A Dog’s Tail (Tale?)



I’m working from home today with my pups and I got to thinking about how I got to this point.  Before them, I never had a pet. My mother didn’t want another someone to take care of and  by the time I was old enough to have my own, I was entirely too fastidious and uptight to bring an animal indoors. So imagine my surprise when we became dog owners.


February of 2012, I took up running. I had a lot going on in my life and I needed to relieve stress and really get serious about my health. I am an outside runner and have no desire to run on a treadmill or with a partner. If you are a Law and Order SVU watcher, you know this is the perfect recipe for me to end up in a gutter in Tennessee with all of my clothes ripped off and a star of some kind drawn on my forehead. So I decided I wanted a dog especially since my husband started working these crazy twelve hour shifts.

I spent MONTHS researching the breed of dog that I wanted. I found myself automatically drawn to the male giant schnauzer. I wanted a big black dog so I could name him Sirius Black and this breed is essentially my fiance as a dog. The only thing really stopping me from getting one was that I was intimidated by the idea of having my first dog being a giant schnauzer because they are notoriously stubborn if you don’t know what you are doing. They are also incredibly expensive. I also didn’t mind the idea of a standard poodle because of their temperament and how well one would go with all of my outfits. (Again, don’t judge) So I spent again MONTHS looking for a dog and what to my wondering eyes should appear while I am browsing the pets section of Craigslist but in March of 2013 but a male Giant Schnoodle. His name was Mateo and he was exactly a year old and he was previously training as a service dog for a girl who needed a fully trained service dog.  Big Black Dog? Check. Hypoallergenic? Check. Male? Check. Puppy but potty trained? Check. Local? Check. Rescue dog not buy? Check. We had to go see him.



He. Was. Perfect.

Marcus was hesitant but when we met him, it was love at first sight on my end, even though looking back he was a strange looking fellow. We bought our baby boy home a week later and haven’t looked back. He was such a personality. Because I have never had a pet, I didn’t know that dogs had a personality. I mean I knew it conceptually, but I have never seen it for myself. This guy is us as a dog. Low key but alert. Bossy and intelligent. He doesn’t like dirt. He is obedient but with a mischievous streak and I can not help but love him.




How did we end up with a second dog? Purely an accident. We went to the shelter to coo at puppies. While browsing the shelter website, we realized they had an Irish Wolfhound mix. The perfect Remus to our Sirius. We visited with him but decided to leave without him since we didn’t come to adopt a dog that day. He instantly put his little paw up on my leg and the rest is history.




We love our dogs equally but it’s actually Remus who changed the entire trajectory of our lives and I don’t mean that figuratively. I mean Remus literally changed out lives. Because we got a second dog, we had to move. Because our second dog was sizeable, we couldn’t find a rental in our neighborhood. Because we couldn’t find an affordable rental in our neighborhood, we moved to the suburbs. Because we moved to the suburbs, I had better access to a better job. Because I had a better job, we could afford to buy our home. Because we bought our home, I have a better quality of life. Remus changed my life.


While I never in a million years would have thought that I would own not one, but two dogs, I can’t help but be thrilled with them 90% of the time. That other 10% of the time, they are a living breathing nightmare. No one ever talks about that part. They talk about it broadly sure but no one talks about cleaning poop from an 80 lb dog out of a white carpet at three in the morning. No one ever talks about buying a men’s large Ralph Lauren shirt and ruining it because you have to put it on your dog to stop him from tearing into his hotspots. No one ever talks about your dog trying to manipulate house guests, literally toe the line of the no kitchen rule or how pricey boarding would be for a week while you take the much coveted international vacation.




And yet, I can’t help but love them and be constantly in awe of how grace brought them to us. That 10% is just that, 10%. Such a minimal amount when quietly and gently, our lives changed for the better because a small impulsive decision.



XO Prepford Wife (& Sirius & Remus)



What’s in a name, Prepford?


