Thankful for a full closet (and family)

Thanksgiving this year was a blast. It was pretty quiet, just the fiance and the sister in the creek with the added bonus of Yanka! (Our beautiful friend from school) I cooked so I was really thankful for the minimal amount of people. Since I haven’t blogged in a while, I figured I would put up my outfits Thanksgiving and Black Friday. For the most part both outfits were apart of my $75 haul so those pieces are bolded. The photos below are courtesy of the little sister. You give a kid instagram and they all turn into photographers but they are “filter free” I hear. If you’ve ever been to my house, you know this is an odd perspective. It’s because my sister creeps from our living room window. 🙂

Thanksgiving Outfit
Thrifted Striped Shirt $1.25
Salmon J. Crew Capris from Ebay $4.12
Black Moccasins $5 Rue 21
DIY Black flower earrings Free

I looked for a striped shirt with 3/4 length sleeves for a long one and finally found one I adore from a thrift store. The pants were a spur of the moment buy when I was going through a coral/salmon phase. The earrings were little pink flowers that I glued to posts and nail polished them black. And as much as I loath Rue 21, they always have cheap shoes for me to lounge around the house in. Since I was making dinner yesterday, I wanted to be comfortable and I was.


Black Friday Outfit
Vintage Plaid Shirt $2.25
The Limited Drew Fit Khakis $1.50
Evan Picone Blazer/Jacket $3.85
Glasses (dollar store) $1.07
Faithful Oxfords and Pearl Earrings

I know people love black Friday but the fam and I are black enough so we took a pass but we did leave the house and stop at a thrift store. After all of the finals work and homework that I had for grad school, I needed to get myself out of the house. At the thrift store, I did not get anymore clothing but I did get a FABULOUS gold velvet arm chair for $19 that I am thinking about refurbishing and turning into a reading nook. I will post photos after we pick it up. Also, I wore this outfit to school last week and business cassed it up with a pair of pumps instead of the trusty oxfords. But it is also comfy enough to wear shopping.

*The receipt that I am holding is from the first time I pumped gas today! Usually I’ll pay for my own gas and Marcus pumps. Don’t judge me. I’m privileged to have a man who loves me and will pump it for me but I figured its a basic skill I should know.