More Kate for My Money

If you’re following along, then you’ve already seen my DIY Kate Spade Downing desk for our bedroom. Since I’m Kate-sessed (that’s short hand for Kate Spade Obsessed), I’m further integrating the ‘classic with a wink’ into our space. And doing so without spending too much money because I’m flighty. In two months, I may not love my choices so the less spent, the better.

As luck would have it, we went to Marshall’s and scored this gorgeous gray polka dot comforter set for only $59.00. It was marked down for whatever reason, a reason which I did not argue with.

2016-03-20 17.07.58.jpg

Our room has always been some play on gray, white and yellow so this set fit perfectly with our space. Our old comforter was a darker quilt and it really weighed the room down since it doesn’t get much light. This new comforter is light and airy and puffy.

IMG_1825 (1).JPG

It looks a little odd seeing my side of the bed without my little old orange nightstand but I’m still loving my desk and Hubby’s nightstand is holding down the fort.

IMG_1146 (1)

How cute is that lamp? I can’t believe they sell something that interesting for children.

IMG_1839 (1).JPG

We center our summer décor in the room around this adorable seagull pillow that we picked up last year. It combines all the wacky colors we love and gives the bed an extra touch of whimsy.

IMG_1845 (1).JPG

Our room has come so far since we first moved in a year ago. Only thing left is new curtains. Dare I hunt for Kate Spade ones? Anyway, what’s your local Marshall’s carry that pleasantly surprised you?

Comforter Set| Sheet Set| Pillow Sold Out Similar Similar but cuter| Desk High Low| Lamps Fox  Pineapple

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