Date Night(s) Outfits

I have been super lazy with these post so this is a two-fer. Here are my outfits from Friday and Saturday and a run down of the prices. Because I have integrated my thrifts into my regular wardrobes, from now on I will try to give a run down of the entire outfit price if I can find the receipts. I will bold the pieces from my thrift store weekend though.
Friday’s Outfit
Thrifted Leopard Cardigan $2.98
Waverly J.Crew Pants (not thrifted but from J. Crew Outlet) $7.36
Merona Mali Tassel Flats (Target) $9.99
Pearl earrings and bracelets (Gifted) $0
Sunglasses $1.06 (Gotta love the dollar store glasses for days where I’m scared to lose my Ray Bans)
 Engagement Ring from Hubby Priceless
The fiance and I went out to dinner for our fourth anniversary (YAY!) and this is what I wore. He told me to “think fall” which made it difficult to pick and outfit since it was a) 70 degrees b) I had no clue where we were going and c) I had to go directly from work to play. But this is what I settled on. These pants are my favorite. They are from J. Crew and they go with every single shirt I own including this leopard sweater. The outfit was warm in the cold air of the restaurant and cool in the blazing sun. I had a fantastic time.
Saturday’s Outfit
Thrifted J. Crew Green Button Down $2.98
Ralph Lauren Jeans (Ebay) $5.22
Duckhead Oxfords $2.00 + shipping (Ebay)
“Buzz Lightyear” Gshock (Hubby’s Christmas present from me two years ago)
J. Crew Belt $8 (J. Crew Outlet)- Expensive for me but it was a wardrobe essential
This jeans go with EVERYTHING! I could go from work to a football game to church in these which is essentially what I did. This weekend was Campbell’s homecoming so I wore them to sit in the football stands with my Campbell Tshirt then I changed into this button down for movie night with awesome friends of ours.
As for Sunday’s outfit, there isn’t one because I rocked sweatpants and a Campbell tee with thick fuzzy socks today. Tomorrow though I’m back at it.

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