How I Get Ready in Literally 5 minutes (or Less)

As the resident night owl and self identified morning hater in my house, I’ve honed in the ability to race out of bed and out of the house in twenty minutes or less. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s kind of a skill set of mine. A large portion of it is the ability to choose a professional outfit in under three minutes, prep it and put it on and then stick with it. How many times have you gotten completely dressed only to realize you hate the entire look?


The first thing I do is pick an article of clothing that inspires me right away like a beautiful pair of shoes or a flashy pair of pants. Then I center tried and true basics around it. Emphasis on tried and true. If I have a pair of pants that I’m not sure about the fit or a skirt that I always tug to keep down or a shirt that I have to have a special bra for, then a dash and go day is not the day to be experimenting with that.


I pick only the clothing that I know I feel awesome in as a basis. Like these pants which are literally my favorite pants in the world. I’ve never had a bad day in them. Then I added the tried and true favorites of this ruffled white button down, these bow shoes and this trench coat which honestly makes its way out of my wardrobe at least twice a week with this mild North Carolina weather.


imageSo that’s it! The secret to my dash and go mechanism. Think of some clothing that you ALWAYS feel good in. Keep them ironed if you’re someone who is frustrated by wrinkles so that for a dash and go day they are available.  These days are always the days where I get the most compliments on my outfits.  I look dressed but didn’t over think it. What’s your go to “I need to run out the house” piece?

XO Prepford Wife

Say Yes to the House

IMG_4144So yeah um… we bought a house. It’s partially responsible for why I haven’t blogging much lately. We purchased and then immediately began doing some small (and large renovations) leaving me living out of those sad little plastic tubs from Target and repeating outfits and hoping no one notices.

Anyway, why a house and why now? The hubby and I stopped into an open house one Sunday last November. We love homes and design and just wanted to check it out. We’d been tossing around the idea of buying a house and because of that little whim, decided that we were all in.

We saw a ton of homes and by we, I do mean, Marcus. Marcus has far more time and patience than I do, so he saw about four homes for every one that I saw. If he saw a house that I would like, I would go and we’d see it together.The only problem with that is that it is definitely a seller’s market in our little town. If a home goes on the market, within twelve hours there’s a multiple offer bidding situation.

So the house that we eventually said yes to went on the market at 8pm on a Saturday. We saw said house at 8 am the next day, a Sunday, and we put in an offer by 11 am. By 9pm the seller said yes and off to the races we went. All of this made possible by a great credit score and world’s most amazing realtor. He was like a dad, friend and a pitbull  all rolled into one. If you’re ever in the triangle area, Joe of Keller Williams Realty’s got your back.

So yeah, we have a house and after doing work in it, we are only a fraction as thrilled as we were the day it closed. But you can definitely expect to see a ton of diy post from renovations, to projects, right down to packing.

Thanks for sharing in our joy.

XO Prepford Wife