If you live on this planet, hopefully by now you’ve seen the Issa Rae HBO hit, Insecure. If you haven’t, let’s quickly get you up to speed. Insecure follows two black best friends, Issa and Molly, as they go through the awkward trials of being modern women. You can catch the half hour comedy on Sunday nights at 10:30. If that’s too late for you, just watch it on HBO Go or HBO Now like the rest of us.

Anyway, Insecure features Issa Rae and her dope wardrobe styled by herself and costume designer, Ayanna James. In an effort to keep her look authentic much of the twenty something wardrobe features, you guessed it, tees.

From the very first episode, I wanted all the tees. Give them all to me. So like a true blogger, I tracked down a few of my favorites from the show and collected them here for you guys. They would make awesome gifts for the tshirt goddess in your life.insecuritee

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Speaking of tees, today, I’m giving you guys a looksy at my favorite tshirt ever.


How on earth could I pass on a shirt with Coretta and Cardi B. on it? That’s right, I couldn’t.


The shirt comes from the quote “I am Whitley Gilbert. I am Cardi B. I am Coretta Scott King. I am Freddie Brooks. I’m every woman, it’s all in me.” The quote and the lovely shirt are both from self proclaimed “Glitter and Hustle Influencer”, Maura Chanz. If you are ever just needing a heavy helping of black girl excellence and fabulous hair, peruse her instagram at you leisure.



Layered casually with a jacket and jeans but dressed up with stacked pearls, I can easily see myself putting this lilac beauty in my constant rotation. In comes in a few colors and would be a lovely gift for the Cardi B fan in your life. The shop also has a bunch of other great black girl centric shirts if this one isn’t exactly your speed.