I finally caved and bought the rights to Prepfordwife.com (it’s how you got here today unless you followed the link in the bio). My social media presence has been Prepford Wife every since my husband thought up the puny little name six years ago for my tumblr account. We were engaged at the time and eventually would marry and so why not incorporate that name into my account early.

With a simple click and a complicated password and, eventually the purchased of my domain name (two days ago! Woohoo!), I was easily Prepford Wife. In my real life? Not so simple. I have been married over three years as of last fall and still wrestle with the concept of changing my last name.

I love my husband and I love his name but I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that it’s a problem to change it. While I am of the “feminist, hear me roar persuasions” it has less to do with the idea of ownership, since my current last name belongs to my father and my new last would belong to my husband (honestly down with the patriarchy. I belong to no one). But also to do with emotional labor as it pertains to women, why should I have to do all the work on the name front? Why are women responsible for sitting in the social security office and changing their names.  I didn’t marry myself, I feel like my husband should have to do some of the work as well.

But it also has to do with the importance of names and naming in my life. I am someone who remembers everyone’s name, first and last, if you tell it to me. I remember instagram handles and their spelling.  I will remember your name if we have only met once ten years ago. I have names picked out for children I may never have based on meanings because I think what you name someone is important and determines a lot of their path in this world. My name is Victoria and my husband’s name is Marcus and together our names mean “Victorious” “Warrior”. Yikes. That’s a recipe for intense arguments if I’ve ever seen one.

But I digress, when you first meet someone, even if they are insignificant in your life and you may only see them once, all you have of them is their name. We place a lot of emphasis on them from how people of color with unique names are judged in interviews to how trendy moms keep  changing the spelling of “Aiden”, all you know about this person is their name. It’s their entire being. That’s a concept that’s so important to me and I carry it with me. And I feel the same about myself.

All I am is this person that I was for the first twenty four years of my life and because I married a man who is apart of my life, but not a part of me, I should change this very defining characteristic about me. I just have a very hard time wrapping my mind around the concept. And I love him and I want us to share a name and be a family. One unit. But he is not the one who will have to change his very being to make it happen. He is not the one who has considered changing his very being to make it happen (because tradition? idk). Are we not partners in this thing called life?

I am not sure that I ever reached a conclusion about what to do but for now, the PrepFord Wife is still just the PrepMaiden Wife. In real life I’ll continue to use my maiden name and on the internets and in monograms, Happy Wife Life. Until checks start rolling in with Ford then I might consider. LOL.

Tell me, what did you do? What do you plan to do? Do you even take stock in names meaning things?

XOXO PrepFord Wife Sorta

Prepford Wife: About Me

I’ve had this blog for years and I don’t think I ever formally introduced myself. So I’d like to take the time out on my 100th post to do so. I have 100 posts on here (wow) and yet so many unpublished either because I stopped and started, they were just too private for these inter webs or just because it was no longer relevant. But today, today is the day where this one is sent out into the world.


So first and foremost, Hi. My name is Victoria. My blog is Prepford Wife on every single forum on these inter webs. Here are some random facts about me that may pop up from time to time.

  1. I run a prep blog but I think many of the preppy brands (Lilly, Vineyard Vines and some of the J. Crew items) get a wee bit tacky. I have a more vested interest in classic personal style than duplicating outfits from pinterest (not that there is anything wrong with finding style inspo). It’s why a lot of the time you will see my clothes reworked in this space with the #stylenotbuy hashtag.
  2. I am married. I didn’t marry young. I just look 15. My husband is the most incredible man on the face of the planet and he is actually responsible for this blog’s punny little name.
  3. I am physically attracted to nice teeth. They are seriously the first thing I look at and as long as I find a persons teeth attractive I can find them attractive. My honey has the most gorgeous teeth in the world. See instagram: jcreweveryday
  4. I am a biologist by trade but also a firm believer in Christ. I believe in evolution and God simultaneously and find nature and its perfection just to be another reflection of God’s grace and order. “There is no conflict between the life of faith and the life of inquiry”.
  5. I am an INFJ like a large number of bloggers and its reflected in how I interact with others in real life and through the blog. I feel way too deeply and I carry a lot of other people’s baggage because I live a large part of my life internally. And yet, it doesn’t me from being outgoing. #outgoingintrovertprobs
  6. The husband and I are Harry Potter crazy. We had a (non-tacky) Harry Potter wedding which you can see here. We also have two appropriately named giant pooches; Remus Lupin the Irish Wolfhound mix and Sirius Black the Giant Schnoodle.
  7. I suffer from chronic second hand embarrassment. Ask anyone who has known me longer than three months. I  get so embarrassed by tv shows that I end up watching them through my fingers. Why oh why would he choose to propose to her in front of allllll of her family?! Eeek. I also am privy to all of my friends embarrassing stories so they can watch me squirm.
  8. I’m allergic to shellfish, apples, latex, carrots, birch trees, dust, pollen, etc etc.
  9. I achieve flow in all that I do. Once I start on something, it’s the only thing in the world. I am thrown head long into it until I reach a good stopping point.
  10. I am a chronic triple sneezer.

