Who I’m Driving To: The Get

It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these and since the last time I’ve done one, I’ve been listening to the same thing. The Get.


I’m always interested in hearing voices that sound like me from girls who look like me. I’m open to other opinions and find myself inadvertently doused in them day in and day out but some times I just want to be with my people. And that is exactly how I think of the girls on this show, as my people.

Rhiana Gun-Wright and Ivy Onyeador of The Get are novices as far as podcasting goes with only a year and twenty one episodes under their belt. But as far as content, they are true experts. Managing to quickly find their voice and their audience, these girls are intelligent, hilarious and timely. Two Ivy League grads break down race, pop culture and just living in general in a way that is digestible, snarky and relatable all without spoon feeding those who are not apart of their cultures but are still listening.

In a form of media that is dominated by white male voices, this duo is refreshing and so easy to latch on to. I knew as soon as I heard their discussion of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None that I would be hooked as long as they would be willing to put out new episodes. Their show is hilarious and genuine but at the same time raw and expressive (you’ll see what I mean when you listen to the episode titled The Things We Carry). I come away from each and every episode with something to smile about and something to think about. And if you are looking for dope music and fantastic sound quality, then you needn’t look any further.

Definitely go and check out Ivy and Rhiana and it goes without saying that you should start with that episode Masters of None episode, Hierarchy of Hotness.

Starter episodes.

Episode 6: Hierarchy of Hotness

Episode 12: The Lighter Side of Racism

Episode 14: The Things We Carry (Don’t listen to this while driving)

Where to find their work



Who I’m Driving To: The Internet

For years, I played music at the beginning of the college classes I taught. Whenever I played “Get Away” at least one student would ask “What is this?” To which I would have to reply, “The Internet”. No I was not being snarky. The band, The Internet is an L.A. banded headed up by Syd Tha Kid, who lends her hip hop meets neo-soul vocals, and Matt Martians, who provides the keys. The band is from Odd Future the 20+ collective that may or may not have broken up and included the likes of Frank Ocean (where is he?), Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Creator to name a few. I have to say though that The Internet is hands down my favorite part of the collective.

Their music is interesting and cool and just all around feel good.  While vocalist Syd could use a little voice training, she has more charisma than all the people I’ve met in the last year. What’s more the adorable Ethiopian front woman is a vulnerable and real as she frequently opens up about her battles with depression, loneliness and her sexuality.

She makes the band interesting and they are totally worth listening to especially if you can find acoustic versions of their songs like their NPR Tiny desk concert. Ironically, it also gives the perfect starter lists of songs.

Starter list

  • “Get Away”
  • “Under Control”
  • “Dontcha”