Little Black (and white) dress


I’ve loved this Maison Jules dress since I first saw it on blogger, Color Me Courtney. It’s the perfect Christmas and New Year’s little black dress. The lace illusion neckline with the scalloped sleeve adds something a little special to the dress while the collar keeps me well within my daily button down uniform.


It’s a bit shorter than knee length and let’s be honest here, much of the room is being taken up by my hips. So it may even be a bit longer on you. Still, it mom-propriate and can be worn for holidays around the family but can also be worn as a cute little New Year’s Eve dress with a sparkly shoe with friends.


I paired this dress with a suede kitten heel that I found in the back of my closet with a tied bow at the ankle. I’m not saying a bow is going to solve world hunger or any large problems but at this time of year, I find it solving a lot of my problems. If I were going to wear this to something a bit more formal, I would pair with a much, much larger bow around the ankle.


If black and white is not your thing (which I don’t completely understand about you) then it also comes in a vintage wine color. It’s decided. I needed it. You need it. Go get it.

What’s your favorite holiday dress right now? Shoot me a link. Maybe I need it too.

XOXO Prepford Wife

Welcome Back PrepFord Wife!

I am so excited to announce that PrepFord Wife is back (and hopefully better than ever). I have had this blog for years and have been inconsistent, at best, with post. My life is stable and calm now and I am ready to give this a shot. I will try and post at least once a week. I have a ton of ideas and am thrilled to cultivate this little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy!

It was a rainy day today which I was thrilled about since I just purchased these Huntress boots. They were on sale this past weekend and I needed to have them. The trench is from J. Crew Factory and it’s a great price for a staple and is currently 40% off. Keep in mind, the lining is a jersey knit which tends to stick to almost any fabric beneath it.

I love these tights with the gold studs in the back. They add a bit of interests to the back of what appears to be a boring outfit. This is my outfit of the day and I look forward to sharing even more.

Trench| Dress (similar)| Necklace| Tights| Boots| Umbrella

Day 2: Blazer + Dress= Suit

It’s only day two and I already forgot that I was suppose to keep track of these outfits. Tomorrow, I will be more vigilant on the pictures before I’m all wrinkled from a long day. This dress is not a thrift buy. It’s actually from the department store Belk. I watched it from the time that it was $94.00 and I scored it for $9.98. I wore it today because under a blazer, it looks like a suit set. The blazer itself needs to be taken to a tailor when I get a chance. the sleeves are a bit long. The shoes are my waterproof rain J. Crew flats, I got these little gems for summer so they are not apart of my weekend grand total.

Black Standard Blazer $3.75
Tianna B. Dress $9.98
Outfit total= $13.73