A New Year’s Resolution

It may not be a new year but it is a new year to me. Today is my birthday and whether people know it or not each year or my birthday is when I actually do my new years resolutions and then I just renew them when the rest of the world band wagons in January. There are some things that I would like to accomplish that are both tangible and intangible and I hope to accomplish them by August 8, 2013

1. Get a big kid’s job with a 401k.
2. Buy a Chevy Cobalt (Hopefully this is a one month thing).
3. See Lake Victoria from Kenya since I have had a chance to see it from Tanzania
4. Visit Victoria Falls
5a. Apply and get into medical school
5b.Dye hair purple if I get in.
6. Lose 20 lbs. I just want to be more toned really.
7. Change my residence to North Carolina.
8. Do not procrastinate on my school assignments.
9. Stand up for myself.
10. Have a soul moving, earth shaking, life changing experience.