Birthday Resolutions!

Today’s my birthday (at least it is if I’ve posted on time). Each year for my birthday, I reflect on the year before and set some resolutions for myself. This year, all of my goals revolve around who I want to be instead of where I want to be. In the past, I’ve focused on the careers I want, the things I want to obtain, but the year, I want to focus on the type of person I want to be. This year, I’m resolving to be:


  1. First and foremost, kind to myself. I have been messing up lately both small and large. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to do anything (read: everything) right. If this were anyone else, I would sooth their fears, tell them it’s okay and that people make mistakes, and then figure out how to work towards fixing those mistakes. But when it’s me, I don’t allow myself that same sense of grace. I am hurtful and unkind to myself in a way that I would never ever be to someone else. This year, I am allowing myself the space to be kind to me.
  2. Fit. I recently started a job where I lead a sedative lifestyle. I am so accustomed to being up and engaged and on my feet and this new job is really taking a toll on my personal fitness. This year, I’d like to commit myself to at least three hours of physical activity each week. Whether I continue to practice hot yoga or run, I need to get up and move more.
  3. Well. I am 26 which puts me over the hill of youth in my mind. This year, I want to be better about minding my wellness. From eating the “correct” number of vegetables servings to actually booking that doctor’s appointment that I’ve put off, I am vowing to take better care of myself.
  4. Bold. I have a hard time speaking up for myself and in my job and almost all of my closest relationships, I am an introvert floundering in an extrovert’s world. This year, I want to do a better job of showing up for myself and bringing who I am internally forward so that other people can see her. Will I be exhausted? Sure. But it’s worth the risk.
  5. Consistent. I have really high highs and really low lows. What that means is that a large portion of time, I find myself waffling somewhere on the line of mediocre just because I can’t seem to channel the energy to make myself great. This year, I am challenging myself to bring greatness when I’m having high days. When I feel moved to blog, I will actually create the content. When I feel inspired to work, I will do the work. That way, when it is actually time to show up, I will have a completed product. So expect to see more regular posts here.

What are you working on in your life that demands your attention? What are you resolving to do?

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