To The Library We Go



Hat| Tee| Blazer |Chinos | Pumps  (similar, similar, similar)

I love a book store. Or a library. Or a warehouse. I jus love anywhere that houses books. Growing up with my childhood bestie -who I am blessed to still call my best friend- books were our safe place. We were just giggling on the phone the other day about slipping an extra book in our bags from our middle school library because four books was not enough for the a whole weekend. (Disclaimer: All Most books made it safely back to the shelf where they belonged on Monday).


In my favorite used bookstore, I make a beeline for my favorite sections; young adults and fantasy. I can never get enough of either. Sure adult fiction and non-fiction is good but it’s entirely too grounded in reality when I’m looking for an escape. Queue Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on audiobook in my car for the tenth time.


Husband and I also ended up in the library (I needed a new library card). I snagged a miscellaneous book in the self help section and it turned out to have some beautiful advice and really spoke to exactly where I am at this point in the year. The passage affirmed me in  not shopping and really just gave merit to how we are currently operating our finances in my home.


Plus, the title made me giggle. It’s “Do I look like an ATM?: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible African American Children”. That is such a black mom phrase. But from the very first page I randomly flipped open to I knew it was a good (and funny) read.

I almost always end up laughing on these little photo outings. My husband does a great job of making sure that I do by working really hard for the laughing photos. He saves up inside jokes from the week and tells them too me on the spot and no matter how many photos we take, it still surprises me into laughing each and every time. I am so blessed to have a marriage where there is fun and joy.


This post was suppose to be about this outfit but mostly your getting a lot of feels from me. Oh well. Guess you’ll just get a chance to know me better. Scroll down to see my favorite part of our local used bookstore.




Can you guess which quote is mine and which is Hubby’s? One thousand gold stars to the winner.

XO Prepford



9 thoughts on “To The Library We Go

    • prepfordwife says:

      Thank you thank you. Librarian is my dream job. You mean to tell me I can get paid to be in a library ALL DAY?! I love that you got your degree in English lit. In a perfect world where I wasn’t interested in medicine, that is absolutely the path I would have taken.

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    • prepfordwife says:

      I borrowed the pdf online. It’s a great book! It’s one of the few with financial advice that feels tangible for black parents (even if you don’t have kids yet). Plus it’s still good advice for 20 somethings.


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