New around here? Tell me something random about you that I didn’t know!

Prepford Wife

Pets in Paris (and other places)


When we travel, we tend to take our dogs with us. It’s a combination platter of boarding being expensive in our area for dogs as large as ours and us just being mistrustful of the care of others. Could you imagine us with our future kids? Yikes.

All this to say, we have to be expert strategists when we take our pals with us. Traveling with pups, or just traveling in general honestly, can be hard work and stressful especially around holiday times. Making sure you are prepare before even leaving, gives you the best chance of success with your pups. Take this as an opportunity to get your pet microchipped and get a brand spanking new identification tag if they need it. Also take this as a chance to stock up on their favorite things; food, snacks, that special toy brand that they love.

Also, if you are staying at a hotel, find out the pet policy in advance. There can be additional fees, per night, per night per pet, per night per pet per pound. You get the drift. Costs can add up. Once you find out the pet policy and have the all clear, let them know you are bringing your little boogers so they can choose a room that makes the most sense for you. Ideally you want to be on the ground floor so your possibly overzealous pets aren’t stomping on someone’s head and away from an elevator so they are not spooked by every sound.

Here are a few more tips we stick to when traveling with our doggy friends.

  1. Evening arrival. We try to arrive in our location in the evening so we can give our pooches a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings. We put blankets or towels that belong to the dogs inside their crates. We also make sure to put something for them to gnaw on and then hunker down for the evening. Staying in helps them to adjust to this new and foreign place. So whether you are staying in a hotel or with an aunt you don’t see often, giving your fur baby the night to adjust can be crucial.
  2. Crate. We never ever EVER ever EVER travel without the dogs’ crates. We tried before when we only had Sirius and it was a nightmare. He was anxious and loud and skittish. Talk about a man barking at his own shadow. We more than learned our lesson.  Now we always take the crates but if your dog is not one for the crate, bring their bed or blanket with. We cover the crates with an article that distinctly smells like us (read: me. Husband doesn’t really sooth the dogs). Our most recent trip, I used a sweater that I wore during the car ride and a bath towel that I packed. Crates also lessen the chance of being separated from your dog in the event that the door is opened for any reason and they run out. We also use a “do not disturb sign” so that they don’t run out if housekeeping were to come in.
  3. Check and recheck. When we exit the hotel for the first time on our second day, we leave the dogs in the room and then stand at the door for a few seconds to make sure we hear no sounds. Then we walk down the hall and press the elevator button and don’t get on. We stand and we wait for the sounds. If we hear cries or yelps, we go back and reassure the dogs. We then start all over again until we hear nothing. Our first stop of the day is usually downstairs or to a quick breakfast spot, no more than 15 minutes. We then go back to the room to double check for sounds before starting our day.
  4. Pet friendly outings If you can take them, do take them. They don’t want to be left alone in this strange place when they aren’t exactly sure you will come back. If you can start your day out with breakfast at an outdoor café or are having Thanksgiving dinner with family friends who don’t mind a dog in their huge fenced yard, bring them.
  5. White noise. If you are staying in a hotel, leave the tv or your laptop running with a classical station or dog friendly music that will both ease anxiety and muffle any additional noise they’ll make. Whenever we leave the dogs in our home for long hours we usually place PBS Kids and let the dogs enjoy Sesame Street and Arthur for hours on end. This can be especially useful in hotels, an industry that often uses your pet fees to reimburse disgruntle fellow guest who hear your dogs woes while you are away.
  6. Dog sitter. If possible, you can have a dog sitter come and stay with your dog for the day. They’re an easy option and many dog friendly hotels have a hook up with local dog sitters who they’ve worked with before.

