ended up doing and what we needed to complete it.


2- hand spray bottles

1- 12″ scraper

1- 5 gallon bucket

1- ladder

2- drop clothes

1- 4 foot ladder

1- bottle of purex laundry detergent

1- Abesthos/Lead test kit ( If your home was built before the 1980s then you need to test the ceilings for any abesthos and lead both of which are a possibility)

1. Run incredibly hot water into a five gallon bucket that has a cap full of detergent in it. We saw this earlier in a guide and found when we neglected to use detergent it was harder to tease off the popcorn  I’m not sure what the detergent does and I’m not sure that it leaves no residue so proceed with caution.  We just used purex because it’s what we had on hand but a no dye detergent of some sort would probably be better just in case there is an issue with color.

2. Cover floors in the area that you are working. We also draped a towel and some plastic over our ceiling fan after doing our first room and realizing what a mess this project could be.

3. Fill spray bottle with water from the five gallon bucket. Spray 5×5 patch of ceiling with spray bottle from about a foot away. Beware you are about to get one heck of an arm work out. I fully support you attempting to go back to the sprayer method and seeing if you can make it work.

4. Scrape sprayed patch with LONG SLOW EVEN strokes at a 45 degree angle. I repeat LONG SLOW EVEN motions. We were concerned about gouging the drywall because we didn’t feel like replacing it (like I said corner cutters) so we made sure to be extra specially careful.

5. We had a few areas that were a bit sticky and couldn’t be bought down in this way so we ended up scraping as much as we could and then gently sanding those patches down with a 100 grit sand paper block.

5. Let ceiling dry and roll with white ceiling paint.


This photo is a small area of our living room that we managed to tackle in under a half hour once we stopped being lazy. We didn’t think very highly of the canvas drop cloths, moving them only where we absolutely needed them, because we had every intention of pulling this carpet up the next day. If you are someone who, you know, actually lives in your house, this method with plastic sheeting covering all of the walls and floors would probably be a life saver. I could only imagine doing this task with furniture and kids and dogs afoot.

All in all this project took us a weekend and was incredibly high impact. Definitely worth the time. Final product pictures will absolutely appear after we finally design a complete room in our home. Keep in mind, this project will take more time if you have painted ceilings or if you do in fact find the aforementioned asbestos is in your ceilings. If that is the case, call in the pros and start shelling out some cash.

So, are you feeling confident about removing the popcorn ceilings in your home?

XO Prepford Wife

Say Yes to the House

IMG_4144So yeah um… we bought a house. It’s partially responsible for why I haven’t blogging much lately. We purchased and then immediately began doing some small (and large renovations) leaving me living out of those sad little plastic tubs from Target and repeating outfits and hoping no one notices.

Anyway, why a house and why now? The hubby and I stopped into an open house one Sunday last November. We love homes and design and just wanted to check it out. We’d been tossing around the idea of buying a house and because of that little whim, decided that we were all in.

We saw a ton of homes and by we, I do mean, Marcus. Marcus has far more time and patience than I do, so he saw about four homes for every one that I saw. If he saw a house that I would like, I would go and we’d see it together.The only problem with that is that it is definitely a seller’s market in our little town. If a home goes on the market, within twelve hours there’s a multiple offer bidding situation.

So the house that we eventually said yes to went on the market at 8pm on a Saturday. We saw said house at 8 am the next day, a Sunday, and we put in an offer by 11 am. By 9pm the seller said yes and off to the races we went. All of this made possible by a great credit score and world’s most amazing realtor. He was like a dad, friend and a pitbull  all rolled into one. If you’re ever in the triangle area, Joe of Keller Williams Realty’s got your back.

So yeah, we have a house and after doing work in it, we are only a fraction as thrilled as we were the day it closed. But you can definitely expect to see a ton of diy post from renovations, to projects, right down to packing.

Thanks for sharing in our joy.

XO Prepford Wife

Kate Spade Downing Desk Alike

I am head over heels in love with the Kate Spade Downing desk but at a whopping $3,095, I wasn’t in love with the price.


I scoured the Internet and fell in love with this simple diy version of the desk from Mark Montano and needed to make it. I took a weekend and voila, in three hours it was complete.  We purchased the Alex desk from Ikea and the hardware from Home Depot online. In store had only rounded edge hardware instead of sharp edge hardware. It seemed to visually make all of the difference at least to me. If you’d like to create your own version of the desk, these are all the supplies you need.




I laid down the drop cloth and put the pre-built desk on it. After attaching the hardware, I simply dabbed the slightly imperfect spots with the daubers. I made sure to cut the edges of the daubers as instructed since Kate Spade’s circles are never perfect. I also painted the legs with a small brush. Unlike the linked diy project, I made sure to seal the desk with a few coats of high gloss top coat. The surface of the desk is so very slick that I am positive the spots would be gone in a week.



I’ve been using it as a very long nightstand since I often find myself bringing work. I am still settling on a chair. I have a chippedale chair currently but I’m highly considering a lucite or acrylic chair. No matter what chair I end up with, I couldn’t be happier with the results as I saved myself $2,900.