For some reason, this song was ubiquitous in my high school (and probably others). But its that time again. There is a lot and yet very little going on in my life. I graduated with my Master’s in Public Health on Friday, May 9th. All this means is that no one has to hear me complain about my thesis anymore. However, if you happen to be looking for a run down of all the factors that play into if a woman in North Carolina or Tanzania will use a condom or get tested for HIV, I’m your woman thanks to it. Wink.

Anyway, I wore this floral navy and white Isaac Mizrahi dress to graduation that took serious stress and starvation to fit into. Truthfully it has been in the “must go on ebay” bag for months and I took it out to list it and the sisters had me try it on. It’s two sizes smaller than I usually wear so I guess my claims of “I’m not losing weight” are, in fact, a lie. Either way, it only made its way out from beneath the stifling graduation robe for dinner with Almost-Husband and photos with my beautiful once-classmates.

Seriously, are these not the cutest classmates ever? And shout to them and Maegan (not pictured) for hipping me to the HDR feature on the iPhone. Other people always end up reminding me that I am so #teamflipphone.


Almost Husband came to graduation and took me out for an awesome dinner consisting of just the two of us at Ruth’s Chris, complete with creme brulee.


And he brought the sisters. I tend to be pretty low key. So nothing but the bare necessities for the day. Skinny girl dress? Check. Favorite peoples? Check. Awesome dessert? Check. All around, the day couldn’t have been better.