What are some tips you stick to when traveling with your puppy pals?

After all this time? Always

Yesterday’s anniversary post was a little hint of what’s to come today. My husband and I are huge Harry Potter fans like a lot most people in our age group. We like it so much we may have had a Harry Potter themed wedding. Hence the sign in yesterday’s post.



We were married in late fall, a season which always reminds me of Harry Potter and it only felt appropriate that we include it in our wedding. Nothing screams romance like Harry Potter, huh? No but really. Our wedding anniversary, which is also our dating anniversary -because we are lazy like that- is truly the kick off to the most magical time of the year. Pumpkins, 13 Nights of Halloween on ABC Family, apple cider and most importantly to us, our love.

We wanted to go for subtle touches, gentle nods to the Harry Potter series rather than hitting people over the head with it. Although, I applaud those people who wear robes and have a Dumbledore-esque ministers, Harry Potter wasn’t a theme that we thought we could carry out in that way. We wanted our wedding to feel gentle and warm and personal and non-showy. We decided to incorporate bits and pieces of ourselves and the series within the fabric of the day. Maybe later on I will post a few DIYs for the finer details.


I knew from the very beginning that there was no such thing as a Harry Potter wedding without a Harry Potter themed invitation suite. The center of our save the date included the phrase “After all this time?…Always”, a nod to both Severus Snapes love for Lilly Potter and our incredibly long engagement. The save the date featured several stamps like the letter Molly Weasley send to the Dursleys in Goblet of Fire. Each of our stamps was special to who we are; there’s a stamp that says Victoria, one of the Brooklyn Bridge which is hubby’s home town, one of Queen Victoria, etc. The finishing touch on each envelope was a Harry Potter collectible stamp. I’d just like to thank the United States post office for coinciding with our special day. Each invitation that went out, included green writing similar to the writing of McGonagall and a red ink seal.


I made these super easy and personalized mugs for my bridesmaids. Each one matches the personality of the owner perfectly. I obviously went for the “I’m a keeper” mug for myself seeing as it was my wedding day.


I also carried the red ink seal into the day of with my choice of Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes (similar | similar)  complete with little red Hogwarts seal.


We each chose a Harry Potterism to be etched into our rings

Hers: Mischief Managed

His: Expecto Patronum


We wanted to honor those who are special to use and are now gone. We reserved a seat with this little sign for them.



I carried the major fonts from this through most of our day. I do most of my “best work” at four a.m. so there was a bit of a typo included on this but everything can’t be perfect. I originally saw a very similar ceremony break down on pinterest but can not remember for the life of me where. If anyone knows, please shoot me a message so I can pass along credit where it’s due.


What’s a party without Sirius Black and Remus Lupin? We brought our pups to our wedding. Literally everyone they knew was in attendance. One of our family friends so graciously volunteered to be their keeper and they love her, so everyone wins.


Long term, husband and I are interested in travel so it only seemed fitting to have our guest book be a globe. We included the Dumbledore quote, “let us step out into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure” and had everyone put a destination. The globe and the sign both utilize fonts that I carried all through the day.


We opted not to include the theme in our food. We just wanted good down home yummy foods and opted for a food truck. Both growing up in the city, street foods were kind of interwoven into our adolescents so we figured why not? Just because the food was off limits for our theme doesn’t mean the sign wasn’t.



