Date Night(s) Outfits

I have been super lazy with these post so this is a two-fer. Here are my outfits from Friday and Saturday and a run down of the prices. Because I have integrated my thrifts into my regular wardrobes, from now on I will try to give a run down of the entire outfit price if I can find the receipts. I will bold the pieces from my thrift store weekend though.
Friday’s Outfit
Thrifted Leopard Cardigan $2.98
Waverly J.Crew Pants (not thrifted but from J. Crew Outlet) $7.36
Merona Mali Tassel Flats (Target) $9.99
Pearl earrings and bracelets (Gifted) $0
Sunglasses $1.06 (Gotta love the dollar store glasses for days where I’m scared to lose my Ray Bans)
 Engagement Ring from Hubby Priceless
The fiance and I went out to dinner for our fourth anniversary (YAY!) and this is what I wore. He told me to “think fall” which made it difficult to pick and outfit since it was a) 70 degrees b) I had no clue where we were going and c) I had to go directly from work to play. But this is what I settled on. These pants are my favorite. They are from J. Crew and they go with every single shirt I own including this leopard sweater. The outfit was warm in the cold air of the restaurant and cool in the blazing sun. I had a fantastic time.
Saturday’s Outfit
Thrifted J. Crew Green Button Down $2.98
Ralph Lauren Jeans (Ebay) $5.22
Duckhead Oxfords $2.00 + shipping (Ebay)
“Buzz Lightyear” Gshock (Hubby’s Christmas present from me two years ago)
J. Crew Belt $8 (J. Crew Outlet)- Expensive for me but it was a wardrobe essential
This jeans go with EVERYTHING! I could go from work to a football game to church in these which is essentially what I did. This weekend was Campbell’s homecoming so I wore them to sit in the football stands with my Campbell Tshirt then I changed into this button down for movie night with awesome friends of ours.
As for Sunday’s outfit, there isn’t one because I rocked sweatpants and a Campbell tee with thick fuzzy socks today. Tomorrow though I’m back at it.

Thifty Michelle Obama; the quintessential first lady

Today’s Outfit



Thrifted Charter Club cardi $2.98
Gifted Old Navy dress
Outfit total $2.98

Okay so there’s today’s outfit. I had to teach and I like to be warm and comfortable since I have to be in a lab and will more than likely be standing the entire time. So in addition to a cardigan and a comfy cotton dress, I rocked Old Navy flats that I have had since tenth grade and never really worn. The Gshock is my Mister’s and the earrings are a thrift from my younger years. And now on to the girl crush of the century…

I love Michelle Obama! Mrs. Michelle Obama epitomizes a first lady. She manages to be elegant and refined while still being seemingly down to earth and approachable. Although she is now the first lady, she is a Princeton and Harvard grad, a lawyer, and a fantastic mother and wife. Her dedication to excellence in her family warms my heart. During the DNC, she and her husband flew their children down for the night and sent them to school the next morning. Love it. On a small scale, I have seen how hard it is to be on the arm of a black man in the spotlight and she handles it all with grace and wit. I also dig her dedication to health and fitness astounds me. In order for her to back her husband in his decision to run, he had to quit smoking. And any woman who dances to Beyonce and makes McDonald’s put apple slices into Happy meals, is alright with me. She is exemplary for a woman and on top of that she is African American. While pursuing a master’s in public health, I have really been enlightened to how large health disparities really are between African-American’s and nonwhite compared to whites. And to accomplish all that she has accomplished, on the arm and in the arms of that equally beautiful and equally intelligent man, is just awesome.

On top of that, I just looooove preppy presidential her style. There have been several occasions where I have turned on the tv only to see Mrs. Obama in a Gap cardigan, Target dress or J. Crew flats that I own. She does a combination of highs and lows and mixes her pieces around. I have documented her rewearing her clothing in new ways which I adore. She extends her fashion sense to her beautiful girls. Crew Cuts at the inauguration anyone? She is such a lady.

And the list could go on and on. Check out to follow her fashions!

Day 2: Blazer + Dress= Suit

It’s only day two and I already forgot that I was suppose to keep track of these outfits. Tomorrow, I will be more vigilant on the pictures before I’m all wrinkled from a long day. This dress is not a thrift buy. It’s actually from the department store Belk. I watched it from the time that it was $94.00 and I scored it for $9.98. I wore it today because under a blazer, it looks like a suit set. The blazer itself needs to be taken to a tailor when I get a chance. the sleeves are a bit long. The shoes are my waterproof rain J. Crew flats, I got these little gems for summer so they are not apart of my weekend grand total.

Black Standard Blazer $3.75
Tianna B. Dress $9.98
Outfit total= $13.73

How to Thrift a Designer Fall Wardrobe for $74.61

This weekend was fall break and so naturally the fiance and I went thrift store shopping. We are avid and very skilled, if I must say so myself, thrift store shoppers. This weekend I was looking to spruce up my fall wardrobe for graduate school -because we have to wear business casual- and just ended up purchasing an entirely new one. For a Grand Total of $74.61!!! I am  super ecstatic because I purchased missing staples as well as things that are trendy this fall and half of my buys were labels that I wear retail. For the next two weeks or so, I will attempt to take a photo of me and at least half a thrifted outfit and the price of the outfit. If you are not an avid thrifter and would like to, there is a list of tips below.

The Haul
1 dress
1 sweater vest
1 scarf
1 black standard blazer
2 cardigans
2 pull over sweaters- one green, one leopard
5 button down shirts
4 long sleeve shirts- one striped, one flowy
1 jacket
6 skirts- 2 camel wool, 1 pleated wit pockets
3 pairs of pants- 2 wide leg, one corduroy
Tips and Tricks

1) Set a budget– Decide how much you want to spend and be prepared to comfortably spend above it as long as its within your limit. I thought I wanted to spend no more than $60 but I saw the most precious pair of J. Crew corduroys so I had to expand my budget but I also spotted a Vera Wang gown and could not bring myself to spread my budget that much further.

2) Check out your wardrobe to see what is missing– I needed a standard black blazer, standard black cardigan, something leopard, corduroys and wool skirts to fill out my wardrobe. I knew that these things were missing from previous assessments of my current wardrobe so I made a list and kept it in my wallet.

3) Know the labels you love and your size in them-I always check out my closet for labels that are staple. I LOVE J. Crew and Ralph Lauren Black Label. I know that they fit my body type well and I can wear most of their purchases through every single season. The only draw back is pair of pants from either place could cost upwards of $400. I have expensive taste but refuse to pay for them so while I am thrifting, if I see something in my size in either label, I buy! The best thing is I usually don’t have to try those items on because I know they will fit.

4) Eat and wear comfy clothing– I always eat before I leave the house. As soon as hunger hits, I no longer want to look through rack after rack of dusty pre-owned clothing. Did I mention I get cynical as I get hungry? Also dress comfortably. I try to wear a nice tshirt and jeans with flats so that when I try things on, I can image how other things look with clothing that is already in my wardrobe.

5) Google a good neighborhood– Pick a good neighborhood. The clothing is based off of the people who live there because they donate/consign their clothing. You have a better chance of scoring nicer things in a nicer area.

6) Pick up every single thing you like– I tend to pick up 10 items and only buy 3 after trying them on but the more you pick up, the more your options are.

7) Ignore Sizes on Non-Brand names– If you hold something up and it looks like it may fit you, try it on. Vintage sizes vary from modern day sizes. Ex the sweater I’m wearing below is a vintage 14 and I wear a modern day 8.

Tribal Print Scarf- $1.06
Cardigan Sweater Vest- $2.25