These are a few of my favorite things…


1. Of Mice and Men– Taken from a Robert Burns’ quote in “To a Mouse”, “The best laid schemes of mice and men/ Go often awry”, John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” is a classic. I found myself telling Marcus about this book a couple of months ago and I have a new found appreciation for it. In very few pages the novella is able to pack in a host of characters and powerful themes. Completely worthwhile read.

2. Spark Notes– If you are not a high school student looking to avoid the brunt of your reading, Spark notes can still be a valuable resource. Sometimes if I want to read a classic work of literature that I don’t own or if I’m not sure if I will like a book, I read it on spark notes first. And sometimes I just don’t feel like buying it and just want the highlights, its great for that as well.

3. Beyonce Knowles-Carter– There are a hosts of reasons why Beyonce has her own category in my list of things, or in her case, people, that I love. Beyonce is a good singer, yes but that is not why she is on my list. Beyonce works incredibly hard. There is a reason why she is at the “top of the game” in addition there is something to be said for the fact that Beyonce has remained in music for this long with very little scandal. She started dating a man, who is on her level in life who did not have a sketchy background and was not married, married him and had a baby. She did things in life in the correct order which is nothing against a girl who got pregnant young or did not have the luxury of marrying Jay-Z. On top of that she seems like a genuinely nice person. You never hear of people saying nasty things about Beyonce. But what really made me like her was this video. Beyonce is…well… Beyonce but she took time out of what I’m sure is a busy day to do this for these kids. And while it may be something that she did to “give back” as all celebrities say they do, this is actual physical evidence of a celebrity doing it. These kids lives are forever changed even if its in small way. This is a reflection of working hard paying off for them and to inner city kids that mean EVERYTHING!

4. Adult-Dressed Kids- Are they not the cutest? I intend to dress my children in Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer and Crewcuts. Don’t judge me. I don’t care if kids grow out of things quickly or have a tendency to be messy. I will buy Children’s place for roll in the mud days but well dressed kids make me swoon and so my possible children will be. See tumblr page devoted to well dressed chi’ren.

5. First Generation Americans– First generation Americans are the best of both worlds. They still have the culture of their homeland but they also adapt to America and bring in something new. Yea I know…blah blah blah… immigration… yada yada yada… border… woopty woopty…Mexicans. I know but I, as the owner of this blog, enjoy the unique twist that ALL 1stGs bring. Now if yall got border problems, that’s your business and the governments’ business but in the south where people are how do you say, not as culturally exposed, first generation Americans are a breath of fresh air.

6. Pandora– Pandora has changed my life, literally. It has changed the way I study which has allowed me to successfully get through school. Pandora is a better alternative to music than a radio or an Ipod. Its better than a radio for obvious reasons; significantly less commercials and music of your personal preference. It’s better than an Ipod because it introduces you to music that you may not have heard otherwise. Pandora is a lot of the times, that really hipster friend who gives you the in on music that you should have already heard. Pandora is how I initially heard, Justin Nozuka, Eric Hutchinson, Alex Parks, Melanie Fiona, the Weeknd and so many more. My absolute favorite station right now is Lauryn Hill with Justin Nozuka, Meshell Ndegeocello, Noah and the Whales and Mumford and Sons for variety. Can’t get that kind of variety on the radio.

7. Goal Setting– I enjoy putting a goal to be met in my planner and then following through. There is nothing like saying you will do something and completing it. I feel like a lot of people say they are going to do something and then they come up with a barrage of reasons why they just cant seem to complete their tasks.

8. Funny Animal Sweaters– I have finally procured the infamous J. Crew Navy French Hen Sweater. Thanks friends for your awesome detective work. I looooooooove animal sweaters. They are “classic with a hint of whimsy” like I would like to consider myself. Doesn’t that little sweater just sum me? I am now going to broaden my horizons to other cute sweaters.

