Snow Day: The Extended Edition and Outtakes

On January 28th and 29th, North Carolina got a “big” snow storm thanks to the arctic vortex. While it was only 4-8″, for people who only get the opportunity to see accumulation once every three years, it’s a big deal. So the Northern family and I, reap the benefits. Those benefits include two days off of school and work. We took the doggy friend out to play and bummed around the house catching up on delayed wedding planning, grading and family time. Check out some pics of us, our furry friend, and a few seasonally appropriate outfits below…

Baby’s first snow. Look how feral he looks. SIL seems thrilled though.
 Super Bundled. These 65 degree days made me forget that 6 degrees existed until now. 
Hair is pulled into goddess braids. I’m attempting to do protective styling until this here wedding in October. So far, so good.
Scarf c/o Brooke: Similar
I just realized that these photos almost make a full body. 
I scored these boots from a consignment shop some years ago for $5 and they have been doing me a serious service. I think I will get a taller pair which would be better for wet, slushy weather.
Boot: L.L. Bean
Jeans: J.Crew


The handsome Almost-Hubby.

Why so serious, Sirius?

Pay no attention to my super dirty car. 
For once, someone had a “V”. I exist! V’s unite.
Monogram mugs: Anthrolopologie
Bonus. #What I wore to work.
I drove 40 minutes to work in that reckless 6 degree weather. The least I could do is look presentable.
 Animal sweaters are still one of my favorite trends. And here’s a secret. This little cutie is a men’s. Sssh.
Herringbone puffer vest: J. Crew Factory
Oxford shirt: Ralph Lauren
Dog Sweater: Target