Summer Bucket List

As a college student after Christmas Break and Good Friday (religious celebrations as well as days we are free to take off), this is one of the best holidays of the whole stinking year: Move out day! I am super duper pumped to move out of the creek even if it is only temporary. It is so very difficult to live in a town year long whose main attraction is the Walmart.

Move out day is a culmination of the best school events. No school, no more exams, no more showering with shoes on, and having my mom feed me.

Because I am not going to work at science camp this year (don’t mock me) I am devoting myself to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness this summer for the first time since the sixth grade when I started science camp (again don’t mock me)

In honor of that, I have composed a summer bucket list of sorts. Here is what I (as well as my boyfriend) plan to do this summer. Some of it is work and school related which is the nature of the premed beast while the rest is just good quality laze about stuff. =]

1. Buy a good pair of brown leather sandals (I know that isn’t a location)
2. Go to Lazy 5 Farm in Charlotte.
3. Visit the god kids
4. Philadelphia Zoo!
5. Baseball game (preferably the Phillies or the Yankees but I will settle for the Braves)
6. Shadow a D.O.
7. Finish my research (Pray for me here)
8. Go canoeing
9. Work out daily
10. Create some good art
11. Get a library card and check out 3 good books
12. Take boyfriend to IKEA!
13. Go to an amusement park for the day.
14. Celebrate boyfriend’s birthday.
15. Celebrate my birthday
16. Find a church home
17. SLEEP!… well!

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