Sunday No Fun-Days

Have you ever gotten the question in  a job interview, “If you were an animal, what animal wiould you be?” I am always the duck. I am calm and relaxed (and might I add, adorable) on the outside but paddling and working hard below the surface. I am an intense planner. I make ten thoughts and plans for every one move I make. Getting ready to face the week is no exception.

In order to avoid a case of the Mondays for my 9 to 5, I’ve gotten in the habit of a Sunday routine. It’s a series of tasks that have to be completed on Sunday (or Saturday depending on what our weekend plans look like) to ensure that I’m off to the races at the start of the week.

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Shirt| Jeans| Tote| Nikes

1. Laundry.  It may not always be folded and put away because we air dry a great deal of our more expensive pieces to avoid wear and tear, but having the laundry done at lest guarantees that on Thursday I’m not tearing the house apart looking for clean pants.

2. Set out clothes. I set out the clothes for the week and try to steam all of the ones that are too wrinkly to be civilized. Usually during the week, I wake up and decide I don’t love one of the outfits I chose, so on that day, I just end up pulling a comfy dress, a cardigan and a pair of sandals.

3. Grocery shopping. Let’s be really real here. We don’t do much eating at home. It’s just my husband and I and I do more eating at work than I would ever do in the house. However, every Sunday, we stock up on the foods that we do eat at home. Usually when we go to the grocery store, we hit the perimeter for the must haves. We stock up on eggs, almond milk and dairy milk, fruit, cheese and veggies. Every thing else we more than likely already have at home or will eat out.

4. Errands In keeping with number three, we always do the little errands on Sunday. Whether we need a new rug, dog food or dish detergent, all of this gets done on the weekends.

5. Food. Also in keeping with number 3, I prep smoothies for the first two days of the week; any longer and they don’t hold. I also pick a subset of lunches to make. I don’t need to pack lunch for every day, just the days I need it.

6. Clean. Clean with a capital CLEAN. Like the universe our house tends to move towards disorder. By Friday night, it’s a wreck or at least what we think of as a wreck, just count the pairs of Nikes left in our entrée way and the dishes left in the sink. The weekend is the time where we get all of that in order to start anew.

7. Spa. Anything that has to do with hygiene gets pushed to the weekend. I give myself an awesome deep condition (with steam or heat), choose a style and make sure my nails are done.

PS. This is totally my weekend outfit. Striped shirt, favorite jeans, Nikes, rinse and repeat. Most weekends, I sub out the tote for a cute canvas bag for grocery shopping.




It’s a Dress!


I fell in love with this pattern the moment I laid eyes on it. I have had this very acute fixation with a J. Crew skirt in a similar pattern that was released in 2006. Because I haven’t been able to find it, I caved and got this little number.


This pattern comes in a skirt and a dress. Purchasing this dress was a bit of a struggle. I bought the skirt and then got it out the store, only to discover the pineapple print was black instead of navy. I need navy otherwise the print matching gets a little too “eccentric”. So I went back to get the dress. Plus I can make the dress double duty as seen here.


It’s truly simple. Pick a button down, any button down, unbutton the last three buttons and tie it in a knot. Think Dukes of Hazard here. Tucked the knot under and Voila, you have a skirt. Paired with red accessories for a little something special and out the door you go.

Usually I’m the girl announcing, “It has pockets!” whenever someone compliments a dress. Whenever I wear this skirt though, I find myself wanting to shout “it’s a dress!” It’s so simple to turn a dress into a skirt.

Dress Sold out | Shoes (similar) | Purse (similar)| Shirt

Birthday Resolutions!

Today’s my birthday (at least it is if I’ve posted on time). Each year for my birthday, I reflect on the year before and set some resolutions for myself. This year, all of my goals revolve around who I want to be instead of where I want to be. In the past, I’ve focused on the careers I want, the things I want to obtain, but the year, I want to focus on the type of person I want to be. This year, I’m resolving to be:


  1. First and foremost, kind to myself. I have been messing up lately both small and large. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to do anything (read: everything) right. If this were anyone else, I would sooth their fears, tell them it’s okay and that people make mistakes, and then figure out how to work towards fixing those mistakes. But when it’s me, I don’t allow myself that same sense of grace. I am hurtful and unkind to myself in a way that I would never ever be to someone else. This year, I am allowing myself the space to be kind to me.
  2. Fit. I recently started a job where I lead a sedative lifestyle. I am so accustomed to being up and engaged and on my feet and this new job is really taking a toll on my personal fitness. This year, I’d like to commit myself to at least three hours of physical activity each week. Whether I continue to practice hot yoga or run, I need to get up and move more.
  3. Well. I am 26 which puts me over the hill of youth in my mind. This year, I want to be better about minding my wellness. From eating the “correct” number of vegetables servings to actually booking that doctor’s appointment that I’ve put off, I am vowing to take better care of myself.
  4. Bold. I have a hard time speaking up for myself and in my job and almost all of my closest relationships, I am an introvert floundering in an extrovert’s world. This year, I want to do a better job of showing up for myself and bringing who I am internally forward so that other people can see her. Will I be exhausted? Sure. But it’s worth the risk.
  5. Consistent. I have really high highs and really low lows. What that means is that a large portion of time, I find myself waffling somewhere on the line of mediocre just because I can’t seem to channel the energy to make myself great. This year, I am challenging myself to bring greatness when I’m having high days. When I feel moved to blog, I will actually create the content. When I feel inspired to work, I will do the work. That way, when it is actually time to show up, I will have a completed product. So expect to see more regular posts here.

What are you working on in your life that demands your attention? What are you resolving to do?

Back to School Bedding

So school starts in T-minus three weeks and if you still haven’t chosen bedding or you’ve chosen a set that you aren’t quite sure about now, you’re in luck. Bedding is the foundation of a dorm room so it’s important to get it right (even if it doesn’t happen on the first try).

With the exception of technology like a new laptop or even a car, bedding is the most money you will spend for your room. The world is an exciting place for preppy bedding because when I started school, none of the preppiest lines even sold it.

My favorite bed sets for college are printed and not white. While I love a gorgeous monogrammed white and navy set as much as the next preppy girl, I can tell you from first hand experience that you are going to use your bed as your sofa for Netflix, your desk for studying when you get tired of the real desk, the table for your pizza hut box and the counselors couch for your weepy roommate. In the best case scenario, your bedding should be able to hide all of the evidence of that and what stains can’t be hidden, should be able to be washed out without having to make a dry clean run.

Duvet covers are actually great for this. they’re like a pillow case for your comforter; where you can pull them off and just toss them in the wash. If you are set on the white sheet sets (I get it, I love them in spite of the impracticality) then go for the duvet.

The bedroom set on my guest room bed is actually a perfect color palette for a college girls dorm room. My husband and I set our guest room up with that in mind since we each have a sister in college nearby and our guest room has belonged to them in the past.




The Kate Spade comforter set is just like the one on in our master bedroom. It was a great deal and while impractical in white and green, at least it’s washable. It’s paired with a no longer available set of chevron polka dot sheets from the French Bull line at Target.

Here are a few sheet sets that are both lovely and practical and set the tone for a great fall semester.

Whim Collection by Martha Stewart is actually one of my favorite brands. With whimsical prints and just down right cute ways to match them, how could anyone resist this line? Even better, right now, they are having some great deals.


How cute are the camel sheets and other assorted animal prints? All of these could be paired with any bedding you’ve already purchased. In college there is zero shame in having at least two or three sets of sheets. You don’t want to be the girl who spills something on her bed and then has to wait for the washer while you’d rather be squeezing in a run before studying for that exam.

It’s totally okay to mix from multiple companies. I would absolutely pair the dotty black Whim sheets with the rugby stripe comforter from Target like in my guest room.


If you’re looking for something in the Lilly Pulitzer print family. Look no further than Etsy.


Lilly Pulitzer from Have Faith Boutiques on Etsy has a number of beautiful duvet covers based on Lilly Pulitzer prints. You can have the monogram customized for your own personal preferences including the shape of the name plates. They also do shower curtains, towels, yoga mats, etc.



For a little less print, Pottery barn has this amazing ribbon duvet in multiple colors. It’s one of my favorites because with the lack of print, you can do high impact printed sheets and pillows.

These are some of my favorite sheet ideas. If you’ve already purchased some, tell me about them! What did you buy?