Letting the Sunshine In

It won’t stop raining in my neck of the woods so I have been putting my Hunter Boots through the paces. I own four pair of rain boots but my Huntress boots are always always my favorite. I can pair them with a little black dress for work or with a pair of jeans for fun.


New to my rain repertoire is the Penfield Gibson jacket. I have been looking for a cute little yellow rain jacket for some time and the quality of the Penfield jacket is next to none. My husband has a few and he loves them.


So obviously when my husband spotted this little guy at a warehouse sale for an unholy deal I could not say no. It takes me a long time to choose a jacket because I want to love all of the little details and for this jacket I do. From the color right down to the cute little cork ball on the drawstrings, this jacket is perfect for me.


I also require that the hood of any jacket fit over my large natural hair which is no easy feat and because it’s not lined with a heavy fabric, I felt perfectly comfortable in my jacket layered over this “cropped” sweater from J. Crew. I used the word cropped loosely because I have zero torso and so it’s pretty much just a sweater on me.


All in all, this jacket is a complete success and I’m thrilled to finally own one, just in time for a week’s worth of rain.

Jacket Rochester, Gibson | Sweater Similar 1 2 3| Jeans| Boots on sale!


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