With a Pop of Yellow

I am tragically into spring cleaning and organizing right now. I have been deconstructing our home  with an editing eye deciding which items need to be painted, ebayed, donated or trashed. Slowly but surely, its resulting in a space that feels more like me (cough, us. Sorry, honey).

The very first place in our home that needed a revamp was our front hall.  The first wall you see when you enter has been blank since we moved here a little over a year ago. I have been swearing profusely that I would hang something, only to put it off.*Sheepish face*

Queue some very special illustrations from a very special lady. A high school friend and talented artist Allison Rich whipped up some drawings from our wedding photography. The results are absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind.

The four illustrations at the bottom are from Allison. I sent her a few of our favorite photos from our wedding and about two weeks later these little guys showed up at our front door. They are fun, graphic and bring just the right amount of color to a truly neutral wall.
Honestly, look how stinking cute Allison made us look in a all of these drawings. Her drawings remind me of the best parts of my childhood like reading Roald Dahl books under the covers in elementary school and always having the heaviest backpack because I needed to carry all my favorite books and the giant pencil case.
 FullSizeRender (10).jpg FullSizeRender (7).jpg
FullSizeRender (9).jpgFullSizeRender (8).jpg

I love these so much and I could not be happier with her beautiful work. Now if I could just get the framing right then we’d really be in business.  You can find Allison and her work at…
instagram @ citymousespeaks

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