Being On When You Feel Off

I am a stone cold introvert, which is not to be confused with someone who is shy. I’m outgoing and I have little to no problem smiling and conducting small talk with the very best of them. But once it’s over, I just want to find the nearest blank wall and stare at it. For an hour. Alone.

As an internal private bring, there are a ton of days where there is just too much going on around me. I found this being particularly relevant when I found myself at a conference this week of over 700 people and could not seem to break away from the constant inundation of people. On these kind of days, I specialize in the personal mini mental vacation. If I’m out with friends or at a work event, I will spur up a conversation and then once it’s up and running between others, I will find shelter in my mind and regroup while others chat.

I also find an advocate in every social group. I spend a great deal of time at work functions now and a college friend works with me. She networks on my behalf so when she meets people that she thinks would be beneficial for me long terms, she suggests I have a conversation with that one person which I can totally handle. She also handles introductions unless I am introducing her to someone. This is totally possible to do in any circle. Find someone who is extroverted and has your best interest at heart and then hold on to them.

Seek refuge where you can. Got an event? Ride there alone or with your nearest and dearest. Whatever it takes to bolster yourself for an onslaught of interaction. I use this method for work each day when I know I will have to put on my shiniest face.

It’s also important to know how much you can handle. I know that I can handle, six hours of work and three hours of social interactions before I am drained. I leverage those moments where I feel “on” to balance out the times where I know I will be off so that when I need to slip away, the people won’t think I slithered off because I hate them. It’s important to make it clear that this is who you are and that you are not just responding this way because you aren’t friendly. This is important to me because my coworkers are actually wonderful and I wouldn’t want them to think that I dislike them.

If you are an introvert or just someone who finds themselves in a slump, what do you do to make it through the off period?


For the W, X, Y, Zs in your life



I am constantly disappointed when looking for my initials in jewelry. No matter what the brand is, it seems like they almost all avoid carrying the letter V. I recognize that it isn’t as high volume as some of the other letters like A, M, and D but there are plenty of Victorias, Veronicas, and Valeries in this world who could really use those letters. I can rattle off a ton of V names in quick succession thanks to regularly defending myself to retailers. So today, I am celebrating the brands that carry all (well, almost all) of the alphabet for charms.


Spartina Oval Cartouche Letter Charm

Moon and Lola Dalton Charm Gold

Bauble bar Initial Bar Pendant

Stella & Dot Signature Initial Charm

Alex & Ani Initial Charm

Kate Spade Initial Charm


Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming up fast. With it only being a week away, it means a lot of hunting for last minute gifts and hoping your gift isn’t placed with the macaroni creations of yester year. Here are some great and easy gifts for the fathers in your life. Half of these have my husband’s approval so if your father doesn’t like them, we’ll just shift the blame now won’t we? Either way, a very happy early father’s day to all the dads out there.

Fathers Day'.jpg

  1. Chillsner $15.95
  2. Woodsman beard oil $20
  3. Shoe care kit $25 & 25% off right now
  4. Tie Bar $29.50
  5. Hydroflask bottle $39.50
  6. Ralph Lauren Monogram Oxford $98.00
  7. D.S. & Durga for J. Crew Homestead Cologne $98
  8. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Kit $120
  9. Apple tv $149
  10. Penfield Gibson Rain Jacket $165
  11. Daniel Wellington Classic Watch $199
  12. HERO4 GoPro $499.99

Photo Floral Finish

The basket weave dresses from J. Crew never fails me. I have four dresses in this cut in various colors. Since I live in a sunnier state, I can wear this dress pretty much through any season. I always size up so that I can layer not just over them, but under them.


I knew the moment I saw the photo floral print, I had to have it in multiple pieces. I’m obsessed because it goes with everything!



This is my favorite way to wear this dress. A trick to layering while print mixing is to choose every pattern in the same color. The blue stripe from the shirt is repeated in the blue floral and the blue stripes in my shoes.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

I got an amazing discount on these shoes which came without the ribbon. I simply looked up the original and found a similar (but let’s face it, more grandiose) version of the ribbon. these shoes are on a steep sale with an extra 30% off.


What do you love to layer?

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More Kate for My Money

If you’re following along, then you’ve already seen my DIY Kate Spade Downing desk for our bedroom. Since I’m Kate-sessed (that’s short hand for Kate Spade Obsessed), I’m further integrating the ‘classic with a wink’ into our space. And doing so without spending too much money because I’m flighty. In two months, I may not love my choices so the less spent, the better.

As luck would have it, we went to Marshall’s and scored this gorgeous gray polka dot comforter set for only $59.00. It was marked down for whatever reason, a reason which I did not argue with.

2016-03-20 17.07.58.jpg

Our room has always been some play on gray, white and yellow so this set fit perfectly with our space. Our old comforter was a darker quilt and it really weighed the room down since it doesn’t get much light. This new comforter is light and airy and puffy.

IMG_1825 (1).JPG

It looks a little odd seeing my side of the bed without my little old orange nightstand but I’m still loving my desk and Hubby’s nightstand is holding down the fort.

IMG_1146 (1)

How cute is that lamp? I can’t believe they sell something that interesting for children.

IMG_1839 (1).JPG

We center our summer décor in the room around this adorable seagull pillow that we picked up last year. It combines all the wacky colors we love and gives the bed an extra touch of whimsy.

IMG_1845 (1).JPG

Our room has come so far since we first moved in a year ago. Only thing left is new curtains. Dare I hunt for Kate Spade ones? Anyway, what’s your local Marshall’s carry that pleasantly surprised you?

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Letting the Sunshine In

It won’t stop raining in my neck of the woods so I have been putting my Hunter Boots through the paces. I own four pair of rain boots but my Huntress boots are always always my favorite. I can pair them with a little black dress for work or with a pair of jeans for fun.


New to my rain repertoire is the Penfield Gibson jacket. I have been looking for a cute little yellow rain jacket for some time and the quality of the Penfield jacket is next to none. My husband has a few and he loves them.


So obviously when my husband spotted this little guy at a warehouse sale for an unholy deal I could not say no. It takes me a long time to choose a jacket because I want to love all of the little details and for this jacket I do. From the color right down to the cute little cork ball on the drawstrings, this jacket is perfect for me.


I also require that the hood of any jacket fit over my large natural hair which is no easy feat and because it’s not lined with a heavy fabric, I felt perfectly comfortable in my jacket layered over this “cropped” sweater from J. Crew. I used the word cropped loosely because I have zero torso and so it’s pretty much just a sweater on me.


All in all, this jacket is a complete success and I’m thrilled to finally own one, just in time for a week’s worth of rain.

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