Thifty Michelle Obama; the quintessential first lady

Today’s Outfit



Thrifted Charter Club cardi $2.98
Gifted Old Navy dress
Outfit total $2.98

Okay so there’s today’s outfit. I had to teach and I like to be warm and comfortable since I have to be in a lab and will more than likely be standing the entire time. So in addition to a cardigan and a comfy cotton dress, I rocked Old Navy flats that I have had since tenth grade and never really worn. The Gshock is my Mister’s and the earrings are a thrift from my younger years. And now on to the girl crush of the century…

I love Michelle Obama! Mrs. Michelle Obama epitomizes a first lady. She manages to be elegant and refined while still being seemingly down to earth and approachable. Although she is now the first lady, she is a Princeton and Harvard grad, a lawyer, and a fantastic mother and wife. Her dedication to excellence in her family warms my heart. During the DNC, she and her husband flew their children down for the night and sent them to school the next morning. Love it. On a small scale, I have seen how hard it is to be on the arm of a black man in the spotlight and she handles it all with grace and wit. I also dig her dedication to health and fitness astounds me. In order for her to back her husband in his decision to run, he had to quit smoking. And any woman who dances to Beyonce and makes McDonald’s put apple slices into Happy meals, is alright with me. She is exemplary for a woman and on top of that she is African American. While pursuing a master’s in public health, I have really been enlightened to how large health disparities really are between African-American’s and nonwhite compared to whites. And to accomplish all that she has accomplished, on the arm and in the arms of that equally beautiful and equally intelligent man, is just awesome.

On top of that, I just looooove preppy presidential her style. There have been several occasions where I have turned on the tv only to see Mrs. Obama in a Gap cardigan, Target dress or J. Crew flats that I own. She does a combination of highs and lows and mixes her pieces around. I have documented her rewearing her clothing in new ways which I adore. She extends her fashion sense to her beautiful girls. Crew Cuts at the inauguration anyone? She is such a lady.

And the list could go on and on. Check out to follow her fashions!

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