Welcome Home, Remus Lupin

18. Rescue another dog and name him Remus Lupin. –101 in 1001 

Yesterday, we went to the animal shelter to coo at puppies and came home with one of our own. We have been wanting to adopt a new doggy friend for a while now and have put it off because we wanted to rescue but we happen to be very picky.


This little sweet heart is Remus Lupin. We knew we wanted a Remus to go with our Sirius and the obvious breed choice was an Irish Wolfhound. These dogs are incredibly difficult to rescue simply because no one lets them go. They are the tallest breed of dog in the world and are gentle giants. If you think you have never seen a wolfhound, think back to the Iams dog food commercial with the veteran who returns from war to a horse sized dog.
Imagine our surprise when we discovered this wolfhound mix in our local shelter because he was found wandering around in the local town. We weren’t going to take him home with us because he was a) predicted to be older than we were looking for. He’s approx. three years old b) we didn’t want to afford a dog right this second as I just graduated and c) it was just impulsive. But we can never resist a dog that wants to hold paws/hands so we bought this little fella home.
(Thanks to a sweet woman at the shelter for snapping and posting this to facebook)
We are neat freaks and germaphobes and so before we brought him in we gave him the bath of his life in Sirius’ kiddie pool. It also gave Sirius the chance to meet him in neutral territory. While bathing him, we discovered over 15 ticks, 3 of which were engorged. Because I had the heeby jeebies and was nervous for little Sirius’ health, we took Remus to the vet 20 minutes before closing time.
 (Side note: Stage Road animal shelter has the sweetest, kindest staff ever. As people who have worked in both health care and retail we know how it feels to have someone come in right before closing time and they were just awesome. They were patient and fast and just all around awesome. If you are in the Harnett/Wake area, I definitely recommend them).
The vet found a tick that I missed but also updated his vaccines and discovered that he was heart worm positive. I am really grateful that my paranoia about the bugs made us take him because we wouldn’t have known about the heartworms other wise. He is beginning his treatment and should be in tip top shape shortly. Sentimental Almost-Husband and I are going to keep him and give him some love because he is sickly, under fed, and we are suckers. So I will update later on his treatment and how Bossy Britches Sirius is handling a new play mate. For now, Sirius and Remus and I are going to enjoy this rainy day watching a Harry Potter marathon.


The Etsy Wedding Dress

I am go with the flow, until I’m not. I knew if we were going to have an actual wedding ceremony, that the perfect dress was a non-negotiable. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew that I would know it when I saw it.

I accidentally tumbled upon etsy.com and their gorgeous wedding dress selection early in my wedding planning process and decided to give it a try. Many of the dresses are custom made on international soil, cutting out the middle man. The dresses run anywhere from $70 to $10,000 but the ability to customize is what really makes it worth it.

Here are some of the dresses I initially drooled over.