Each little envelope included a ticket to Platform 9 3/4 and a Harry Potter tattoo with a description of the significance to the story for those who are not Harry Potter buffs.


Our cake topper was one of our first and favorite purchases from a wonderful little etsy shop.




For party favors, we sent each guest home with bottles of Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, a personalized chocolate frog and one of the many Harry Potter books that were apart of the decoration. I collected enough Harry Potter books leading up to our wedding for each guest to take one if their collection was missing it or to make a set if they’ve never read it.



Details not pictured? White candles hanging from our venue ceiling to mimic the Great Hall and table markers with the four houses.

Phewww! I think that’s all of it.Thanks for hanging in there and hopefully you enjoyed this little walk through of our day. It was nice for me to be able to relive it and I feel incredibly grateful even until today, that we no longer have to plan anything. Let me know what your favorite part was or what you feel it was a travesty for us to not include.


PS. I opted to leave the watermarks on the collages because I needed to ensure that our photographer more than received credit for her work. She was phenomenal and played a huge part in our day. I can not thank her enough for her hard and thoughtful work. If you you are ever in the North Carolina area and need a photographer, I can not sing her praises loud enough. Definitely check out Casey and her business, Firerose Photography.

Happy Anniversary!

While I’ve had this blog for years, I have only been officially the PrepFord Wife for two years down to the day. My husband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary.


FRP_ (23).jpg

To say that I am absolutely in awe is somehow still an understatement. I never thought in a million years that I would be in a healthy, functional, married partnership. It’s not that I was flat out opposed to marriage, I just never placed much stock in meeting “the one” and settling down. I met my husband our third day of undergrad and in spite of my -what can only be called- surly disposition and less than favorable views on the finer details of marriage, he saw me and knew almost right away that he wanted to marry me. Ask him to retell the tale of us meeting; boy, oh boy could eighteen year old me pack a verbal punch.



Eight years late (just wow) I live in happily wedded bliss with my best friend. If there is something good that happens, I can’t wait to tell him. If something bad happens, he’s the shoulder I snot all over cry on. He allows me to be myself while also encouraging me to be better than yesterdays version of me. He keeps an eye out for items I’m stalking online to go on sale and gets personally affronted when someone outbids me on eBay. My husband makes me laugh, big gut wrenching, tear spurring laughs. He doesn’t mind that I drool in my sleep and even goes as far as to think I look pretty when I wake up.


These last two years have been some of the most anxiety filled, guilt ridden stressful years of my life and I can only imagine how much worst they could have been without my husband by my side. So here’s to the man who after two years still makes me giddy to be Mrs. Ford and here’s to many many more years together.


XoXo Prepford Wife

Welcome Home, Remus Lupin

18. Rescue another dog and name him Remus Lupin. –101 in 1001 

Yesterday, we went to the animal shelter to coo at puppies and came home with one of our own. We have been wanting to adopt a new doggy friend for a while now and have put it off because we wanted to rescue but we happen to be very picky.


This little sweet heart is Remus Lupin. We knew we wanted a Remus to go with our Sirius and the obvious breed choice was an Irish Wolfhound. These dogs are incredibly difficult to rescue simply because no one lets them go. They are the tallest breed of dog in the world and are gentle giants. If you think you have never seen a wolfhound, think back to the Iams dog food commercial with the veteran who returns from war to a horse sized dog.
Imagine our surprise when we discovered this wolfhound mix in our local shelter because he was found wandering around in the local town. We weren’t going to take him home with us because he was a) predicted to be older than we were looking for. He’s approx. three years old b) we didn’t want to afford a dog right this second as I just graduated and c) it was just impulsive. But we can never resist a dog that wants to hold paws/hands so we bought this little fella home.
(Thanks to a sweet woman at the shelter for snapping and posting this to facebook)
We are neat freaks and germaphobes and so before we brought him in we gave him the bath of his life in Sirius’ kiddie pool. It also gave Sirius the chance to meet him in neutral territory. While bathing him, we discovered over 15 ticks, 3 of which were engorged. Because I had the heeby jeebies and was nervous for little Sirius’ health, we took Remus to the vet 20 minutes before closing time.
 (Side note: Stage Road animal shelter has the sweetest, kindest staff ever. As people who have worked in both health care and retail we know how it feels to have someone come in right before closing time and they were just awesome. They were patient and fast and just all around awesome. If you are in the Harnett/Wake area, I definitely recommend them).
The vet found a tick that I missed but also updated his vaccines and discovered that he was heart worm positive. I am really grateful that my paranoia about the bugs made us take him because we wouldn’t have known about the heartworms other wise. He is beginning his treatment and should be in tip top shape shortly. Sentimental Almost-Husband and I are going to keep him and give him some love because he is sickly, under fed, and we are suckers. So I will update later on his treatment and how Bossy Britches Sirius is handling a new play mate. For now, Sirius and Remus and I are going to enjoy this rainy day watching a Harry Potter marathon.


