Christmas Wish List

It’s that time again folks, time for my Christ-Mass (this is the way Marcus says it) wish list. My list this year is a lot different from last year. My personal life feels much more balanced and so everything is back to being preppy, tangible and most importantly, expensive. Chances are I will not get everything which is okie dokie because I like to post-Christmas shop for myself :] These are my top 5 favorite things for the season.

5. Phone
I could REALLY use a new phone and I am torn between the Samsung Galaxy III and the Iphone 4S. While I think I vibe with the Android system, the Iphone accessories are to die for. Every accessory that I have seen is standard with the Iphone so why should my phone not be as fabulous as I am?



4. Amazon Gift Card
I have a couple movies and shows that I want to buy for my kindle and really I’m just too lazy and cheap to buy them out of pocket. I love the show Kings, its a modern day perspective of the story of David, and also Glee but I want to buy them both on Amazon instead of DVD.


3. Black Suede Platform Wedges WITH Ankle Strap
These shoes are absolutely fabulous and unlike every other year, I am not specific about what brand but I am specific about the style. MUST COME WITH A STRAP!



2. J. Crew Fiesta Majestic Purple Peacoat
I love this peacoat because it’s standard, classic and still fashionable. It has no extra wow or pizazz. It’s letting the color speak for itself and I love that about it. I saw it a couple of months ago in the J.Crew store with hubby and the SIL2B and I could not stop ogling it so this is definitely making my Christmas list.
1. Navy J.Crew French Hen Sweater
This J. Crew Sweater sums up my life. For the most part, I have had friends both in NC and PA on the hunt for this sweater since J. Crew sold out of it. I complained about the price and dragged tail because it was $95 just long enough for them to sell out. I absolutely adore this sweater from the very bottom of my heart and I’m so sad that I procrastinated. I would not even miss that 95 bucks now. This quirky little sweater always makes me giggle every time I see it and I would LOVE to own it.
Honorable Mentions (Almost made the list): Colored Corduroys and Tights, A-Line Skirts, Nike Shocks, White Ralph Lauren Oxford, and Oui ring by Christian Dior

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