God is the Author of Color

So on my bucket list, is to see Aurora borealis, better know as, the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a natural light display in the higher altitudes. When I was younger I read a book about them and became sure that I wanted to get married during a time when the display could be seen. That was how deeply I was moved. (I felt a lot of things deeply as a child)

What was most appealing to me was the color show. Something so spectacular that it looked like a science fiction movie was REAL! It was true. God made it and if we sought to, we could experience it. So many different colors all at our disposal. My favorite part about it, is that they are only the colors that God allows us to see.

Before the foundation of the world, God got to choose how He wanted to set things up. He picked us and chose us by hand and while choosing us, He chose what color we would be and what color the world would be. As a painter in a past life, I have a real appreciation for God’s work. So many days I spent mixing paints to attain the perfect color necessary to match an emerald. So many nights looking for the right oil paint to turn my scarlet into¬†vermillion. So many weekends of ombre-ing my fingernails. Little things that I use the colors that God created for. And what’s more, we only have access to colors that He saw fit to create. There are over 10 million colors in the world and He had the opportunity to create them. How amazing. God is the author of color and I am so jealous.

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