The Denim Jacket

I have had the exact same denim jacket from the gap for the last 13 years. Even before that it was thrifted so the jacket is well over 15 years old. I figured it was high time for a new one. So I begrudgingly picked one up at J. Crew Factory. I have worn it a number of ways since then. Here are three easy ways to wear it.

With a Dress: I’m a dress girl but every now and again, a dress will feel too stuffy for the occasion. So the denim jacket brings it back down to every day wear. It also makes for a great (and obvious) transitional piece from this chilly weather to spring.
With chinos: Unless you are into denim on denim, which I am not, you will more than likely be wearing a denim jacket with chinos. I love this pair and layered onto this oxford Ralph Lauren shirt, it makes for the perfect combination to let that little bow do most of the talking.


With shorts: Not always an obvious pick since a jacket and shorts seems like a contradiction but as someone whose upper half is always freezing, this is great. Especially with winter sorta kinda on its way out. Paired with button down shirt, leopard loafers and my new favorite short, this jacket blends seamlessly into the background. As I like it.


Go buy this denim jacket if you don’t have one. Trust me, you need it. The jacket.

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