The Etsy Wedding Dress

I am go with the flow, until I’m not. I knew if we were going to have an actual wedding ceremony, that the perfect dress was a non-negotiable. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew that I would know it when I saw it.

I accidentally tumbled upon etsy.com and their gorgeous wedding dress selection early in my wedding planning process and decided to give it a try. Many of the dresses are custom made on international soil, cutting out the middle man. The dresses run anywhere from $70 to $10,000 but the ability to customize is what really makes it worth it.

Here are some of the dresses I initially drooled over.


source: Sofitdress



source: misdress


source: misdress
source: misdress
I found myself drawn to the shop Misdress which is managed from China by a woman name Kim. They seemed to have that illusion neckline that I adored and the shop had favorable reviews. I definitely contacted about four girls who ordered from her for pictures of their dresses before hand. I was drawn to the last dress which we in our household affectionately termed, the ‘Nakey Dress’. The dress was a little too nakey for me and risky for unpredictable October weather. Plus, it like the other dresses on the list, didn’t quite feel like me. Or our woodsy yet preppy wedding.
I selected four or five (yes, I said it) dresses that I liked and picked the features I wanted and explained them to Ms. Kim. She said no problem, asked for my measurements, and quoted me $190 and a Valentine’s day arrival if I paid that day (1/28). I figured that the worst that could happen was that the dress would blow and I would be out $190 so I pulled the proverbial trigger. We agreed on the end of March as the deadline to have the dress but she assured me, no later than Valentine’s day.
Fast forward a month later and Valentine’s day comes and goes with no updated shipping or communication from Ms. Kim. I contacted her two days later and she responded promptly saying they needed more time if possible and would have it sent out by February 29th which was no problem since our wedding is in October. On March 4th after no updated shipping, I communicated again only for it to be delayed due to “prom season”. Wrong answer, Ms Kim. After a frustrated email from me, she agreed to March 10th. On March 9th, she asked for another email to overnight it as a PO box can not receive a shipment from UPS. No problem. Overnight comes and goes and still no dress. One week later and still no dress.
On March 18th, I received a medium sized package in my post office box with a Chinese return address. IT CAME!
And it was perfect! The dress is absolutely exquisite. Beautiful craftsmanship. Great tailoring. Amazing fabric and best of all custom fit. There is very little need for alteration. The only thing that needs to be done is that the top of the dress needs to be let out an inch. My measurements were done at Carolina Bridal World (serious eye roll) and the girl measured my bust two inches too small because I was wearing layers and she wanted it to fit nice and tight. Now my dress is too small thanks to this lovely rocket scientist. So this is no fault of Ms. Kim’s. The dress is everything I hoped it would be and more and minus some communication flaws that resulted in my dress coming a month later than expected, it was a perfect transaction. And scoring “the” dress for only $190 was worth it.


Now that we are FINALLY married, I can show you guys the dress I waited so long for.


And here’s a few of me in it so you can see how it fit.

