With a Pop of Yellow

I am tragically into spring cleaning and organizing right now. I have been deconstructing our home  with an editing eye deciding which items need to be painted, ebayed, donated or trashed. Slowly but surely, its resulting in a space that feels more like me (cough, us. Sorry, honey).

The very first place in our home that needed a revamp was our front hall.  The first wall you see when you enter has been blank since we moved here a little over a year ago. I have been swearing profusely that I would hang something, only to put it off.*Sheepish face*

Queue some very special illustrations from a very special lady. A high school friend and talented artist Allison Rich whipped up some drawings from our wedding photography. The results are absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind.

The four illustrations at the bottom are from Allison. I sent her a few of our favorite photos from our wedding and about two weeks later these little guys showed up at our front door. They are fun, graphic and bring just the right amount of color to a truly neutral wall.
Honestly, look how stinking cute Allison made us look in a all of these drawings. Her drawings remind me of the best parts of my childhood like reading Roald Dahl books under the covers in elementary school and always having the heaviest backpack because I needed to carry all my favorite books and the giant pencil case.
 FullSizeRender (10).jpg FullSizeRender (7).jpg
FullSizeRender (9).jpgFullSizeRender (8).jpg

I love these so much and I could not be happier with her beautiful work. Now if I could just get the framing right then we’d really be in business.  You can find Allison and her work at…
instagram @ citymousespeaks

J. Crew Warehouse Sale Comes to Raleigh, NC

I got the most amazing text from a friend a few days ago. The J. Crew Warehouse sale was coming to Raleigh. It usually occurs a few times a season in the actual warehouses in either Lynchburg, VA or Arden, NC. But lately the sale has been traveling and from April 1-3 it traveled to my neck of the woods at the NC State Fairgrounds. Finally!




I had to work today but husband and a few friends showed up bright and early. We’ve seen it recommended that you show up a few hours early to these sales but since it was a week day and seems to have very little buzz surrounding it, they showed up an hour early and turned out to have arrive with perfect timing. They were about tenth in line. I ended up going later on in the day after leaving work and stayed until closing. You enter and they hand you  one trash bag and a price list and then you enter pure mayhem.


In order to give everyone a chance to shop, each person gets only one bag. COME WITH A FRIEND! I can not emphasize this enough. Because my husband came with me, we just shoved everything into one bag and decided to sort later into his bag.


I snagged some incredible deals including some things that are currently for sale in the retail store even right now. Because I worked for J. Crew for a few years while in grad school, I am very familiar with what is a J. Crew retail item, J. Crew Factory item and a Madewell item. I bypassed the Factory items (known for the double diamond under the J. Crew name) and went straight for higher quality retail items. I dug through every single one of the boxes in the warehouse, if that’s hard to believe. My husband is the best shopping buddy in the history of the whole wide world. He has my style down to a tee and we devised a really effective system of searching through the boxes.

We looked through the box on the end of the row first. From there, we moved the items from the box next to it into that previously viewed box as we looked through product. We were very efficient in doing so and because we spend so much time shopping at J. Crew it was easy to figure out by touch what we (i.e. me) would like or wouldn’t like. We tossed everything we even remotely liked into our bag and continued to work our way through the boxes. The boxes were a mess by the time I arrived but they were sorted fairly well. If a box had jeans, it was mostly jeans. If it had white button downs, it was mostly white button downs.

The product is divided by women’s, men’s, accessories, shoes, occasion dresses and outerwear. After looking, you can spread out on a discard table and try on. There are no mirrors so this is where the honest friend with a fully charged phone comes in handy. Make sure you are checking for stains and broken jewels and snags because every thing is nonrefundable and non returnable.

People in the past have recommended that you wear work out gear so you can try things on above your clothes since there are no fitting rooms. I wore a dress since I came from work. This worked out perfectly because I could try bottoms on under it and shirts above it. Tomorrow, I’ll do much the same but with a flesh toned tank beneath it and little biker shorts.




I went in the store with some dream items from my J. Crew wishlist and was happy to check off four of them. I needed the white bib button down because I already own one and it is INCREDIBLE so I needed another. I also needed the wicker clutch, the mechanics field jacket, and another blue and white striped habadashery shirt. The total on my check out sheet was $190 for over $1220 worth of merchandise (They are not doing teacher/student/family discounts but if you are an associate, that will apply this weekend). Not to mention my husband’s hull from earlier in the day which I will post in a separate post at the end of the weekend. We probably going to pop in tomorrow bright and early and maybe later in the evening on Sunday. Just wanted to get this out on the off chance that I could help someone get to the sale while it’s still in town. Happy shopping!

By the way, the price list is below. Hope this helps!



Welcome Back PrepFord Wife!

I am so excited to announce that PrepFord Wife is back (and hopefully better than ever). I have had this blog for years and have been inconsistent, at best, with post. My life is stable and calm now and I am ready to give this a shot. I will try and post at least once a week. I have a ton of ideas and am thrilled to cultivate this little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy!

It was a rainy day today which I was thrilled about since I just purchased these Huntress boots. They were on sale this past weekend and I needed to have them. The trench is from J. Crew Factory and it’s a great price for a staple and is currently 40% off. Keep in mind, the lining is a jersey knit which tends to stick to almost any fabric beneath it.

I love these tights with the gold studs in the back. They add a bit of interests to the back of what appears to be a boring outfit. This is my outfit of the day and I look forward to sharing even more.

Trench| Dress (similar)| Necklace| Tights| Boots| Umbrella