Cyber Monday Small Shopping

Happy Cyber Monday. As of last Friday, it’s finally socially acceptable to countdown to Christmas! For some reason, my Christmas time clock started way before Black Friday. I  never shop on Black Friday because large crowds overwhelm me and I’m not interested in elbowing my way through them for things I may not have wanted to buy anyway. Instead, I skunk around the internet on Friday and then shop small on Saturday and Cyber Monday.

We live in Little Town, USA and there are tons of precious boutiques to dabble in. Many of these boutiques have an online presence as well and there are no shortages of etsy shops to meander through today. Still, we woke up bright an early to visit our local shops


Color block field jacket (sold out)  | old thrifted flannel (similar) | city skirt | tights | chup socks| boots | monogram necklace

I wore this colorblock field jacket.  The day it came out, I knew I had to have it. It was so beautiful and felt amazing and after buying it, Malia Obama wore it to the turkey pardoning that year. So needless to say, I took that as a sign that this was a sensible purchase. Since then, I’ve worn this jacket very little and every now and then, husband demands that I wear it.  You know, like today. But I could not have been happier in it as I warmly pursued the street.


Anyway,  definitely poke around online and support some local businesses in your area or at least in the USA even if it’s your local J. Crew. *wink*


One of my favorite USA based companies that gets tons of business this time of year is L.l. Bean especially for their famous bean boots. They make a beautiful and well crafted product right in main and this time of year is when you’ll start to see sizes become back ordered. If you have your eye on a pair, how’s the time especially since they are offering 20% off if you spend $50. (Bean boots are $109 for women. It’s a no brainer if they’re on your list). Make sure you pay attention to sizing if you’ve never purchased a pair.


Besides, Bean some of my favorite small business are having some awesome sales. Check them out below.

Effie’s Paper 20% off everything site-wide with code “Thanks2016”

Get Your Nails Did 20% off plus free shipping on orders $20 and up

History in High Heels BOGO Prints

Interwoven 25% off with code “Holidaysale”

Lilicreations 25% off use code “thankfull16”

Moon and Lola 30% off site wide with code “merry30” and up to 75% off sale

The Apothecary Bee 15% off with code “Iloveturkey”


Pets in Paris (and other places)


When we travel, we tend to take our dogs with us. It’s a combination platter of boarding being expensive in our area for dogs as large as ours and us just being mistrustful of the care of others. Could you imagine us with our future kids? Yikes.

All this to say, we have to be expert strategists when we take our pals with us. Traveling with pups, or just traveling in general honestly, can be hard work and stressful especially around holiday times. Making sure you are prepare before even leaving, gives you the best chance of success with your pups. Take this as an opportunity to get your pet microchipped and get a brand spanking new identification tag if they need it. Also take this as a chance to stock up on their favorite things; food, snacks, that special toy brand that they love.

Also, if you are staying at a hotel, find out the pet policy in advance. There can be additional fees, per night, per night per pet, per night per pet per pound. You get the drift. Costs can add up. Once you find out the pet policy and have the all clear, let them know you are bringing your little boogers so they can choose a room that makes the most sense for you. Ideally you want to be on the ground floor so your possibly overzealous pets aren’t stomping on someone’s head and away from an elevator so they are not spooked by every sound.

Here are a few more tips we stick to when traveling with our doggy friends.