Snow Day: The Extended Edition and Outtakes

On January 28th and 29th, North Carolina got a “big” snow storm thanks to the arctic vortex. While it was only 4-8″, for people who only get the opportunity to see accumulation once every three years, it’s a big deal. So the Northern family and I, reap the benefits. Those benefits include two days off of school and work. We took the doggy friend out to play and bummed around the house catching up on delayed wedding planning, grading and family time. Check out some pics of us, our furry friend, and a few seasonally appropriate outfits below…

Baby’s first snow. Look how feral he looks. SIL seems thrilled though.
 Super Bundled. These 65 degree days made me forget that 6 degrees existed until now. 
Hair is pulled into goddess braids. I’m attempting to do protective styling until this here wedding in October. So far, so good.
Scarf c/o Brooke: Similar
I just realized that these photos almost make a full body. 
I scored these boots from a consignment shop some years ago for $5 and they have been doing me a serious service. I think I will get a taller pair which would be better for wet, slushy weather.
Boot: L.L. Bean
Jeans: J.Crew


The handsome Almost-Hubby.

Why so serious, Sirius?

Pay no attention to my super dirty car. 
For once, someone had a “V”. I exist! V’s unite.
Monogram mugs: Anthrolopologie
Bonus. #What I wore to work.
I drove 40 minutes to work in that reckless 6 degree weather. The least I could do is look presentable.
 Animal sweaters are still one of my favorite trends. And here’s a secret. This little cutie is a men’s. Sssh.
Herringbone puffer vest: J. Crew Factory
Oxford shirt: Ralph Lauren
Dog Sweater: Target

A Semester in the Life

It has been a while, aye? My blog, which is currently under construction, has gotten a slight face lift and a new name. I wanted my internet presence to be cohesive so I changed the name of the blog from Southern Ethnic to PrepFord Wife, my tumblr name, especially because over the years my blog has moved from the topic of me being a northern implant. Cute pun though right? Thanks, to the almost-hubby for coming up with it.

Anyway, I took a semester long break from social media (facebook/twitter/instagram/tumblr/blogger) for spiritual reasons which I will explain at a later date. For now though, here is my life over the last semester in photographs. I will more than likely do a post per day about each photo.




Sure, I got a new planner but I also began the last year of my master’s and got a new job on retail. It’s where all my money went anyway. Oh and that watch, my new found dedication to time management.
I also started a new role as an intern at the local Health Department. I have interned in a health department before but this time, I had a different focus.
I gained my other sister. This (far left) is my beautiful sister in law to be and she too is a Campbell student now! The one in the middle is my biological sister who was became a CU student in 2011. Surprise, Campbell family.
I started working out faithfully. I am not necessarily on a mission to lose weight but to be a healthier version of myself. I don’t have a regime, I do the one above on occasion. I am just moving towards a healthier lifestyle.
Sirius Black grew. Darn near overnight. Look at that guy. He’s huge. Ain’t he a stinker though? Precious baby.
The lumberjack and I spent our anniversary at a possible wedding venue. We were suppose to get married privately this October but decided against it in favor of an actual wedding. Surprise! So next October, me and the boo are gonna get hitched. I’m a perfectionist so I need that time to plan. Don’t judge me. Stay tuned for updates about this shindig.
Ze Shanster had a birthday. Happy Birthday Shanster.
Gasp. All of the Ellis-Ford progeny, at least the ones who matter, are in the same place at once. Had to catch that one on camera. Far right, the one who you probably don’t recognize from other post, is the Ellis brother. He is a marine and is usually stationed away from us.
Janelle Monae concert! ‘Nuff said.
We had our engagement shoot. Obviously this handsome couple is not us but we are going to publish an entirely separate post with our photos. I promise; they are worth the wait.
December marks the end of the semester and the beginning of winter break which means our little lovelies are traveling back to their actual parents and we are now empty-nesters for a little while. I’m super gonna miss the little buggers.
Pay no attention to the man in front of the curtain. This picture is actually a peak at the inside of our little house. I have slowly but surely been pimping it out. Again, another post for another day.
Stay tuned, I fully intend to spend the next two weeks or so catching you up on my/our lives and the semester.