Missing Myspace

Kids these days really think they have done something new with all of this new fangled Instagram, Kik, ask.fm. But little do they know that we have been social media obsessed since the days where computers dialed up with that completely irritating and unnecessary modem with the free 90 day AOL disk. There was AOL chat rooms, livejournal, xanga, AIM but most of all Myspace. For many people in the 22-35 age bracket, Myspace was an era. A simpler time of Tom, Top 8’s, colorful background, duck face selfies and online marriages. In honor of my sentimentality, I decided to do a good ole fashion 17 question quizette, very popular during the Myspace times.
  1. The meaning behind my url: It’s a clever little play on StepFord Wife that includes my role as a stepford wife (includes the preppy lifestyle, clothing and crazy plot twist) and future last name, Ford. All creds to my almost husband for this gem
  2. Weakness: Wanting to say ‘yes’ to everything and every one and not realizing where my limits are, ebay, eating in bed
  3. Why I love my best friend: She understands me because she was there for all of the important moments. K allows me to be myself and not try to take that for herself. I never feel like she wants to morph into a carbon copy of me. And we laugh. K and my sister are the only people who really get my jokes. 
  4. Last time I cried and why: I’m pretty sure I cry everyday. It’s a byproduct of me being a jerk in my younger years. Cosmic karma and all that. I think the last time I cried was earlier today when reading a blog post about someone else’s happiness. I feel other people’s feelings deeply and I was overwhelmingly happy for her. 
  5. Piercings i have: Two holes in both ears. 
  6. Favourite band/s: Outkast. 
  7. Biggest turn offs: Loud noises and people. Show boating. Judgmental religious people, judgmental atheist. People who think they know what’s better for my well being that I do. 
  8. Tattoos I want: Trying to talk Marcus into matching “Mischief Managed” tattoos for the day after our wedding, “i.iii.66-71” with K from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Act 1, Scene three, lines 66-71, Giving Tree, Small Deathly Hallow behind my ear.
  9. Biggest turn on: Open hearts and minds, kindness, dorky sense of humor, Harry Potter love, facial hair
  10. Age: 23
  11. Ideas of a perfect date: Laying in bed with the fiance eating popcorn and watching netflix on a projector or kayaking and picnic date. 
  12. life goal(s): Michelle Obama. (See her career path and current status and Head Chick in Charge)
  13. Piercings i want:I’m good actually.
  14. Relationship status: Almost Married.
  15. Favourite movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Tangled, Just Friends, Beloved.
  16. Phobia: Double mastectomy *shiver* and the unknown.
  17. Middle name: I usually just go by Kay although it is just my middle initial. 
In honor of today’s Myspace Quiz, here is my profile picture from Myspace many, many moons ago. Seventeen year old me secretly loved a selfie just like everyone else.