  1. Evening arrival. We try to arrive in our location in the evening so we can give our pooches a chance to acclimate to their new surroundings. We put blankets or towels that belong to the dogs inside their crates. We also make sure to put something for them to gnaw on and then hunker down for the evening. Staying in helps them to adjust to this new and foreign place. So whether you are staying in a hotel or with an aunt you don’t see often, giving your fur baby the night to adjust can be crucial.
  2. Crate. We never ever EVER ever EVER travel without the dogs’ crates. We tried before when we only had Sirius and it was a nightmare. He was anxious and loud and skittish. Talk about a man barking at his own shadow. We more than learned our lesson.  Now we always take the crates but if your dog is not one for the crate, bring their bed or blanket with. We cover the crates with an article that distinctly smells like us (read: me. Husband doesn’t really sooth the dogs). Our most recent trip, I used a sweater that I wore during the car ride and a bath towel that I packed. Crates also lessen the chance of being separated from your dog in the event that the door is opened for any reason and they run out. We also use a “do not disturb sign” so that they don’t run out if housekeeping were to come in.
  3. Check and recheck. When we exit the hotel for the first time on our second day, we leave the dogs in the room and then stand at the door for a few seconds to make sure we hear no sounds. Then we walk down the hall and press the elevator button and don’t get on. We stand and we wait for the sounds. If we hear cries or yelps, we go back and reassure the dogs. We then start all over again until we hear nothing. Our first stop of the day is usually downstairs or to a quick breakfast spot, no more than 15 minutes. We then go back to the room to double check for sounds before starting our day.
  4. Pet friendly outings If you can take them, do take them. They don’t want to be left alone in this strange place when they aren’t exactly sure you will come back. If you can start your day out with breakfast at an outdoor café or are having Thanksgiving dinner with family friends who don’t mind a dog in their huge fenced yard, bring them.
  5. White noise. If you are staying in a hotel, leave the tv or your laptop running with a classical station or dog friendly music that will both ease anxiety and muffle any additional noise they’ll make. Whenever we leave the dogs in our home for long hours we usually place PBS Kids and let the dogs enjoy Sesame Street and Arthur for hours on end. This can be especially useful in hotels, an industry that often uses your pet fees to reimburse disgruntle fellow guest who hear your dogs woes while you are away.
  6. Dog sitter. If possible, you can have a dog sitter come and stay with your dog for the day. They’re an easy option and many dog friendly hotels have a hook up with local dog sitters who they’ve worked with before.

What are some tips you stick to when traveling with your puppy pals?

Flight of Fall (and the Bumblebee)

tumblr_oh0se9rcab1r9toxvo5_1280This outfit is one of my favorite fall outfits. Hunter green? Check. Buffalo plaid? Check. Brand new mom jean? Enthusiastic check. But best of all it includes one of my favorite underrated non-trends; the brooch.


I may have squealed when I saw this brooch. I knew right away how I wanted to wear it. As a science dork, there is nothing I love more than incorporating my love of nature into my wardrobe. I just love the concept of taking something so classic as a gold brooch and making it fresh and new.


I also adore this jacket. It’s perfect for this time of year where we are transitioning from fall to winter Christmas. The buffalo check lining makes it both warm and festive. If you are a girly with large hair, the hood is also pretty spacious. This brand is one of the few that always has enough room for my big hair.


These jeans are called the “perfect vintage” jeans and I have to say, they are right on with that. They are so comfortable and flattering. I managed to snag them on a super deal. Hopefully, they continue to put out jeans of this caliber for a great price.


This is truly one of my favorite outfits.

jacket (black, sold out, multiple colors) | shirt| jeans| loafers| bag| watch strap|

Old Salem Harvest Festival



While wedding venue scouting some years ago, I ran across the Old Salem district in Winston Salem, North Carolina, a town created to mimic the eighteenth century Moravian version of the town. It has some of the most gorgeous and rustic areas to hold weddings. I surprised my husband with a weekend trip during their fall festival years ago and now it’s become a bit of a tradition for us.



The festival features hands on activities and awesome demonstrations and it’s truly one of our favorite places. Even if you aren’t into fall festival activities, it’s super scenic and the little district blocks are perfect for a fall stroll.




As usual, tons of walking means trusty dusty Nikes and a cross body bag so that I could eat have my hands free for activities.



Old Salem is just a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. They also have great activities all through fall and the Christmas holidays so definitely stop by and visit if your in the area.


Sweater | Shirt (Similar) | Jeans | Nikes (Sold out) | Purse (Similar)

Hope you enjoyed. XO Prepford Wife

Work to Weekend Look


It has been a looooong week here in the US and I have pretty much just been praying for Friday to come to get a break from constant contact with people. Friday’s tend to mean a slightly more casual look. This outfit feels work friendly right? Just kidding. I swapped out the baseball cap and loose hair for two thick dutch braids and the Nikes for ballet flats to make this outfit office appropriate.


You know I can’t resist a stripe and a pair of Nikes but this sweater is my favorite of the stripes. It’s the perfect weight for our current weather. Paired with my favorite outlined boy fit button down, it was good to go from office to weekend.



This Ebbet’s hat belongs to my husband and it’s my new favorite thing. This brand always has enough hat room for my big hair on the weekends.


What are some of your favorite work to weekend pieces?

XO Prepfordwife

PS. Outtakes with Hubby (Prepford Husband?)