source: Sofitdress



source: misdress


source: misdress
source: misdress
I found myself drawn to the shop Misdress which is managed from China by a woman name Kim. They seemed to have that illusion neckline that I adored and the shop had favorable reviews. I definitely contacted about four girls who ordered from her for pictures of their dresses before hand. I was drawn to the last dress which we in our household affectionately termed, the ‘Nakey Dress’. The dress was a little too nakey for me and risky for unpredictable October weather. Plus, it like the other dresses on the list, didn’t quite feel like me. Or our woodsy yet preppy wedding.
I selected four or five (yes, I said it) dresses that I liked and picked the features I wanted and explained them to Ms. Kim. She said no problem, asked for my measurements, and quoted me $190 and a Valentine’s day arrival if I paid that day (1/28). I figured that the worst that could happen was that the dress would blow and I would be out $190 so I pulled the proverbial trigger. We agreed on the end of March as the deadline to have the dress but she assured me, no later than Valentine’s day.
Fast forward a month later and Valentine’s day comes and goes with no updated shipping or communication from Ms. Kim. I contacted her two days later and she responded promptly saying they needed more time if possible and would have it sent out by February 29th which was no problem since our wedding is in October. On March 4th after no updated shipping, I communicated again only for it to be delayed due to “prom season”. Wrong answer, Ms Kim. After a frustrated email from me, she agreed to March 10th. On March 9th, she asked for another email to overnight it as a PO box can not receive a shipment from UPS. No problem. Overnight comes and goes and still no dress. One week later and still no dress.
On March 18th, I received a medium sized package in my post office box with a Chinese return address. IT CAME!
And it was perfect! The dress is absolutely exquisite. Beautiful craftsmanship. Great tailoring. Amazing fabric and best of all custom fit. There is very little need for alteration. The only thing that needs to be done is that the top of the dress needs to be let out an inch. My measurements were done at Carolina Bridal World (serious eye roll) and the girl measured my bust two inches too small because I was wearing layers and she wanted it to fit nice and tight. Now my dress is too small thanks to this lovely rocket scientist. So this is no fault of Ms. Kim’s. The dress is everything I hoped it would be and more and minus some communication flaws that resulted in my dress coming a month later than expected, it was a perfect transaction. And scoring “the” dress for only $190 was worth it.


Now that we are FINALLY married, I can show you guys the dress I waited so long for.


And here’s a few of me in it so you can see how it fit.

The Denim Jacket

I have had the exact same denim jacket from the gap for the last 13 years. Even before that it was thrifted so the jacket is well over 15 years old. I figured it was high time for a new one. So I begrudgingly picked one up at J. Crew Factory. I have worn it a number of ways since then. Here are three easy ways to wear it.

With a Dress: I’m a dress girl but every now and again, a dress will feel too stuffy for the occasion. So the denim jacket brings it back down to every day wear. It also makes for a great (and obvious) transitional piece from this chilly weather to spring.
With chinos: Unless you are into denim on denim, which I am not, you will more than likely be wearing a denim jacket with chinos. I love this pair and layered onto this oxford Ralph Lauren shirt, it makes for the perfect combination to let that little bow do most of the talking.


With shorts: Not always an obvious pick since a jacket and shorts seems like a contradiction but as someone whose upper half is always freezing, this is great. Especially with winter sorta kinda on its way out. Paired with button down shirt, leopard loafers and my new favorite short, this jacket blends seamlessly into the background. As I like it.


Go buy this denim jacket if you don’t have one. Trust me, you need it. The jacket.

101 in 1001

Almost Husband and I have been doing a list of 101 things we’d like to do in 1001 days. We have seen this kind of list featured dozens of times on blogs including on Design Darling’s. We’ve been doing it for a while now and so I decided to post it here so that a lot of my future post make sense, as they will demonstrate me/us working towards tackling some of these guys. It’s a list of 101 Things we’d like to do in a 1001 Days (2.75 years or 2 years and 9 months).