9. Teen Non-Moms– MTV does enough work glorifying crazy girls who got pregnant in high school so I think I will exert my energies to encourage girls who are Teens and NOT pregnant. I think there is something so beautiful and refreshing about a young lady who is baby free. With the reality TV baby craze and the lax attitude on extra-marital birth, I would just like to say that I can respect a girl without a baby. I do not like when I am in class and a girl is receiving special treatment because she has to leave and tend to her baby. No she can not take a test at another time because her son has a doctors appointment. I didn’t knock her up. Why am I being punished?! If you are going to give her an extra day then dagnabit I want one too. She should of thought of how hard test would be before she got pregnant. I DID. And if you are a teen mother, this is nothing against you or your life choices, I can really respect a good teen mom who works hard. I just think that every once in a while, people who have made the right choice in life should be acknowledged.

10. Thrifting– Thrifting allows me to have clothes that I am either too cheap to pay for or simply unable to find. Some days my compulsion kicks in and I’m icked out by pre-owned belongings but then I remember the Purple Label Ralph Lauren shirt that I got for $3 and I calm down. The more $3 shirts I own, the less guilt I feel when I splurge on a shirt for $100. Plus sometimes there are clothes that are vintage which I always love. But keeping with the theme of this post, below are some of my favorite outfits that I totally slacked on posting before I went on Christmas break *sheepish face*

PS. Bet you suckers thought Harry Potter was going to be on this list. 😉 It’s in a league of it’s own. That’s another blog for another time.


Mellow Yellow Non-School Outfit
Ralph Lauren Oxford- Gifted
Thrifted Ralph Lauren Jeans- $3.15
Thrifted Brand New Vera Bradley with Wallet- $2
L.L. Bean Mocassins- Gifted
J. Crew Belt
 Camel and Leopard (Safari Outfit?)
Thrifted Black Ruffle Sleveless Button down $1.25
Thrifted Camel Pencil Skirt $2.25
Thrifted Blazer (Previously Posted)
Leopard Pumps- 15th birthday gift from mommy 🙂

I wore this to teach one day and one of my precious students -college, not the elementary- told me she thought I wasn’t wearing any bottoms. College freshman say the darndest things.

Undressed for Class
Thrifted Vintage Chanel Sweater- $3.25 (You’re super jealous.)
Thrifted J. Crew Pea Green Khakis- $2
Brand new Thrifted BCBG platforms $4

Christmas Wish List

It’s that time again folks, time for my Christ-Mass (this is the way Marcus says it) wish list. My list this year is a lot different from last year. My personal life feels much more balanced and so everything is back to being preppy, tangible and most importantly, expensive. Chances are I will not get everything which is okie dokie because I like to post-Christmas shop for myself :] These are my top 5 favorite things for the season.

5. Phone
I could REALLY use a new phone and I am torn between the Samsung Galaxy III and the Iphone 4S. While I think I vibe with the Android system, the Iphone accessories are to die for. Every accessory that I have seen is standard with the Iphone so why should my phone not be as fabulous as I am?



4. Amazon Gift Card
I have a couple movies and shows that I want to buy for my kindle and really I’m just too lazy and cheap to buy them out of pocket. I love the show Kings, its a modern day perspective of the story of David, and also Glee but I want to buy them both on Amazon instead of DVD.


3. Black Suede Platform Wedges WITH Ankle Strap
These shoes are absolutely fabulous and unlike every other year, I am not specific about what brand but I am specific about the style. MUST COME WITH A STRAP!



2. J. Crew Fiesta Majestic Purple Peacoat
I love this peacoat because it’s standard, classic and still fashionable. It has no extra wow or pizazz. It’s letting the color speak for itself and I love that about it. I saw it a couple of months ago in the J.Crew store with hubby and the SIL2B and I could not stop ogling it so this is definitely making my Christmas list.
1. Navy J.Crew French Hen Sweater
This J. Crew Sweater sums up my life. For the most part, I have had friends both in NC and PA on the hunt for this sweater since J. Crew sold out of it. I complained about the price and dragged tail because it was $95 just long enough for them to sell out. I absolutely adore this sweater from the very bottom of my heart and I’m so sad that I procrastinated. I would not even miss that 95 bucks now. This quirky little sweater always makes me giggle every time I see it and I would LOVE to own it.
Honorable Mentions (Almost made the list): Colored Corduroys and Tights, A-Line Skirts, Nike Shocks, White Ralph Lauren Oxford, and Oui ring by Christian Dior