Denim on Denim and the Clogs


VestShirt| Pants | Clogs| Canvas

I love all things denim. Nothing screams the weekend to me quite like it. And nothing screams Sunday quite like denim on denim. Double denim always leaves me feeling like the sleek off duty blogger mommy in Trader Joes’. Which brings me to this outfit.




The moment I saw these shoes I knew they called for double denim. The entire outfit is truly framed around them. Earlier this year, I blogged about #shoppingnotstyling where I planned to buy nothing until June. Well I totally caved and bought these shoes. I fell in love with them last year at Madewell and my husband hates them so I left empty handed. I went into the store the other day just to window shop the new collection and these little friends were a smooth $49.99 with an extra 50% off. Husband be gone. I could not resist. And most importantly I didn’t want to. The reason we stopped shopping was to make sure that we only purchased things we loved and I looooooved these shoes from the bottom of my grinch little heart.


This outfit also needed the prerequisite canvas bag because we were honestly headed to the grocery store (I am eating newly purchased Very Berry Cheerios as we speak) and we don’t use the plastic grocery story bags if we can help it. #savethetrees


Anyway, these shoes make me so happy and I am so glad I broke my shopping fast for them. What item are you lusting over that you know you probably shouldn’t buy?

Hats Off to You


Hat| Sweater( similar, similar, similar) | Pants (sold out, similar) | Shoes| Purse

I’m trying to do better with styling not buying. In order to stave off closet staleness, that means I’ve moved over to my husband’s closet. Queue this J. Crew Ebbet’s field hat. fullsizeoutput_917


I kidnapped a few of these before for weekend wear and if I say it once, I’ll say it again, they are amazing. They are the only brand of cap that can handle my natural hair.


I always wear red for a pop of color; it’s why you’ll see me with my ever present Apple watch band. So when it came to this outfit the easiest choice was red as an accent.fullsizeoutput_90d

This sweater has been living in my closet in desperate need of love. It’s warm and comfy and is perfect for the day where I don’t feel like getting dressed.


I was just telling my husband earlier today that I remember a time where I would automatically reach for sweat pants during the weekend. Clearly, I was a college student and when you’re in college, sweat pants and yoga pants are the only way to be comfortable. As I get older though, I’m realizing more and more that polished staples with hints of color serve me better. Not only am I cozy but I also feel comfortable in my appearance in public.

What’s your go to weekend piece that is comfy but still polished?

XO Prepford Wife

Welcome Back PrepFord Wife!

I am so excited to announce that PrepFord Wife is back (and hopefully better than ever). I have had this blog for years and have been inconsistent, at best, with post. My life is stable and calm now and I am ready to give this a shot. I will try and post at least once a week. I have a ton of ideas and am thrilled to cultivate this little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy!

It was a rainy day today which I was thrilled about since I just purchased these Huntress boots. They were on sale this past weekend and I needed to have them. The trench is from J. Crew Factory and it’s a great price for a staple and is currently 40% off. Keep in mind, the lining is a jersey knit which tends to stick to almost any fabric beneath it.

I love these tights with the gold studs in the back. They add a bit of interests to the back of what appears to be a boring outfit. This is my outfit of the day and I look forward to sharing even more.

Trench| Dress (similar)| Necklace| Tights| Boots| Umbrella