1. Create a blog as a couple. 10/7/2013 Yup, 2 Yuppies Just took us a while to publish *sheepish face*
2. Grown my hair to bra strap length. {HER}
3. Watch all of Pulp Fiction.
4. Work up to Pincha Manyurasana (headstand) {HER}
5. Redo our DIY nightstands in our bedroom. 4/29/2016
6. Run a 10k with no walk breaks.{HER}
7. Visit 3 new states.
8. Visit two countries outside of the USA.
9. Go to a music festival.
10. Purchase a brand new car. 12/15/2015
11. Make 10 good oil paintings. {HER}
12. Sell 3 oil paintings. {HER}
13. Open a small etsy shop to sell art and DIYs. {HER} 10/15/2015
14. Buy and learn to apply 2 make up products. {HER}
15. Go to a church service and find a church home.
16. Decorate for Christmas and Autumn.
17. Visit Harry Potter World in Universal Studios and Studio tour in London.
18. Rescue another dog and name him Remus Lupin.
19.Visit the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art).
20. Start G.O. G.I.R.L. Program {HER}
21. Obtain a rewarding job in global health. {HER}
22. Be proficient in photoshop and graphics. {HER}
23. See Cirque du Soleil performance.
24. Get conceal to carry license.
25. Camp
26. Complete P90X. {HER}
27. Be workable in Spanish.
28. Go to In-and-Out-Burger.
29. Finish planning our wedding.  10/17/2014
30. Get married.10/18/2014
31. Go to a concert. 10/17/2013 Janelle Monae
32. Sign up for MCAT course. {HIS}
33. Get into medical school. {HIS}
34. Go white water rafting.
35. Go to an NFL game.
36. Get a bonsai tree and care for it. {HIS}
37. Run a mile without stopping. {HIS}
38. Teach Sirius to jog off leash. {HIS}
39. Put 3 months worth of income into a saving account.
40. Find a doctor and a dentist and visit them every six months.
41. Go one month without buying anything unplanned and intentional. {HIS}
42. Learn to change car oil {HIS}
43. Go on a weekend trip and pretend to be someone else.
44. Sew a complete dress alone. {HER}
45. Medical volunteer trip. {HIS}
46. Buy a new set of living room sofas.
47. Go deep sea fishing.
48. Buy a house.
49. Donate blood.
50. Win a sweepstakes {HIS}
51. Plan a spontaneous day trip where we utilize our bike rack.
52. Give someone a make over. Personalized episode of What Not to Wear {HIS}
53. Have a successful yard sale. March 21, 2016
54. Learn to ride a horse. {HER}
55. Find a mentor. {HER}
56. Find a suit. {HIS}
57. Canoe with Sirius Black (our giant schnoodle, not the Prisoner of Azkaban)
58. Find a pair of wing tip shoes for under $400 {HIS}
59. Do 5 RANDOM acts of kindness {HIS}
60. Visit three natural landmarks.
61. Read the entire Bible. {HER}
62. Get a new Mac computer and become savvy with it. {HIS} 12/25/2015
63. Go vegan an entire month. {HER}
64. Care for and soften beard. {HIS}
65. Watch all of the Star Wars. {HIS}
66. Start a small business. {HIS}
67. Effectively organize our home.
68. Set a workout schedule and follow it. {HIS}
69. Make blessings bag.
70. Convince 10 people to make blessings bags.
71. Create a plant collection in the house to maximize on oxygen {HIS}
72. Create organic garden. {HIS}
73. Make a compost pile.
74. Learn to make a difficult signature dessert. {HIS}
75. Go one week without eating meat. {HIS}
76. Find a signature hair style. {HER} Two Goddess braids
77. Pay off $30,000 in school debt {HER}
78. Go paintballing.
79. Ride in a hot air balloon.
80. Help a complete stranger in trouble.
81. Pick a homeless person, give them $50.
82. Visit 4 places in the world name Victoria.
83. Go to Niagara Falls.
84. Sleep under the stars.
85. Get into Mensa
86. Learn a magic trip. {HER}
87. Visit a major headquarters of an industry we love. (Google, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew etc) J. Crew warehouse sale. 4/3/2016
88. Witness a solar eclipse or a comet.
89. See the Macy’s Day parade.
90. Help someone cross something off their bucket list.
91. Ride a mechanical bull. {HER}
92. Fly first class.
93. Finish decorating our bedroom. 4/27/2016
94. Go one month without buying anything from J. Crew. {HER}
95. Take a photo of all of the Ellis-Ford siblings.
96. Frame a non-Iphone photo of us.
97. Get something signature from Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and West Elm. {HIS} 4/24/2015 night stand cups
98. Spend a semester without relying on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
99. Open a joint bank account.
100. Create a new 101 list.
101. Open a savings account and save $10 for each goal completed

As we cross off these things, we’ll post about them in our respective sections on the site. Do you have a 101 in 1001? Let us know what you guys are gonna do. We would love to see them.